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  1. owejia

    reloading CLEANING BRASS

    The Frankfort arsenal tumbler with ss media works really well. Still has the noise factor . Really clean shiny brass inside and out, cleans the primer hole if deprimed. My ss media will rust if I don't dry it after use , usually set it on my mold heating hotplate to dry.
  2. When I took mine many moons ago they used a paper man sized siloutte and I did all head shots, but can't remember the distance. Granddaughter will be using a revolver probably a s&w m&p 38 spl with 4" barrel. Thanks for the info.
  3. Granddaughter is taking her class sometime in March and she needs to practice to qualify, need to know proper distance to set up targets. Thanks
  4. owejia

    It’s snowing

    Got a good 4" or more on top of the ice left from Friday. Looked out my dining room window and another car stuck at the end of my road. Neighbor up the road from me, slid off into ditch, two wheels off the ground, don't know if tractor will pull it out or not, went down and plugged tractor up to warm up and we shall see. Hate this mess. Loved it when was young would be out rabbit hunting all day on a day like this. Life goes on, everything changes.
  5. owejia

    It’s snowing

    Snowed most of the day yesterday, probably 7 to 8 inches by the time it quit. Had a knock on my door about 7 oclock last night, guy had tried to turn around at the intersection of the main highway and road I live on, drifts were so bad couldn't tell where the road was, he was going to his girlfriends house, girlfriend being a pharmists and would have to go into Murray, Ky to work today, he was going to drive her to work in his 4 wheel drive truck. So went down and cranked the tractor and pulled him out of the ditch and sent him on his way. Hard on a 71 year old to walk in that deep snow, had me puffing hard by the time I got back into the house. Hopefully sun will break through and snow will melt off of roads today. will have to get out in it today to feed hay, not as bad as yesterday as was snowing so hard could hardly see where to drive down the road to put out hay for cows.
  6. owejia

    Wanted: (New) Ammo Cans

    Wrong end of the state, J & W Army surplus in Trenton, Tn. Picked up three of the 18.5" x 15" tall x 7.5" wide yesterday for 15 bucks ea, Man they have a lot of surplus stuff there.
  7. More range time, haven't shot much the last few years. Have several rifles and pistols that need some exercise, along with me. Need to speed up my reflexes, lose 30 lbs so when I turn sideways will not be such a big target.
  8. owejia


    Back many moons ago my paternal grandfather grew his own tobacco and hand rolled cigars from it. A few farmers still grow tobacco here around Cottage Grove and Palmersville area but nothing like before the great tobacco buyout, mostly dark fired.
  9. owejia

    Ruger single seven

    Going to pick up my new Ruger single seven from my transfer guy today, chambered in .327 Fed mag. My new varmint gun. Waiting on brass to come in so can make some test rounds, have a mold on the way also. Am going to shoot mostly cast boolits in it. Any one with experience with one of these?
  10. The flaw in your argument DaveTn is the the difference between legal and illegal carry. Illegal carry has a hugh impact on gun crime statistics. Legal carry citizens have a lower crime rate than law enforcement, so all the studies I have read say. If those gang members and criminals quite carrying illegally, gun crime would go down drastically . They would still find ways to kill each other but with different weapons of choice. You cannot take crime out of criminals, the only recourse is to punish them. Rehibliation does not work very well, as has been proven over time.
  11. owejia

    My idea of a varmint gun

    Have you looked at the Ruger single seven in .327 mag? Can shoot the H &R 32 mag, and the 32 S & W long and short. Might have to get one of these myself. With 7.5" barrel , custom loads this thing should be a joy to shoot, for old crippled hands.
  12. owejia

    Sooo.....I was looking for a dog

    During the early 80's had a dingo-blue heeler cross as a cattle dog, instead of going for the heels always went for the nose, doesn't work well trying to herd cattle. During the early 60's HC Spinks clay co had large land holdings here in Henry and Weakley county where they ran cattle on and they kept leopard dogs to handle anything their cowboys on horses couldn't, especially mean bulls, one would go for the nose and one for the back heel . The leopard dog was also used to hunt hogs with down south back then.
  13. owejia

    People simply don't know gun laws

    Maybe because we have too many of them
  14. owejia

    Ammo brass?

    The 22 rimfire brass can be used to swage .223 bullets. The 40 cal. brass is also used to swage 45 acp bullets.
  15. owejia

    Do pistol shotshells damage barrels?

    Red333 have you tried 410 shotgun wads in the 45 Colt shotshell loads? Should help the pattern some.

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