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  1. You've been talking these up for so long...you've got me interested! Perhaps you might find another? lol!
  2. That is true, just as a good 1911 may need lubrication from light to dripping to operate well; some need to find the right "spot" for it. But no amount of lube will correct a poorly manufactured firearm. Some Mosquitos were crap. Some were good. The good ones I understand were much later in the manufacture. Also, I understand that more than one source was used in that pistol's run. I'm sure that will account for both our experiences with them.
  3. Glad you got a good Mosquito. However my experiences with th Mosquito were totally different. I went with cheap ATI and found it more agreeable to me.
  4. Evidently, there are beaucoup variants on the Shield Plus. But I stand by my earlier comments. I really, really like mine. If not in Memphis, I think I would own another one!
  5. Like your choices. Maybe not so much on the Mark 1, but definitely on the P210. Your GP 100 sounds like the Model 19 Smith I got from my Dad. Old, reliable, sweet trigger, and a pussycat with 38 loads in it. But more of a Tiger with a hot 357!
  6. I once was...for most of my family. Some still say that's true.
  7. I like it! A great short term storage idea!
  8. Glad you're feeling better. If I make it back up your way someday, with your permission, might give you a shout. Spent a little time in the thriving metropolis of Cookeville. lol. Actually grew up and lived in Baxter and had a trailer apartment in Cookeville until I met my wife and moved to Nashville in '74/'75. Can't remember when exactly. The place sure has grown since then!
  9. Over the past 2 decades, I've had at least 3, maybe 4 Sig Mosquitos come thru my hands. In the days my late brother-in-law and I almost lived in the midstate gun shows, I'd find them for a really low price and buy them. Personal opinion. All of them were junk. You name the problem in cheap 22's and it had them. Dropped one and cracked the slide. Sold it for a parts gun. Think I got 50 for it. I felt like I'd robbed somebody at that. I just didn't learn. lol If I saw one cheap, I bought it. Should have thought that over more carefully. When I sold the last one at the old and great Hendersonville Expo Center show, I vowed to never buy another! So far, I've made. In the last few years, I've seen comments on here that they are better now. I'll let you find out. I'm not buying one again...unless it's real cheap!
  10. The Gun Crew in Old Hickory. Good people. Good selection. A bit of a constant state of clutter with so much product in and out there.
  11. Welcome to the group! Enter at your on risk, dangerous people reside here. Many are off their meds!
  12. I agree with you on the pricing, papa. Take 9mm for example. 2/3 years ago, we could pick and choose brands and see cases regularly for 250 or less, sometimes with shipping included. Since then, 600 has pretty much been case price. Recently I've seen some decent import 9 for around the 300 mark, but not for any long periods. Just a quick sale on most and it's gone quickly. I know I've bought a little when I see it. But not enough. lol The "quality" stuff we've all bought for years is still, for the most part that I see, in the 450+ ranges. Add in the high end "defensive" ammo and specialty rounds and the costs are downright astronomical by the "old days" standards. Regardless of what manufacturers and distributors tell us, I see 3 factors that are responsible for the current situation. One is the materials shortage and the sourcing of it for products. That in itself will add 10/20% to pricing, or so I've read and been told. Add in all the additional few cents for each person who handles it until it gets to us as buyers/consumers, and we have price increases that seem to be relatively stable and not decreasing much. Number two...the real culprit many say, is that the huge increase in firearms sales have had an impact on the availability to buyers across the nation. More guns sold. More buyers for ammo. Supplies don't sit on shelves as long as they once did. I know there are seeming exceptions to that. We even see posts here saying that some places have large amounts on their shelves. Academy is one example. Number three. Manufacturers and sellers see opportunity in this market to increase prices to see what the "sweet spot" for pricing is. As long as it sells at these higher prices...there's not much incentive or reason to lower them. We are a "captive audience" so to speak. We want to shoot, then we have to buy. That's my take on it. I'm sure there are other influencing factors, but I think this is a good start. jmo
  13. Oh...so almost as good as the High Standard Olympic. LOL!
  14. I like! How's it shoot. I confess to never having shot a Woodsman. Just never was around one. High Standards and Brownings mostly.
  15. Never heard it? Wow! That's incredible. I thought it was the go-to song for every guy looking to get a little action! Bouncy and upbeat...sometimes confusing lyrics, but always enjoyable. Just about the perfect soundtrack for all young men's lives!
  16. But the coach is the best part! lol! Actually, I have my wife looking at the ring.
  17. Yes...many late nights dates in my old car with a former love were spent with that playing. I could be killed for this by wife...so keep it quiet.
  18. I was just on the "What are you listening to now" thread. Just banging away on the keys and remembering all the music. Had just watched the Dan Rather interview with Meat. Thought Meat looked bad in it. Finished up and saw snavba's comment. Stunned. Had to look it up. My musical heart is broken right now. Been a fan of Meat since his beginnings. Listened lying on the floor between 2 speakers while my wife screamed for me to turn it off. Have Bat Out of Hell in my car always. Shutting up. Condolences to Meat's family and fans. You will be missed. Meat Loaf A'day. RIP>
  19. WOW! So much I want to say here! Love Meat! I mean absolutely and totally. Meat and Jim Steinman are just among the greatest music singers and writers that I've ever heard! Yes I have a lot of things I could say. Just love all the "Bat" recordings. Got some Steinman records. Got videos of European and US shows. IN fact, just watched The Big Interview with Dan Rather and Meat while sitting here. My wife is NOT a Meat fan. But Bless her, she has endured my musical tastes for 40 plus years now. Everything from rock, country, classical and about anything in between. From Johnny and Waylon, to Garth and Willie, Beach Boys to Poison; it's been a torture for her. lol But the absolute test of love...I took her to see Meat at the Ryman! I was bouncing and dancing in the seats with the rest. Screaming the words along with the audience and Meat! Just one of my favorite concerts ever! Not so for wifey. Having already heard too much of Meat, and at high volume...I was prepared. Took ear plugs for her to wear. lol And she did. Put them in at the first note and kept them in all thru the encores! Thanks for reminding me with this video. And much love and thanks to meat for the music and the memories! DAMN!! I didn't know when I typed all this. I just saw it. Meat is gone. I'm literally in tears here. I didn't realize I was losing a musical hero. Thank you Marvin Aday. You brought happiness to the world. You will be missed. May you Rest In Peace. Another Edit. I'm so out of touch. Jim Steinman, Meat's longtime friend and co-writer, passed in early 21. Hope they're making wonderful music together again. RIP Jim.
  20. I feel lower than dirt even commenting in this thread. I have not served in any capacity in our military, and many, many times have felt lesser for not having done so. I was declared basically unfit for service. No need to go into it. I just want to thank All of you who have posted here for sharing your experiences and feelings. If I haven't said it before, I'll say it now..I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service to our nation. I pray for each and every man, woman, and service animal that has done their part in serving. May God Bless and Keep you all in His arms.
  21. Sorry to take this a bit off-topic from the sale aspect, but the red dots appear to be here to stay. It's been a change for me as well. lol I wasn't aware that the 4" PC version was not shipped with the red dot. Mine was, and had the special cleaning kit as well. At any rate, these are fine pistols, and I wouldn't mine having a spare. Just cannot physically do that long drive anymore, even a halfway meet would be very difficult. Now back to you...the PC version of the Shield Plus makes it even better! GLWS!
  22. We do agree on that point. I would prefer it not to have the thumb safety, so will likely convert it to the decocker function...or maybe not. lol


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