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  1. Mckinatec holsters have a Mini-2 with Tac Dev rail as an option.
  2. you ever make it to Nashville area? Also you talking case of 200 or case of 1000?
  3. not going to lie at first I thought this was a push button for an auto SAK and got really excited
  4. FrankD

    Premium Gas

    Fed HST for 9mm and Cor-Bon for .380
  5. Unless you are a M&P person with a bunch of mags around I would think one of the other Glock mag options would be a better option. Not to mention if you are going 16" you could get a lot more potential out of a rifle caliber.
  6. FrankD

    T-Rex 22

    another vote for the TX22 Comp. The gun world seems to be all on the same page that Taurus is a bit of a gamble in terms of quality, however everyone seems to be aligned that there is one exception to that rule and it is the TX-22. Put a Holosun 507 and my rugged oculus on it and it is a blast to rip through mags.
  7. I think I waited around 8 months to get mine. Will agree with others it is definitely a nice spot.
  8. welcome, also please tell me you shoot sporting clays with the SPAS
  9. going to second the Bergara B14 HMR. might be a bit overkill for 400 yds and in shooting but a solid shooter for sure.
  10. looks like an auto version of their mule line of fixed blades.
  11. Not going to lie I think either scenario I would rather have the capacity and reload speed of a 9MM semi auto. Especially if we are talking about TN wildlife, you get into the mountains or out west I would switch to a glock 10MM but same concept.
  12. aimpoint, vortex, and eotech all make solid magnifiers. The holosun 3x is good as well for a more budget friendly version. Each of those come with solid mounts, if your PRO is on a riser might want to look at the unity options for the higher magnifier.
  13. Just got into pressure canning this year, have done chicken and beef stew as well as a handful of other veggies. It's a fun skill to have and a good way to put away some food for later use. Did a few batches of candied jalapenos as well and they have been mighty tasty.
  14. have one of these and with a can on it I smile with every shot. Super fun piece and the youth stock works OK for an adult for some cheap plinking.


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