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  1. Thought this was about Hillary, saw the word satan and that is what popped into my head.
  2. As a gun owners forum members we cannot agree on the laws that are passed, so how does anyone expect the Tn. legislature to pass any kind of gun laws that we could all support. Your local representative is the person you need to be contacting about your views of particular laws. Let them know how you feel and what kind of new laws you would like for them to support. Yes would like to see this on a state wide ballot next state election cycle, changing to Constitutional carry. Let the voters choose instead of a few so called politicians. As far as taking the Tn driving test making some one a responsible driver, I wish it were true. One of the most dangerous things in your daily life is a 16 yr old teenager, or any irresponsible person, driving a 3500# missile at 60 miles an hour next to you on a highway.
  3. Just because some one passes the Tn driving test does not make them safe drivers. If that was all it took to make everyone a safe and responsible driver we would not need car insurance. You cannot legislate stupid out of people. Driving is a privilege bestowed upon us by our state government, not a Constitutional right. Only the 2nd Amendment specifically states "shall not be infringed". If you are not happy about how your state rep or senator represents you, by all means let them know, or run for that office yourself. Just because the Republicans controlled both chambers and the Governors' office does not mean they support my view of the Constitution, for gosh sakes they are political animals, jocking for status, power , money or a combination of all three.
  4. Small steps, babies crawl before they walk. I know Andy Holt and he is a 2nd Amendment guy all the way. More people with carry permits the shorter the time until we get Constitutional carry. What makes a so called journalist opinion any more valuable then yours or mine? If they think peons need more training to exercise their rights maybe the peons need to have a permit to read a book or magazine or listen to the bs put out by the media folks. Most all the wars I've ever read about started with some kind of speech by some one, never heard of one being started by a gun running out and shooting some one. The press can control people by not telling the truth. No where in the Constitution is there a clause or warning about training before exercising your rights, remember that little phrase "shall not be infringed".
  5. Just finished reading " Jack Hinson's One-Man War, A Civil War Sniper", a lot of interesting history about the area of The Land Between The Lakes. Was not aware of a lot of this history. Used a 50 cal special made Kentucky Long Rifle to do his sniping. We used to fish some of the areas that are mentioned in the book. If you are a Civil War fan this is interesting reading. Book was republished in 2018.
  6. I have one of their Tomcat 3032 acp Inox, have several loads to do testing with, just haven't taken time to test them. Rural King has 17 different Beretta models but not the Tomcat, don't know what models are produced at Gallatin besides the Tomcat.
  7. owejia

    1911 Information

    1911s are like rabbits, a lot of different sizes, colors, caliber, but they are all 1911s. They breed really fast. They are cute and cuddly and that little voice in my head keeps saying got to have this one for a playmate to my others.
  8. owejia

    1911 for carry

    They also come in 38 acp/ super colt, popular back in the 80's as competition guns.Hickok45 has a very good video about the 1911 38's. Have my brother-in-laws, Dads pistol in my safe. Been looking at dies and brass trying to decide if need another project to do. These are 9 + 1 pistols. Four pages of them on Gunbrokers, if you like something different. Hickok45 says they are popular in some South America countries that don't allow citizens {peons] to own any guns that can fire Nato ammo.
  9. For every letter or communication a politician gets they believe there are 10 more back home that feel the same way, but just have not communicated about it. Do you guys really think your senator or rep. has enough time in the day to sit down and personally answer every communication they receive? If you have their personal phone # they will answer the call, and talk to you. Never stop communicating with them, because that is how they judge how the constituents back home feel about how they are suppose to represent them. Everyone has an agenda no matter what they tell you.
  10. A tour of the foundry should be interesting. Used a small foundry back in the 80's in Alabama, it was labor intensive as most of their business was small runs. Imagine Lodge has a lot of automated equipment to do their castings. Interesting to watch them do the moulds for sand castings.
  11. Being rural and having livestock and farm equipment, Tennessee Farm Bureau is about my only choice. Rates are reasonable and never a hassle with claims. Had to carry a large liability policy on a lot of leased and rented land plus a epa hazardous spill/contamination clause also, to protect my personal assets. They have always been there when need, no hassle, but have only had a couple of small claims with them. Insurance is basically a form of legal extortion .
  12. Some times it is the only way to get hard to find ammo. Had to buy some 7.62 x 38r Nagant ammo on line because no one local carried it. Then went on you tube and found out can make the brass from 223 rem., with a few modifications.
  13. owejia

    New 1911

    Yeah know what you mean, those full size 1911's just feel right.
  14. Old retired guys have to be entertained by something. Love the smell of real black powder. Sealed chambers makes clean up easy.
  15. Any one shoot black powder in their Nagants? Have two 1933, 1944 , have dies and brass is on the way. Have some .315 rb, and 89 gr wad cutters for multiple shot loads. Anxious to start testing loads. Will use original brass and with slight modifications the Lee dies can load them to look like factory loads. Will use powder coated rb and cast lead bullets. Hard to find fired brass for them. The double action triggers feel like 50+ lbs and just cocking the hammer for single action takes both hands. Three thousands difference in the bores of the two pistols. You can lighten the double action pull and make it smoother, expect them to be fun guns to shoot. You tube video had ten reloads on the factory PPU brass, with the modified Lee dies.

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