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  1. Thanks. Just ordered 5 for backyard fun. Also got some extra CO2 cartridges and BBs while I was at it. Got it all for half price. Good deal.
  2. Have you done an online search? I found one a couple years ago that way. Also, I bought a Gen 3 with and Advantage Arms 22 kit on one. Got it at a great price. So I had the lower and a 22 kit. Got a Pelican case that I put the complete pistol and the 22 kit in, so I have the best of both ready to go in one box.
  3. Agreed! Wish I could afford it right now. I foolishly sold one I had a couple years ago. Not my brightest moment.
  4. Yes. And gotten higher priced as well. One of the few smart things I did was to buy all I could afford when I found them. And thankfully the mags are almost universally interchageable between the models. Sort of like Glock mags. All my mags have been OE but for a mistake I made back in the summer. I found an ad for Canik mags dirt cheap...like sub 20 bucks. Ordered a bunch. But didn't investigate the seller beforehand. Seller had bad ratings and seemed rather shady in his actions. I got scared and started overloading his email with qestions about when I'd get the mags or should I just ask for a refund. Well, I actually got 8 mags finally. But all were ProMag and not Canik manufacture. There were some who got nothing I'm told. If I can find the address, I'll post it as a warning. Since I had had little luck and love for ProMag...I tested them quickly. They seemed to function ok. Sometimes requiring a hard slap to lock in. Some didn't drop freely, almost had to pull them out. But I got 4 out of the bunch I'll trust as a last resort. But even these I really will only use for range shooting.
  5. I want a Rival. But will have to wait on one. It's supposed to be superior to other models. What do you think?
  6. Well...I'm on record here with my opinion of Canik and all the models therein. LOL. Been a big fan since I first bought one for sub 250 from a little distriutor just because of the price. As has been said, Great pistols. Fantastic triggers. Extremely easy to shoot and look good doing it. In the last 16-18 monts, more and more people are discovering the Canik and its quality. That's why the prices have been steadily rising. Try finding one of the early models...the T100 series. Sellers couldn't give them away. l missed out on those, but got in on the origional TP9. It shoots as well as the latest models. Few people will ever regret buying a Canik pistol, I haven't Won't tell you how many I have now. It's embarassing. Just buy it and love it. "Nuff said.
  7. i may be the only person here who ever got something good from CTD. Granted it's been a long time ago...6/7+ years I think. Ordered some Smith 59 mags from them. Actually got them. But haven't ordered since. They have changed way to much for me to try again.
  8. Doesn't really grab me. As much as I liked Ray Liotta, I'll pass on this one.
  9. Thanks for the comments. I got lost in other things, and forgot to come back...but I guess that's ok, the drive would have been difficult for me to make a deal on this one.
  10. Interesting. Thought about the EZ models for my wife. How would you rate the 380 vs the 9mm in the Shield. I have a Beretta 84(?) in 380 that she hates. Says it hurts her hand. She also doesn't like my Shield 9.
  11. Looks like me trying to get out of mother-in-law's car this morning. She has one of the small Lincoln sedans. Those built for 5ft ,100lb midgets. Not for 6'2'' and 265 lb old men.
  12. Had about half of those pictured. I joined, fulfilled the obligation, cancelled, then joined again so many times I lost track. But I had lots of LPs for a while.
  13. Yes. Simply Yes. I was laughed at when I bought my fist one. The low price alone talked me into it. That's been 6/7(?) years ago and I own several now. Not getting laughed off the range(when I last went anyway) for my guns...just my shooting skills. Last Tisas/SDS I bought was a SS 5" model. It's the tightest 1911 I have ever seen.
  14. Congrats! Very nice revolvers! Got an old beat up one that is envious of yours.
  15. Yeah...gone like the wind. Dang it.
  16. Horrible old rifle. Just ppass it along to me and I'll clean and fondle it likt it deserves! LOL! Great find!
  17. Oh My Stars and Garters!!! Love it! Wife would shoot me!
  18. Sub Dr. Pepper for the coffee and I'd love it! Love cars. Old, new, modified, restomods, classic hot rods, and the occassional vette! Can't buy, but love to sit and watch them go by.
  19. I have 2 that I would gladly turn in for 75 cash each! Total junk...old H&R 22 and a 92FS clone in 22. Actually would like to attend a buy-back and watch how it's conducted.
  20. Interested. What chest size will this accomodate? Being 6 ft plus and long from shoulder to waist, is there enough length/adjustment for belt hookup?
  21. Sweet shooter. I have it's older brother. No optics cut on mine. smg01...I need to get myself together and send you some pics of mags and pouch I found. See if I came close on the ID and if it might be of interest to you.
  22. Sorry I wasn't around for this. i have a weakness for Smith's and 22's.
  23. Nice. Tempting. Glad I'm not closer. lol Still holding out for the SA-35 though...unless a fit of weakness overtakes me!
  24. Thank you...one and all. I'll try to get around to individual replies soon. This funk, this cloudy haze that's following just doesn't seem to want to lift. Wifey, who knows all the problems; wants me to see about an anti-depressant. I know she means well; but absolutely am NOT going there. Seen too much of that and it's not for me. I'll survive. I'm too damn stubborn and too much of an old fat southern redneck not to. Just doing it slowly. Waiting for On Target to open in Hermitage. Maybe the smell of gunpowder will wake me up. A static range is about all I could handle no. Even then, my balance stinks and I just can't stand still for long, and not sure any range would let me sit and shoot except for maybe sighting in a weapon. So disappointed about the Glockstore. That 270 range just doesn't work for me. Barely mobile and definitely not able to perform on that range. Nothing really against them, it just doesn't work for me. might check into the TWRA range before it gets too cold for me.


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