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  1. Sooo.....I was looking for a dog

    During the early 80's had a dingo-blue heeler cross as a cattle dog, instead of going for the heels always went for the nose, doesn't work well trying to herd cattle. During the early 60's HC Spinks clay co had large land holdings here in Henry and Weakley county where they ran cattle on and they kept leopard dogs to handle anything their cowboys on horses couldn't, especially mean bulls, one would go for the nose and one for the back heel . The leopard dog was also used to hunt hogs with down south back then.
  2. People simply don't know gun laws

    Maybe because we have too many of them
  3. Ammo brass?

    The 22 rimfire brass can be used to swage .223 bullets. The 40 cal. brass is also used to swage 45 acp bullets.
  4. Do pistol shotshells damage barrels?

    Red333 have you tried 410 shotgun wads in the 45 Colt shotshell loads? Should help the pattern some.
  5. Las Vegas Shooting

    One of the victims was from Paris, Tn. He as a nurse , working in Jackson. His wife is a orthopedic surgeon. I know her father, good people, wrong place, wrong time, never know when bad things will happen, pray for their families.
  6. The Vietnam War

    Don't blame the messenger blame the guy that wrote the message. Still a lot of bad feelings, but have mostly let them go. Lessons learned never trust politicans or buracrats, never get involved in some other country's civil war. Feel blessed to be alive. I once was a believer in American system, but when you have morally weak humans involved crap happens. As for how the series was presented, thought it was well made and well presented. No bad feelings toward the Vietamese, they were victims and only doing their job. Hanoi jane and horse face Kerry I will never forgive.
  7. Black Walnuts

    Some of the old timers used a corn sheller to take the husk off. After they are dry and ready to crack sprinkle water on the dry nuts and let them sit a while before cracking with a walnut cracker and the hulls will be flexible and not shatter to bad, sometimes you can get the meat out in halves. Love black walnut ice cream and my wife makes a 4 layer black walnut cake that will tantalize your taste buds.
  8. Bob Corker

    Just saw on Fox breaking news the Corker will not run for re-election. Finally some good news.
  9. For the love of God, what's your chigger remedy???

    One more thing to remember when exposed to chiggers. If you don't take precautions to kill the chiggers that get in the seat covers of your vehicle after riding in it after being exposed to chiggers they will eat you alive the next day. Learned this from first hand experience, not pleasant to deal with.
  10. The Vietnam War

    The second episode just reaffirms what was presented in the first episode. I was young and dumb and believed what the news media and politicans were telling us about our involvement in Viet Nam. If had of known all the facts would probably had a different view of the war. My dad thought JFK was great, but doubt he would have thought so if had known the truth. The old saying" THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE" is spot on. Kennedy left them Bay of Pigs guys high and dry, [ stranded] when it was time to assist them during the invasion. The 101 st AB had troops loaded on planes and sitting on the tarmac ready to go but Kennedy would not give the order. I guess that is why history is never revealed until the key players are dead and gone. If Kennedy had intervened during the Bay of Pigs blunder, there would never have been a Cuban missle crises.
  11. The Vietnam War

    First episode had a lot of the background on why we were involved in the conflict to begin with, after WWII. I read the book, The Ten Thousand Day War, a few years ago and what Ken Burns documentary presented was also in that book. Haven't had any bad dreams in a long time. Looks like a well presented documentary. I've never had but one person to specifically thank me for my service there, other than the people at the VA. After I came home and saw the crappy way we were treated, kinda lost my trust in the politicans and the government. Will be watching the rest of the episodes.
  12. Picked up one of my grails

    Traded for a Winchester all matching numbers mfg. 1944, just did not appeal to me, sold it for 8 $100 dollar bills about 15 years ago. Never cared for the 30-06 cartridge myself. Traded a pristine Remington shotgun for it. Only had $300 in the shotgun.
  13. Eclipse talk at a fever pitch!

    Listening to car radio yesterday Paducah station , a ball field was advertising come see eclipse at ball field for $15 a head. CAPATLISM AT ITS BEST.
  14. New silencer/suppressor rules passed for TN?

    Red333 ,you might need a flame thrower permit when you fired that thing off.
  15. Raw pure lead??

    Omega sending you a pm about lead.

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