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  1. owejia

    Gun Owning Cooks

    Any one make their own Canadian bacon? Do you have a good recipe or method you would like to share? Pork lions are pretty cheap now. Converting a gas grill to a smoker now for hot or cold smoking. Pruned my peach trees will try peach wood for my smoking wood.
  2. After looking closer at these bullets, could probably cast them in hard lead and set up in a indexer or rotrary table on a milling machine and using a small ball end mill produce a few of them pretty easily, powder coat after maching them, another project maybe. According to their web site the civilian defense loads are loaded to not penetrate Kelvar law enforcement vests. Can't tell from the pictures if they are solid copper or just copper plated. Wonder how those notches would work on lead wad cutters? No end to the experimenting that can be done on boolits.
  3. owejia

    Kimber Micro Pistol

    Yeah got mine back in Sept and have not shot it yet. Need to slug the barrel for sizing my cast boolits and load some up. Life sure gets in the way of having fun sometimes.
  4. owejia

    Heavy snubbie revolver

    Bought a Ruger sp101 2 1/4" barrel for my granddaughter's birthday gift last fall at Rural King. She picked it up and said this is the one I want, fit her hand just right. Been working on loads the last couple of weeks for it. She will use it to qualify for her handgun permit. Tried titewad, tightgroup and Win 231 using standard sp primers and 145 wc boolits [149grs after powder coating]. Started at 2.6 gr and worked down .2 grs all the way down to 1.2 grs with all three powder, with .005 crimp in last lube groove.. Best accuracy was with Win 231 at 1.4 grs and 1.6 grs, shooting at 30 ft off hand. Really no recoil and low noise. My conclusion, would be a really good home defense gun with low recoil and noise. That 145 wc lead bullet will pack a bad wallop and not shoot throught too many walls. If you have ever experienced gunfire in a small enclosure, you're in for a surprise from the fireball and noise, will disable you somewhat, if you are older. You can easily become disoriented, that is why I don't believe you need a heavy mag caliber or a shotgun to use in home defense. Am now testing these loads in 38 spl for use in my chiefs special bedside pistol. For all you naysayer that don't believe the .357/.358 bullet will do the job to stop a bad guy, bullet placement is supreme. Have put down 1200 lb downer cows with 22 cal hand guns, bullet placement is supreme. Your Mother needs to practice with what ever you decide on and become confident in her ability to shoot the firearm and hit what she aims at. This is my experience doing the testing, but every one is different and you experience may be different from mine. One last thing about shotguns, long barrels are easier to deflect or grab, especially if you have to turn a corner or go through a doorway, than short barrel revolvers that you can hold down beside you and shoot with just pointing and shooting. My opinion is the 38 spl, 357 mag or the 32 Fed mag all make excellent home defense firearms, if you are confident in using them. In my opinion they also make an excellent carry gun, loaded with soft recoil wc bullets, easy to get back on target and will make a bad guys day miserable, but only if you can hit your target. The most important component of self defense is having the ability to actually aim and pull the trigger without hesitation.
  5. Acts like a drill bit in soft material will tend to grab and rip big holes. In wet material will create a swirling action, can see why it functions as it does. Would be a wound channel that would be hard to repair.
  6. owejia

    It's that time again!!!!

    My bad, thought this was about the carpenter bee season!
  7. All I ever ask to see is the cash. Make sure you wipe your finger prints off also.
  8. owejia

    Spare Reloads

    None, never have carried spare reloads. Only what is in the magazine or cylinder.
  9. owejia

    31 caliber revolver "Update"

    Do you know what size rb it shoots?
  10. owejia


    Wouldn't call it collecting them, but seem to have accumulated an awful lot of boolit moulds chasing that magic boolit. Still have several on my list. Have several Boker pocket knives also.
  11. owejia

    Revolver suggestions

    Ruger , Smith & Wesson, Dan Wesson, so many to choose from. Your wife needs to find one that "fits" her hand and her eye, as the others have suggested let her do the choosing, would be my advise. The 327 Fed crtge is one you might look at also.
  12. Love those old 1911A1, with the brown holster makes it even better. This is what I call a real pistol, don't care for the "plastic" gun of today. Ignorance of youth before GCA of 68 these things were everywhere, could order them from all the outdoor magazines and have them delivered to your door. Wish I would have collected a truck load of them back then. Hind sight is always better than foresight.
  13. owejia

    Air Rifles

    Those Hatsan air rifles have some nice Turkish walnut stocks. Have some pesky squirrels that have tried to eat their way into my 8'x 12' shooting shack, thinking about getting an air rifle to use on them. Would bait them and then eliminate as needed. There are a boat load of brands and models to choose from. Still researching them. Some of the larger calibers are pretty awesome with the ft lbs of energy from the big pellets. Would prefer one with a magazine with several shots instead of a single shot, maybe an underleaver model. Can even buy moulds to cast your own pellets now.
  14. owejia

    Air Rifles

    Any one into air rifles on TGO? Been watching youtube and a lot of videos of shooting vermin and pest control with air rifles.
  15. owejia

    Vintage Gun Photos

    The bottom edge of left pants leg look like they were trimmed with pinking shears.

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