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  1. owejia

    WWII Reenactment at Linden

    They used German pows in the coal mines in East Tn. Very possible could have been some around Linden. Middle Tn. was used as tank training because the hilly terrain was similar to places in Europe.
  2. owejia

    WWII Reenactment at Linden

    Saw this on tv ad . Anybody around Linden to tell more about it. Looks interesting from the tv ad I saw. Jeeps, uniforms, guns from the WWII era, end of September.
  3. owejia

    Kimber Micro Pistol

    Tell me about the good the bad or the ugly of this in 380 ss.
  4. So many questions but no answers!!! Maybe get answers at the trial criminal or civil.
  5. owejia

    Personal/Private shooting range in Back Yard?

    Just a thought can shooting be considered part of the first amendment , freedom of expression? Be careful of your potential neighbors, house next to me sits on 5 ac. tract, owner cut 1 ac out for his son. Original owner passed about a year ago house and 4 ac were in a reverse mortgage Long story shortened, foreclosure house up for sale. Retired engineer from Montana first to look at it, wanted seclusion, no noise, sorry ain't gonna happen here on 4 acs.. You want seclusion you need 100+ acres or more. Hear gun fire here all the time no body complains. This is farm country here if you don't want to hear loud farm machinery and smell manure you need to go somewhere else.
  6. owejia

    Propane pricing and other questions

    Years ago could get SPIKE in pellet form from TFco-op here. You broadcast on top of the ground and rain melts it goes in the soil and kills from the roots up. I believe SPIKE and Tordon are the same. Remedy mixed 3/1 with diesel sprayed on with basal coverage will kill mesquite. So it should take care of the kudzu also
  7. There are ass***** in every profession. Never had a bad experience with an officer. Learned as a young lad not to lie when caught [speeding,or other infraction] just own it and move on. Have been let off with warning before because I believe just telling the truth simply deescalates the situation.
  8. owejia

    National Preparedness Month - Are you prepared?

    Just curious do you keep water purifications tablets to put in your drinking water, or do you just depend on filtration system?
  9. owejia

    Propane pricing and other questions

    Jeb48 check with the co-op for Tordon RTU liquid to kill the kudzu, or Remedy as a basil spray to use on the vine where it comes out of the ground.
  10. owejia


    Dying is easy, living is hard.
  11. owejia

    Yellow Bass

    Back in the early 80's we used to dip for shad at the entrance of the Big Sandy river where it empties into Ky Lake under the rr and hwy levy . Make a net out of chicken wire about 2 ft in dia to dip the shad for catfishing. One of the other fish caught was the yellow bass. Friend and I went at sunrise one Sat. morning to dip some shad , was a young couple that had fished there all night having caught a few hand size yellow bass, so as we caught the large 10-12 in yellow bass we gave them to the young couple to fill their stringer. Never ate them myself. Always thought the flesh was soft like trout. Probably not legal anymore.
  12. She was in uniform having just ended her shift, always be aware of your surroundings. Maybe she is just a loose cannon waiting to explode. Probably will never learn the truth because only one witness left to tell a story.
  13. Been trying to get my head wrapped around this since first read about it. How do you not know which apartment is yours? Smells a little fishy to me.
  14. owejia


    If the land to be cleared has marketable timber contact Tn Forestry Dept . They can steer you to reputable timber companies to harvest the timber. Most of the bigger timber companies have dozers to cut roads to get to the timber.
  15. owejia

    Propane pricing and other questions

    Good hunting. Sure the right one will show up. Surveyor was at adjoining property yesterday laying out a 1 acre tract with my decease neighbors house. Had a reverse mortgage on it . They were asking $42 thousand for 2 bdrm built on concrete slab, aluminum siding. Two car garage and a couple of other small outbuildings on 3.6 acre overgrown wooded lot with an old dry pond that was used as a illegal dump. Will be landlocked if they sell house off. Debating if need to buy wooded lot, would have to fill in or clean illegal dump. If buying acreage always check for illegal dumps etc.

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