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  1. If they are valued employees, have you considered helping them get their permit/licenses? Would not this be a benefit to both parties and your business?
  2. Cottage Grove not College Grove, Pop Pop. A lot of people get them confused. Sounds like progress is being made on your shooting range. Know what you mean about operating dirt moving equipment, with all the new electronic gadgets the dozer will automatically control the blade and grade using a laser. Would like to see some of these young operators try and blue top using a cable control blade
  3. Don't they compete for the same food source? I have a skunk that we've seen a couple of times this year that is almost white, would be a pretty skin to tan. Would be good to go on the commode lid as a cover. Armadillos root up your yard looking for grubs and other food. Before armadillos,,coyotes and ground hogs were common around here, when we found a den we would pour a coca cola bottle full of gasoline in the vent hole and wait a couple of minutes for the fumes to move through the den then drop match in the hole and wait for the fumes to ignite and blow out the entrances, and shoot any thing that came out.
  4. Was watching a trapping video on youtube the other day and the trapper catches a few skunks in foot hold and dog proof coon traps. He said a heart/lung shot is the way he dispatches them using a 22 pistol. Said he prefers this over a head shot because in his experience they spray less. So you experience may vary from skunk to skunk. He also extracts the essence to use as trap lure.
  5. Those loins can be made into Canadian bacon pretty easy also. You can use dry cure or brining.
  6. Good job pop pop. Finished mine a while back with a 25 yd, 75 yd and 200 yd berm. Have shot a couple of times, but it is still too hot to really enjoy using it. Hard to see when sweat is running into my eyes. Mine is about 300 yds from my house drive right up next to it in the jeep.. Have a 50 ft bullet trap set up out of the end of my basement for testing hand gun loads. Waiting for cooler weather to set and check zero on several long guns. Can bush hog mine when it needs mowing. Know you and your family will enjoy the ease of stepping out the back door and shooting. Have fun!!!!
  7. A couple of pictures would be helpful in diagnosing the problem.
  8. This one did not roll up in a ball. I was hitting it pretty fast so didn't have time to do much.
  9. Hopefully your grand daughter got the guys name. Would be at city hall filing a harassment complaint against him. Wal-mart parking lot is private property and you have the right to sit in your car with the motor running. Under Tn law your car is an extension of your home, hence the reason you can carry a loaded firearm in it.
  10. A few weeks ago while doing some dirt work at my shooting range had the opportunity to dispatch a young one. Had got out of the tractor cab to load some tree Iimbs in my loader bucket, caught a movement out of the corner of my eye and walked over to investigate and it was a half grown armadillo hiding in a shallow hole, no gun with me so found a short tree limb and proceeded to beat the sucker to death. They jump straight up in the air when you hit them. About four or five whacks with the big stick and he quit kicking.
  11. I shot five last summer that were too close to my house. 22 rifle and 22 pistol does the trick for me. They all released a small amount of spray after being shot.
  12. Wish you guys were closer to me, have one here that needs killing. Had some weaned 575 + lb calves next to the house and wife saw it stalking one of them. Thursday morning had been out weed eating and came inside to get a drink and cool down, was sitting looking at radar screen on computer when out of the corner of my eyes saw what looked like two brown dogs running and playing. After looking directly saw it was a yote trying to take down a fawn in my orchard about 50 ft from where I was sitting. Jumped up and grabbed my Ruger 10/22 and ran out the back door. Deer and yote were hidden in the tall hay, but there were two other bigger does also chasing the coyote. When one of the does went after the coyote, it proceeded to run across the hay field about 100 ft from where I was standing with a doe in hot pursuit. Trying to get the scoped rifle on the coyote was not easy but did get off a shot by this time the doe had quit the chase and I took one more shot. Coyote ran about 300 yds out of the hay field into the shorter pasture grass and I took another shot, must have hit close to it because took off in high gear and put a tree between it and me. This one is dangerous because cows are calving now and really needs to be killed. Am going to zero my 223 Savage Axsis in today where I can reach out and touch it at 300 yrds , maybe. Cows just ignore the coyotes as they pass by the herd. Guess need to recheck my zero for the Ruger 10/22 also. Always drama going on at the farm. In the fall of the year, have observed coyotes sunning them selves on top of hay rolls. They blend in really good with the hay.
  13. Sounds like Nashville needs a new mayor and DA. Nashville is turning into a liberal cess pool,
  14. Are those heat shields and bayonet lugs on those pump shotguns?

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