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  1. Perhaps the Harris-Biden government?
  2. HOW WELL I know that ! GT is #2 in my PayPal. He would be #1 but I buy more books than knives! LOL!
  3. Yeah. Disgusting. Up almost 70 cents per gallon in the last 6 weeks. At least around me. Since Publix opened in East Nashville. I don't get those gas points from my Kroger shopping anymore. And that hurts!
  4. 3.4 million background checks ran in February. Not sure "hoarding" is the complete answer here. I'll give you that there are people buying for resale, and that some people are buying for their "needs/desires." Even we here. We stockpile. We prepare for any eventuality(hopefully anyway). We "Prep" for disaster But as I've said before. Millions more buyers in the last 2 years. That absolutely effects the amount of ammo available to the masses.
  5. Very nice one!! My late brother-in-law was a big fan of the 41 mag. Even though he really hated Taurus...I believe he would have wanted this one! Good luck with the sale!
  6. Sorry, but too many purchases myself has dictated the need for cash. lol And that's the truth!!
  7. Oh I do agree! But like you, I'm trying to move out a few thing I don't have a great affection for. lol I do have a PT101 that I bought with a long story attached. I'm keeping it. I think when I traded off my Taurus Pimp Gun 1911( the Black and Gold model), I sort of lost my interest in the larger frames. Now don't hold me to that. A reversal is always possible. lol
  8. Just saw this one. Same old story though...bought my limit and then some the last few weeks. It sure would be fun to have it.
  9. That's good to know. I have a few with my PPQ M2. lol You know how Tad and I were about mags.
  10. Will it accept the PPQ mags?
  11. Ronald_55, reasoning like yours just spoils the show! lol! I gave up on TWD many seasons ago, for reasons like yours and more. The absurdity aside, there were just too many irrational ( Yeah, I said irrational when talking about a zombie series...LOL!) things going on to ignore. The weapons, the constant moving around instead of finding a defensible home or building to settle in, and many more. I think the prison compound was about it for me. They all seemed to have suddenly acquired military grade weapons, and a TANK for heavens' sake...and yet still couldn't hold out. Fo
  12. My sincere condolences for your loss, I offer my prayers for peace and understanding at this time.
  13. I offer my thanks to anyone who looked at and lusted over #2 and passed it by. I received this beautiful "Beast" today! It is one of the best I've seen from GT! I absolutely love it! I say "Beast" because that's what it is. The pics above do not do it justice in looks nor in size. This thing will chop down trees and give you toothpicks in return. Thank you GT! Even though I am in a bit of a snit with the wife over another knife coming in.


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