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  1. I feel your loss here. Sadly, I have been in the middle of such a situation several times with different parts of my family. Seems that the vultures just come out at the first hint of grabbing something for themselves.
  2. Not in your league, but I bought a 10/22 that Dolo had built. Makes me look like I know what I'm doing. Off the bench, I shot a dime sized 3 round group at 100 yards. Best I've ever done. I credit that to the rifle and the builder. Yes, Dolo used a Green Mountain Bull barrel on it. It's my favorite suppressed 22 ever.
  3. 1911alltheway did a leather holster for my Shield with the integrated laser. It looks great and the fit is perfect. Need to get some money ahead and get a few more done. At least for a 9 and a 45 1911.
  4. Caught my eye as well. Tempted.
  5. I can't comment on that. Too old. too tired. Too broke. Too married with wife who can shoot.
  6. I surely don't know, but that is a good question to have answered.
  7. Only according to the Left. lol Have to admit though, Biden can be quite entertaining.
  8. Yes, it was a terrible issue for me as well. My remedy was an AK style safety on the right side. I find it comfortable for me.
  9. hipower

    Catch 22

    Book is better. lol More detail.
  10. But who needs bottle openers any more? lol
  11. I got to put you out of your misery on this. lol I'll take it from you. Paypal?
  12. Ok...this comment is a bit out of place here. At least in the specific topic I want to address. One of my, and other's, fear is of the disgruntled neighbor, wife, or other family member. A single bit of hate, and I think that will be the driving force more than fear; will likely be the cause of a confiscation of weapons under the "RED FLAG" laws. For me personally, it's the irate neighbor that causes me concern. We are the lone conservative in our immediate neighborhood. Most are moderate and quiet in their comments, but several are, by my standards anyway, wildly left-leaning and seem to salivate at the thought of taking any action against anyone disagreeing with their own ideology. We have on this street MADD, Moms Demand Action, LBGQT supporters, vehement Bernie supporters, and a few who still scream that Hillary was robbed. We/I became friendly with a couple of them after moving in, and I even took one shooting with me. That didn't seem to make him any more likeable, nor has he ever asked to go again. His FB postings are full of Trump hate and all that goes with it. I have chosen to keep all but a passing "Hello" distance from him. So this guy reaches out and tells LEO that he fears that a neighbor has weapons and might be unstable. Where does that leave me/us? Red Flag laws are a quagmire. Some good from them, but the potential for massive misuse is there. And that worries me.
  13. Thanks. That's been my method for quite a few years for personal inventory, but I must admit I have been a bit lax lately in keeping up with it. A few sales, trades, and acquisitions behind. Even deals here, I try to note who and when I deal with. Not necessarily name and address. More like screen name and date of deal with some details for my poor memory. Although I've bought far more here than I've sold here, I believe it to be a good practice.
  14. Comments on the NAGR(National Association for Gun Rights)? I joined a couple years ago thru a mailer/free t-shirt deal(a real nice shirt, btw), and have been re-upping each year.
  15. How do you handle the "documentation"? Just personal records and pics?
  16. Thank you for the information on this. I was totally in the dark on it. A usual state of affairs for me recently.
  17. What's the benefit of that? Isn't the SBA4 also a pistol stock...or a rifle stock? Does it then become an SBR with a rifle stock?
  18. I did catch that as well, and as I was formulating my thoughts on it...you posted a very good commentary. Thanks for expressing it so well.
  19. I've been banned from ladders after a few falls in the last couple years. Not from ladders though, just face plants while trying to walk. We do have 6" gutters, but with all the trees around here, it doesn't take long for them to fill. I swear that the squirrels are using the gutters for storage. Lots of nuts and hulls washed out during cleaning. I just hired a neighborhood "handyman" to clean our gutters. He charged me what I thought was a fair price. From what I could see, he did an excellent job. At least we had no overflow issues yesterday with all the heavy rains. I hate having someone else do my "chores," but it's a necessity as I get older. Still stinks though.
  20. Impressive. Like the look. The handles really are different. Not quite sure how I feel about them. Perhaps a bit "busy" with the polished Damascus? But just my taste. Very much a new look, and as I said, impressive work.
  21. The problem is...I didn't see any in the crop of candidates that led me to believe any positive changes would be coming if they were elected. All I heard was different ways of saying "I'm gonna raise your taxes." from each of them. Hate to lose the family home, but sure looking to leave Metro someday soon.

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