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  1. Good lord, as someone who sells firearms part time you are very correct. We have one customer who wants to break the gun down and inspect it with a flashlight before buying....... I'm not talking about a 2,000.00 gun, just normal glocks and such. I just go with it these days.
  2. I've got one, it's built. I may be willing to part with it at the right cost. If you are interested in it let me know and I will figure up a price.
  3. Jagerwerks, not local but they do great work.
  4. Magpul makes some higher cap mags for cheaper than Factory
  5. i would love to have more people to shoot with other than my small group I trust but Posting on a forum looking for dudes to train with you to stand up and defend freedoms is not going to get any if all to join up with you. I've been here for like 10 years ( just looked, 13 years, dang) and I would not just randomly post that I'm looking for guys to join up and prepare to shoot feds. You probably have the best interest at heart but this day and age most people in the know are a little skeptical of stuff like this.
  6. Full auto PKM would be awesome. Plus it's rimmed, for the extractors pleasure. Full auto MP5, RPG, probably some more cans. Now, having the cash for all that is just as unrealistic as the NFA going away.
  7. That 50lb weight is what I really want. I've got a Lure 11.5 which is not a bad kayak at all but it's older, leaks some and does not have a pedal drive. After using the bicycle style drive on the feel free I really like the Mirage style better. Mine goes in the back of my truck and just hangs out really far, I ONCE put it on top of my wife's SUV, YUUUGE mistake
  8. I want a Hobie Lynx. I'm tired of the really heavy kayaks and just don't need anything this large. I looked at a PA but it's still heavier than I would like.
  9. I believe he did. Dude put him to sleep.
  10. Hey guys, I've got 20 eagles and 10 buffalo's I need to get rid of. Online price is 33.40 for the eagles and 24.89 for the buffalo's. I've never sold anything like this so I don't really know how to price them. I'm willing to sell for less you can buy them for online. I would prefer to sell face to face around Murfreesboro area, can travel some to meet up. Let me know what you guys think price wise. Thanks,
  11. Price drop to 1800.00 Went fishing Sunday and noticed one of the locking pins for the motor has fallen out and will need to be replaced. Everything works as it should the motor just has two locking points and I currently only have one.
  12. Catching them is not good, you don't want them in your waters. Usually you end up snagging them while fishing for something else. I caught a bunch below Clinton lake in Illinois a few years back ripping a blade bait below the dam for Hybrids. It was every cast and they were huge.
  13. People who take their pets into the world. Leave you damn dog at home, they do not need to shop Lowe's with you.
  14. I wish people would learn how to Yield while driving, I know the sign is red but you don't have to stop. Get up to speed while merging onto the interstate! The F'n on ramp is so you get build up the speed to merge safely, not cruise on at 42 mph and then try to merge and get up to speed. Put #### up at stores. Don't dump product you thought you wanted just randomly throughout the store. that's just a few, I could go on forever.
  15. I think it's like 3 or 5 people, shooter can be included.
  16. I've got a Feel Free Dorado 125 for sale. I got it back in 2021 I think after I sold my old boat. I've used it maybe 5 times because I bought another bass boat. It's a super stable fishing kayak with plenty of room for anything you would need. These are pre rigged with LED lights and wiring for the drop in electric motor. I am asking $2000.00. I have more pictures if anyone is interested.
  17. Both my kids have the lifetime, well worth the money.
  18. Gotcha. I've got a customer that has MS and the heat bothers her too. Add in rain and it's almost unbearable for her.
  19. Good lord, the CODE RED weather alert! The #### drives me crazy.
  20. I don't make that type of money to keep my house at 67.
  21. Call me crazy but I enjoy the hot humid summer afternoons, just something about it.


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