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  1. Fixed that for ya!
  2. My wifey thanks you for tonight's good dreams.
  3. Great pistols. Great Guy to deal with. I'd be all up in his face for this one if I didn't prefer the full-size Caniks to the compacts. LOL. Serioulsly good pistol here. Snap it up before I get crazy and try for it!
  4. You're just taunting me...aren't you! My shooter MKIII isn't quite that nice looking and I don't have a fancy box.
  5. Heck of a nice package!! I'd be onto it if not for the distance. I like my P10C!
  6. Just saw an add for the 2024 tour. My wife asked if these old guys were actually still touring. What can you say? These guys seem to have a longevity pact with the Devil!
  7. Doing questionably stupid things is not restricted to the young! I have done a bunch. Some recently. No...I'm not going to list them. Much too embarassing. Just glad all is well with the eyes. No loss if you had gotten the Orange Tee! LOL!
  8. Extremely tempting!!! I'd be prone to shoot 40 in it though. Have a bunch of 40, but no Big 10. Wish it were the upgraded version though. Maybe anyway. lol
  9. However, Williamson, Davidson, Robertson(?) Counties have already said "No" to Armed Teachers in their schools. So all the hoopla was for naught.
  10. That's a beauty! I learned some of my meager shooting skills on one of these. Even back then...almost 60 years ago...I couldn't shoot worth shinola! but that didn't ake the fun out of it. These were virtual "tack drivers" and are great pistols. The seller is pretty good too. lol. You can spend much more on a 22 and not do appreciably better than this for a first-time shooter, back yard plinker, or a squirrel snuffer. GLWS my friend.
  11. Referencing my second-hand comment on uniforms for Armed Teachers...I am in agreement with you. I don't think it's a good idea. As far as the armed/carrying teacher, well I do like the idea. BUT, all the comments made here so fa indicate thatmost educators seem to feel the threat/risk of open or concealed carry in a classrom is a bad idea. I can see several scenerios where something could go fubar in a split second. Especially with the kids in many of the school systems today. So, like you say...probably not much chance of armed tearchers anytime soon. I still believe the SRO concept is the best and most viable method of providing safer schools and protection from most all forms of "bad actors" in schools. I really don't understand why so much emphasis is place o the armed teachers when this option is available. Seems like a no-brainer to me. JMO
  12. Greg Cote, LLC has a sale on now for some hard to find mags. Among the listing is 10 round MecGar mags at 21.95 Pretty good price I think for them. I'm ordering a couple myself.
  13. I think you are right, Mac. Such stipulations are pretty heavy for those in the teaching profession. JMO. Not sure if accurate here...but this afternoon Brian Wilson on WTN referenced the requirements of the bill. During it, he said those teachers who might go thru the process would be required to wear a uniform similar to the LEO since they had to get certified from the Training Academy. I believe this is wrong on his part, but not completely sure. I couldn't get thru to question him about the comment. But I think that would be a self-defeating requirement if so. The point of this bill is to have reliable, trained people carrying. But not openly or in uniform I would hope. Such a thing would just make the person a first-priorty target and defeat the purpose of the measure.
  14. Welcome to my Nightmare! LOL! You ain't alone son! This place can be a booger! But you'll come to love it and spend all your waking moments here for fear of missing something! Good to have you here!
  15. My budget is busted or we'd be at Opry Mills! Snaveba...where are you? This is right up your alley!
  16. I think that's the reason so many of them ( Active Shooters...oh how I hate this term) seem to take their own lives before being caught. Perhaps if one were taken alive and fully procecuted, it might deter this sort of thing happening. But probably not. The type of person who does this is usually angry about something. And thinking that drawing attention to themselves and their beliefs will cure all the world's problems and we'll all go raise beautiful, sweet smelling flowers. To this I say...Bah Humbug!! Live in the world. If you don't like your world, then work to help it. Not destroy it and kill innocents.
  17. Personally, I like this. Since the state would not hire SROs for every school...this is the viable alternative. BTW, I still feel that an SRO should be in schools. And would like to further the idea of hiring vets for the positions. JMO
  18. Very Nice! And at a fair price! Someone buy this thing! Before I get tempted!
  19. 70's Frat Party! Ah...those were some strange and fun times! LOL! I remember my date and I getting thrown out into the snow during a 'Bama for rooting for the opposing team. Another time, as the party was winding down around 2 am, some of us were standing in the kitchen of "the house" watching our own personal "Animal" entertain some girls as he demonstrated a masterbation scene! Using his throat! Head tilted back and rubbing his adams apple up and down. He simulated an ending by spitting in the air several times. Meanwhile...my date, and several other gals just stood there with amazed looks on their faces! Yes...those were the days. Archie and Edith should be singing in the background for this. LOL!
  20. More like low fuel...only a few trips round the short track!
  21. After watching any newsfeed these days...I can totally agree with you!
  22. OPUS for President!! Bill could take Kamala's job and not miss a beat!!!
  23. No sign of any here in East Nashville yet. Plenty of Crows though.


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