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  1. Just read an article that Scott & Webley had done a reboot in India. Article date 2-25-20 on Guns.com site. A new line of top breaks in 32 cal, even a 1911. Any interest in these old top breaks here? I have an Enfield 38 S & W. Have a mould to cast the 200 gr bullet for it but haven't gotten around to loading for it yet. Always liked the ugly rugged look of them. Like the short barrel tanker model also.
  2. Welcome to West Tn. Have a sister in Milan.
  3. Still casting and powder coating boolits, bought more 9mm nickel brass Sat.{for my 9mm pit bull] and picked up a new powder [pistol power] Friday. Make my own no need to panic. Picked up 4500 22 lr at auction in Nov. at less than three cents ea. Got a couple of revolvers since the first of the year. Probably need to order some primers, and finish my bullet trap to recycle my lead. Dug through another storage box and found a few thousand more primers that had forgot about. Will check tomorrow at Hulmes Sporting Goods to see if their powder shipment came in.
  4. Wish some body would make one in the 327 mag in stainless!!!!
  5. Magtec makes a brass hull that is 2 1/2 in length I believe, they use a small rifle primer. Circle fly wad makes wads you can use for loading them. Have bored out the primer pockets to use shotgun primers for my 16 and 28 ga brass hulls, if you want something similar from that period. Love those old rabbit ear doubles. A lot of those old doubles were made for black powder loads. As a side note Ducks Unlimited at one time sold some commerative Remington headstamp brass 2 1/2 in shells, have a tin box of 12 gage that were made in Brazil for them and these were sold at WalMart. Mine were bought at online auction last year, but no information on what load is in them .
  6. No don't remember about the rifle KharMan, threw away my bidding order list with the prices wrote down when leaving the auction, from 9 am to a little after four pm when I left, long day. The Remington-Rand 1911 a1 brought $1540. Was interested in the Rossi 22 pump{$363}, S&W 640 {$495} but did not bid on them. Have one of the Rossi's in 17 HMR which was bought for a tractor gun for coyotes but less than a box of shells through it. The ss models are hard to find. Had a lot of lever 30-30 guns. Lots of old ammo in boxes sold high. The 410 double brls all sold high.
  7. Attended the auction at Martin today, only one black assault rifle, mostly older blued and wood long guns. Some were in mint condition and sold pretty good. A few bargains and some real doozies. Some one on the internet paid over $800.00 dollars for a Mossburg short barrel home defender 12 ga pump.. The auctioneer ask him three times if he was sure he wanted to start the bidding that high for this particular gun and he said yes three times. Only bid and won some CCI 22 hp shorts. No Tupperware guns, only blued and ss. Sold some Red Ryder mint in the box bb guns for over a $100 on the internet, Auctions are always interesting.
  8. Just need to live your life, the only person you can control is the one looking back at you in the mirror. When your day to die arrives you will die. Or maybe just elect another democrat president and congress , they will take all those evil guns and everybody's safety will be assured, living in that utopia they claim will happen when the government controls every thing. No worries!!!!! Remember those four little words that stand between you and complete gov. control " Shall not be Infringed", not in any other part of the Constitution, only the Second Amendment.
  9. Was digging through some of my moulds last night and guess what, I do have a MP 359-640 2 cav Cramer style hollow point mould with all the pins. Cast 170 gr solid and a 158 gr hollow point. Remember buying some moulds on Cast Boolits last year but thought they were 45's. Will be casting some of the hollow points in the next week or so. Will be doing some experimenting with my alloy for expansion. Pb 98.29%,Sb 1.29%, will probably add 1% tin and go from there, or maybe use pure lead and just add some tin. Can shoot them in my Rossi 92 .357 mag. Never an end to this madness of making your own ammo.
  10. Right up the road from Martin. Going to a gun auction there Sat. { check out Marvin's auction at Alexander Auction and Real Estate, Martin.TN.} When are you making the move? Welcome and keep us informed when you get here.
  11. If you can get your hands on some hollow base wad cutters and powder coat them with a good polymer you do not need a gas check to prevent leading in the barrel. But you can only get so much velocity out of a revolver. Those Hornady 158 gr swchp could be driven faster if powder coated. I have no hollow point 38/357 moulds , only 44 and 45's, or would send you some to try. Anybody local that casts 38/357 hollow points that you know of, maybe they could help with experiment with different casting alloys. Where do you buy the Hornady 158 gr swchp boolits? Do you know the alloy used in the Hornady boolits?
  12. Could try loading the 158 gr lead hollow base backwards and see how they perform.
  13. All this talk about responsible gun owners means what exactly? No where in the United States Constitution or in any of the Amendments is anything about responsible gun owners. The Second Amendment tells us who can own a firearm and nothing about responsible ownership, and this ownership or possession shall not be infringed by government. This political crap is totally out of control and will probably result in a civil war 2 at some point in time. The public ,"government" education system has been broken for years and the reason no one is held responsible anymore. You are taught from pre-school forward that it is always some one else's fault. Don't believe this just happened by chance, took a lot of planning to get to this point. The lunatics are in charge of the asylum, God help us all.
  14. Alexander Auctions out of Martin, Tn is having a live and online gun auction on the 5 th March. Check them out. Two living estate gun auction with over 170 firearms . Already have several on my watch list.

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