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  1. A neighbor on mine is a pro photog. He uses the Anvil Bags. Swears they are the best.
  2. Oh my stars and garters! That 15 with the T-grip is great looking! Was never lucky enough to encounter one, or it would have been in my 22 stash as well.
  3. Dang! That's purty!! Makes me want one! lol. Don't get excited...nothing to trade on to make it happen.
  4. hipower

    Lever Guns

    So it's my fault!!!??? I never should have sold you that Henry!
  5. Agreed on the Taurus TX22. Bought it for myself. Wife wants it as her "house" gun. lol. Looking for another for me now. Personally, I've found the TX22 to be one of the best little 22 autoloaders I've ever owned or shot. Ran close to 300 rounds of CCI Blazer thru mine (over two range days withot cleaning) without any problems. Before the wife claimed it.
  6. 41!!! I regret selling mine years ago.
  7. 41!!! I regret selling mine years ago.
  8. You know which one I like! But that Springer in the 1911 pic is gorgeous as well!!
  9. You need to be here in Nashville. lol. Never knew it came in the big 40! That should be interesting to shoot.
  10. Just looked at one today. Most interesting and likely my next purchase. If we were closer...but I can't drive that far. Not being nasty. I have some leg/back issues that won't allow it. So I guess someone else will get this one.
  11. WOW! That's quite a package!! Yours makes my VP9 Tactical feel inadequate! lol. Sincerely...that's a very nice setup. Just out of my range.
  12. hipower


    Well...if the shoe fits....LOL! Welcome to my world!
  13. We are in total agreement here! LOL. Many other places too.
  14. Almost word for word my experience with the solicitors in the last years. I'll give money when WLP is gone. I get these 1/2 times a year still. Motly the response is short pause and a hangup. FWIW. I met Wayne in a recieving line way, way back at a convention. My takeaway was that he was just another slimy politico. Reminded me of Al Gore. And even though my Dad loved the man(Al or more likely one of his staff...leaned on the Social Security Medical Review Board to get his disability approved) I couldn't stand him even at the beginning. FYI. My donations for the cause go to TFA, GOA, SASociety.
  15. I am trying to remain centered here and cut the OP some slack. I've gone thru this thread twice now to try and understand what both sides are saying. I see more validity to the skepticism exhibited by the people of TGO than the OP wishes to see. But as said here several times, the group has no base to work from for you, norsemen308. And with the information garned from several HIGHLY thought of and well know personalities here....well you are working from a disadvantage. A rather large one. While your credentials and intent are relatively unknown to the collective "us" here, most were willing to read and some to take this survey. I personally think your responses have been a bit strong and accusatory. Especially from your status as a "Newb". Trust must be earned. I don't see that you have made an attempt of do this. We are all relying on personal relationships developed here over years, and decades in some instances. You cannot just jump in and rattle all these things off and expect to be treated as you would like. Trust has to be earned. I'll still give you the benefit of doubt here. I did like some of your comments relating to the intent you stated. However, I do note that this poll reads like the various pop-ups that appear on social media. I, for one, do not reply to those questionaires becasue the nameless and faceless, unknown sources lack the creditability, or familiarity necessary for me to post anything about my life or views on such a well known source of lies and inuendoes. Also, as TriplGGG, TGODavid, and others have said...you have no provenance of intent nor credibility to base your actions nor comments upon. Perhaps I am quite gullible, and many would agree to that, but at first glance, I was willing to accept you as what you stated. Now, I'm not to sure. For now, I think I'll just go back to Facebook and tell some stranger all the details of my life.
  16. Yes, they seem like pretty nice people there. I had a similar experience with them. Took in my G30 that was acting up. Getting a few FTE issues. Picked it up the next day. They put in a new extractor and cleaned the pistol. works great now.
  17. FYI. After the debacle at On Target, Hermitage...I was resigned to no close range for me. My mobility issues make it difficult for an outdoor range, and GlockSport is totally out of the question for me. Didn't want a long drive either. Just recently a friend told me of Range USA. So I went out to Goodletsville to check them out. Very impressed with the building and the people. Gun stock seems pretty good to me. Ammo is fair. It's the cleanest, best smelling range I've ever been in! No fancy gimmicks on the range. Just electric trolley and an RSO. Like the latter. The people I've taalked with are personable, knowledgable, and friendly. Store manager...Job(Pronounced Jobe) also is a veteran....is great. Although very busy, he took the time to walk me thru everything. Memberships run on monthy charges with CC or Debit card. Varying levels and privilages. I like what I saw. But after being burnt at OT, I waited until last week to sign in. As I said, I'm happy with them, at least for now. So I can honestly say I'd recomment them for the East Nashville to Hendersonville people looking for a place.
  18. Haven't ordered any from S&G recently, but have in the past. Always been satisified with their pricing and reliability. That being said, I haven't ordered any 9 in over a year. Got in a large order, for me anyway, last fall and haven't even opened any of it. Been so long since shooting, there's cobwebs growing on my ammo cans. lol. Did take a couple of 22s out to Range USA last week. Just to see if I remember how.
  19. I am so very glad you are in Lenoir City! Where I can't get to!
  20. The mark of a true addict. Rationalizing your actions...purchases. Don't ask how i know! lol.
  21. And I thought I had a problem with my "small" accumulation of pistols! LOL!
  22. Their Answer...Lesbian Bisexual Gay Transgender Queer My Answer.... Legs, Butts, Guns, Tits, and Quality Beer


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