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  1. owejia

    Pocket Watches/Watches

    Wife gave me a battery powered pocket watch right after we were married, could not wear a wrist watch because it would be in my way when working around heavy equipment, so started to carry the pocket watch and every day the thing would gain an hour. If I left it on the dresser all day it would keep good time, so decided to get a wind up pocket watch, bought an older one on ebay. Carried it a few days and the same thing happened, would gain time, so took it in and had it checked and cleaned, still gained an hour a day if carried on my person but would not gain time if left on dresser all day, finally decided had too much electric energy to carry a watch, haven't carried one in about 25 years. Always loved them old pocket watches though.
  2. owejia

    TFA, Awareness of Bill Lee

    Don't believe he is far off from the truth !!!!!
  3. owejia

    12 GA double barrel pistol

    Be a bad ass home defense gun, would hand load some brass shells for it. Be a real room cleaner.
  4. owejia

    Vintage Gun Photos

    High water britches.
  5. Female junior state senator wearing 38 on here hip in state assembly, now introducing a bill to allow fire fighters, EMT, retired law enforcement and vets to carry without permit in Virginia. Why do we not have people in Tenn. with progressive thinking on the 2nd amendment here? Have all the "men" lost their gonads? Just shaking my head in wonderment that a woman would be this bold and all the so called men are hiding. Lived and worked in Virginia back in the early 70's, they were a gun friendly state back then.
  6. owejia

    Vintage Gun Photos

    Mom showing son one of the tools she uses.
  7. owejia

    Reloading Aluminum Case

    No chipmunks here but the moles cause havoc by digging and burrowing. Yard is like a sponge water is squeezed out when you walk on it. But I'm sure come July things will be brown as a biscuit because of little or no rain. Sorry about the thread drift.
  8. Eighteen year old males are full of piss and vinegar as my Father used to say, old guys not so much. If we sent only old people to fight wars they would be very short, because most of us are only able to talk about what needs to be done instead of actually doing it.
  9. Maybe try a faster burning powder. Burns in the barrel before it exits. Like using fast burning powder in short barrel revolvers.
  10. Is Macron still hiding? Bad idea to use semiauto and live ammo on fellow French citizens, this will end badly.
  11. owejia

    Fed. Income taxes

    Somebody has to support all the beaucrats and government workers , because they produce no products that can be sold like the real world does.
  12. owejia

    Fed. Income taxes

    All you guys complaining, just be thankful you make enough to have to pay taxes on!!!!!
  13. The democrats completely abandoned the 2nd amendment and most of the Constitution back in the 70's and 80's, so the NRA went with the party that mostly supported the Constitution, Being as we have only two major parties they really had little choice.
  14. owejia

    Reloading Aluminum Case

    Don't believe the aluminum has the ability to expand and contract, like brass does with the violent explosion during firing, as cheap as 9mm brass is I would not spend time reloading it. Just my personal opinion. Aluminum is not very elastic.

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