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  1. I have to comment here. I have several revolvers chambered in 9mm. I like them. But...I find them much "snappier" than a a small pistol. Maybe it's just me, but that's my perception anyway. I tried my wife with one, a Smith (647?) and a Glock 19. She did shoot the 19 well. Really hated the Smith. Said it hurt and that it was louder to her. Just my take on this. You and others may agree or not. JMO
  2. hipower


    I bow in your general direction sir. lol No really I do admire the skill and determination it takes to start and finish such a project.
  3. hipower


    I think we all use pistols and rifles these days...and a little Tannerite.
  4. hipower


    Did I buy a ragtop Corvette from you way back in 1972? Nah. Couldn't be. Your work looks better than the one I saw. Or the remains anyway. lol To explain, this gentleman built a stunt plane in his basement. Took it out to Smyrna Field, took off and reached an altitude of 1500 feet. Or so he told me. Then a wing support snapped. He spiraled in and messed up a hip and left leg pretty bad. Couldn't drive the Vette anymore. A 427 with manual tranny. A beast! Damn I miss that car!
  5. hipower


    No...but I liked to shoot shaving cream cans with a 22! That does sound fun though.
  6. And it Sold!?!?!?! Amazing what desperation and poor planning will cause.
  7. Prayers for her and the rest of the facility.
  8. I don't have to move...Mayor Cooper is going to get all my money!
  9. Good price on it. My late brother-in-law would have had me getting it for him. Tad always like the South African ammo. When we were going to shows together, he always bought some when he found any. Sorry, Kahrman, just remembering old times tonight. Didn't mean to throw in unnecessary comments. Good luck with the sale. By chance if anyone is on the fence about Kahrman...don't worry. He's as good as they come.
  10. hipower


    I think boys and firecracker demolitions was a rite of passage for most of older guys. lol I've done my share of blowing up models with them as well. Used to like weighting the nose down with modeling clay, so it would look like flying when I tied a string to it and twirled it around. Then of course had to put the firecrackers or the occasional M80 on them. Remember the old wooden gliders we used to get for a nickel and then a dime? Center the M80 them and launch them off into oblivion. lol Then there's the story I've told before...mudball hand grenades and firecrackers stuck into them. Ah...those were the days of our youth. Wish we could all go back there for a while.
  11. Just thought I'd offer. Guess they go to yard sale.
  12. I have told the caller that I won't donate until Big Daddy Wayne and his high priced suit collection is gone. That doesn't even get a response.
  13. How about a ten foot Checzk?
  14. Cleaning our garage and found a new ice tray for older model GE Refridgerator. It's Item #WR30X10016 Was a 57 buck part. Crazy. Invoice says I ordered this in 2010, so it is an older model fridge unit. Plastic tray only. Also have 2unused water filters for this model. It says Filter for GE Model MWF. Home Depot HDX and FMG-1 on the label. Free to anyone who needs them in the East Nashville area, or willing to pick up in that area.
  15. Try searching for it on FaceBook. I managed to find it there this morning. Also on Utube.
  16. hipower

    Taurus G3

    I did not need to hear this. I have owned many Taurus pistols, still have quite a few as well. When the lawsuits were spinning around, I bought a few more dirt cheap. I only have one G2 model though, an OSS 24/7 in 9mm. Great pistol. Now...do I really NEED a G3? Yeah, I think I do.
  17. If you're not wiping tears after watching this...well, I'm sorry for you.
  18. Hahmmmm. I'm not sure if I knew that or not. Sounds familiar, but who knows. We all look at and see so very much it's hard to keep sellers straight. At least for me these days.
  19. I do agree about E-Bay deals. I did have some knowledge of this seller, and checked him out again before my orders. But...you never can tell. lol I do get guarantees from seller and E-bay for product and my satisfaction. I have used E-bay's dispute resolution twice now, and have gotten satisfaction both times. Oh...I am on the OP mailing list. I get far more from them than I care for at times. lol Almost, but not quite, as bad as D'Vor. They drive me crazy with their mailings.
  20. I did check their stock before ordering. 2 items were on backorder with a 5-7 month wait list. Those in stock, even with the 15% discount, I got slightly better prices on E-Bay. Not saying OpticsPlanet isn't good. I actually checked them first, as I have bought there before. But in this instance, waiting and about a 20 buck savings, even with taxes, I came out ahead and have the products without the wait.
  21. 650 is a great price for this fine weapon! An as new in box like this, unfired with box and papers is well worth it! There won't be anything like it coming down the pike anytime soon. Man about to talk myself into a road trip! lol Only 2 things keep me from taking it. One is the distance of course. The second is that I've spent more this month than I had planned on. Good luck with the sale buddy!
  22. Same where I grew up, and it wasn't even very rural in parts of Middle Tn. Of course there was a lot of farming and many wooded areas to hunt and fish in. But I was never afraid of seeing a rifle or a shotgun hanging in the rear cab window of a truck. It was so normal that not having one there was out of place. The only second looks they got was when a new(er) one appeared.
  23. I got my Holosun507c today. It looks great! Now waiting on the magnifier for the 510 and I can do some assembly. lol I'd like to get another set of all three, but not quite got enough left in the toy fun for it. Maybe in the next few days. Got a few lines in the water for some sales\, and I hope to put it into more equipment.
  24. It'll cost ya!!! Amazon and Ebay. Many suppliers say down to 1s and 2s of certain items.
  25. Not having a lot of Red dot/RMR experience, I can't say a great deal intelligently on this forthcoming debate/debacle. But having looked at/thru some of them over the last month or so...I came to the conclusion that the Holosun products were where I was going with my purchase. I have, in the last 7 days ordered 3 Holosun products. An HE510c GR-V2, an HE507c GR-V2, and the HM 3X magnifier. Now for full disclosure, I did order the 510c by mistake. In all the looking, I thought it was the pistol use model. Since it was scheduled for delivery next day, it was too late to cancel. After this was pointed out to me, I ordered the 507c. I was deliberating on whether to keep it or send it back. Well, thanks to a little trigger time with Cojo87, and the use of several of his Holosun equipped firearms; I feel very comfortable with my purchases. I'm keeping the 510 for an AR, or maybe a Scorpion mount. That's yet to be determined. And since I'm going to keep the 510c, I ordered the HM 3X to go along with it. For me, I found the magnifier to be an absolute joy to use. It helped me see much better, and seemed to remove what little flare I saw from the sight on a DAMN fine rifle of Cojo's that I got to shoot. But that's another story. Clarity was fantastic with it, not like a few budget magnifiers I have seen. So, "infringement" or just glorified copy of another manufacturer's product...I made the choice that was right for me. Using the standard of economic feasibility( what I could afford) and what I liked...Holosun was for me. After reading the comments on the above linked article, I haven't changed my mind. The back and forth over who actually owns Holosun, and where it's roots lie got to be sort of fun to read though.

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