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  1. hipower

    Gas prices jumped 20 cents overnight

    I haven't needed to fuel up yet, so I haven't seen anything. But my wife mentioned that when she came home last night. I told just to grin and bear it. Not like we're going to be able to do anything about it. I'd hoped to replace my 31/32 year old 1988 Chevy PU this spring with something a bit newer, and in a bit better shape. Foolishly, I'm wanting something with 4WD capability. Maybe a Tahoe or Expedition in the 2008-10 range. That expectation may have to change. We just paid a monster vet bill for our Border Collie/Aussie, Molly. That took a very large portion of the allocated money for a vehicle. Sorry, a bit off track there. Anyway, gas prices over the last 2 decades have been up and down. I've adjusted, very grudgingly, to them; and also changed my driving habits. No longer just hop in the car and sightsee like we once did. Hurts the pocket of an old retiree.
  2. hipower

    KIss your HCP goodbye.

    I confess to doing a somewhat similar thing. I have shot pistols since I was 18. Damn! I just realized how long that has been. And it's a darn long time. Anyway, I have a lot of experience with pistols, and I'd say I was competent. Not great, but competent. I did however, show up for my class with a brand new Sig 40. Just got it and hadn't shot it. Cleaned and dryfired it a bit, but nothing else. No matter how good or bad I, or anyone else might be. I think that was a bad idea.
  3. hipower

    for-sale Arex Rex Zero 1 compact

    Nice! Never handled one, but hear good thing s about them.
  4. hipower

    LCPII : Is it a high mileage gun ?

    FWIW, I have a first year of release LCP. Bought it at Specialty Arms and ended up with the laser package on it before I walked out the door. Paid way, way too much for it, in comparison with todays pricing; but have to say it has been dependable. I used to run several mags thru it on each range trip. I really liked mine with some of the PRIV Partisan(?) loads. A little hotter than US ammo, but shot well and had a nice bark to it. But since I became a Shield junky, the LCP has a home in one of my hideouts. Guess I should take it out and at least change the ammo in it.
  5. hipower

    Vintage Gun Photos

    Lord...that could have been me! Chubby cheeks and all. lol
  6. hipower

    Help me decide my next build

    Yes, I was at Bellshire Hardware a week ago and had a nervous, twitchy fit of a Saint Pistol. It was gorgeous. PSA has had some good buys on these. Just for kicks/stupidity, I got one of the 4" uppers and put it away.
  7. hipower


    We inherited a couple of huge boxes of stamps from my wife's great aunt. Thought we were rich. Found pretty much what you did. So greatly disappointed.
  8. hipower

    Best cleaning tools?

    I like it! I just might have to make up a few myself.
  9. hipower

    Brownells email advertises Hi-Power clone

    First, I am the one and only, the original, broken mold edition. Thank the Lord for that! One is far, far enough. Secondly, I did see the Tisas BHP clone mentioned a while back, a would have liked to try one. But not at 5 bills plus. Might get a chance sometime.
  10. This might be a long shot, but here goes. I have the first 110 books in this series by Don Pendleton, all in paperback. Plus about a dozen of the novels from the series. Condition ranges from 7 to 10 on a 10 scale. These books were very hot initially, but probably will read as dated in terms of story and weaponry now. But lots of pretty good reading still. If anyone is interested in them all, I'd like to sell for 50 for the lot. That's less than 50 cents each. These would have to be a local pickup, as the weight is more than I'd want to ship. As for trade...that's wide open. If interested just try an offer.
  11. hipower


    I got a bunch of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark calendars. My wife hates them. lol
  12. hipower

    Hug your family a little closer tonight.

    Me too, brother. Done so many stupid things. I can't believe God has left me here. Thankful prayer for you all.
  13. hipower

    for-trade High Standard Officer's 1911

    True. but mine are Dad's guns, some he gave me before passing, and some that came from my father-in-law. Plus some I just like. lol
  14. hipower


    Diecast muscle cars. Any make or model that attracts me. I have 2 Glass display cases I bought when we moved here. 6' tall 42" wide and 12" deep. Had 4 glass shelves in it origionally, now each has 8 shelves. I have approximately 150 cars in the two. But at least double that still boxed.
  15. Strange. My wife tells me that.
  16. Ok, guys. You collect. I've been into sooo many different things that I can't say I collect any more. Comics for years. Comic related figures and toys. Diecast cars 95%+ are 1/18 scale. And of course this little addiction. Wife says I am OCD. After that confession, and the way I've been this morning...I think she's right. Got home after leaving Molly for her surgery, started taking out the trash. Saw that the garage bags needed changing. Saw leaves to sweep behind the bags. Started that and saw that the truck door was open. I'd not finished taking things inside. Got in and got on the phone. Sat and ate sandwich and donuts before heading to dentist. Saw UPS return box not labeled. Sat down donut to finish the packaging, Sat down to check emails and here. Looked outside...truck door still open. I think I have a problem. I am an OCD borderline hoarder who tells people he has a small "collection" of many different things. Wait...we were talking about books, weren't we? I gotta go close that truck door.
  17. Mack has gone into hiding again. Books pending trade. Thanks for looking guys.
  18. All comments true! lol I wanted that cannon too. Now relive those glory days and help my garage cleaning. And my wife's sanity.
  19. hipower

    What are you listening to now?

    Loved that song. Many memories from it. Of course I was a big fan also, but not so much when Wynonna went out alone. But I feel that almost all music must evoke a memory or feeling to appeal to me. Perhaps that's why I can relate to almost all music. In my car now, I have Dean Martin, Warren Zevon, NGDB, some rockabilly Big Band swing, and and some Meatloaf. I think that about covers it. I do get strange looks from my wife over it though. Only about a third of my musical tastes appeal to her. Just remembered...there are 2 Webb Wilder discs as well.
  20. hipower

    Handgun storage in gun safe

    Ditto on the house guns. Few kids in the neighborhood, and since I'm the old grouchy conservative in a progressive area; not many do more than talk in the yard or on the street. The kids are never allowed inside. Parents' rules...not mine. Though I can't say it hurts my feelings. I've thought about keeping a lot of handguns loaded and ready to go in the safe, but just never felt safe/compelled to do so. I really can't give you a reason for it though; for either doing it or not. I think if I did more than one or two, which are my go-to weapons, I'd start thinking I should do every one that way. Actually, if I had more space, I think I might just have to give a lot more thought to having them all hot.
  21. hipower

    for-trade High Standard Officer's 1911

    Darn you! And me with only 1 SA to my name, and it's my keeper. New Vaquero in 45acp. No other interests?
  22. hipower

    A sneak peak at a couple new designs in the works

    I'll have to have a little time on this end Way too much outlay going on right now. But I would like to work with you on at least one of these. Can you give me a ballpark figure? I know it won't be exact, and I might have some changes in mind as well, so I guess a baseline figure?
  23. hipower

    Love child of a S&W 645/4516

    She looks Fantastic! I'm a little envious. Just a little.
  24. hipower

    Handgun storage in gun safe

    Yes, you do have a problem...not enough ammo! As I've mentioned before, I gutted an old StackOn safe that was in water in 2010. I found some scraps of 2x10 and 2x12 and made shelves with them. It works...so far.

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