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  1. Things are changing around here also, hear more and more folks talking with a northern accent. Like to hear that slow southern drawl myself. Was talking to a waiter in one of the local restruants from NYC a while back and he said the first thing he done after moving here was purchase an AR-15.
  2. Had an accidental shooting back a couple of months ago, guy was placing his Henry 22 rifle in a corner with it on half cock,the discharged hit him in the neck, he survived the shot, Weakly County Sheriffs Investigation sent said rifle back to Henry mfg, they concluded that it was accidentally discharged because of safety issue.
  3. Back in my high school days had a 7 ft bamboo fly rod and learned how to cast by practicing in our front yard, learned how to cast and roll the line with no hook on the leader. Still have several fly rods but don't fish anymore. Always enjoyed catching shell crackers and big ole blue gill on those rubber legged popping bugs.
  4. owejia


    There are about a dozen listed on Gun Brokers now. Have one myself in 32 that just rests in my gun safe.
  5. People shoot 147 gr bullets in 9mm so yeah the 357 dia 125 gr bullets should interchange between 38 spl,357 mag,9mm,38 auto,,some of the lighter bullets, 95 gr can also be used in all of the above plus the 380 acp . Now I am referring to cast powder coated lead boolits that I use, not some solid brass bullets. As always start on the low end and work your way up with powder charges.
  6. Good luck with trying to win that argument, only way is to let your girl friend shoot from the hip and see what happens!!!
  7. Would think any competent gun smith should be able to do the job for you.
  8. Did not answer my question. How can you spread the virus if you don't have it?
  9. If you don't have the virus, how does your spittle cause someone else to catch it?
  10. Lets get serious, if covid 19 was really as deadly as proclaimed, do you think wearing a paper, cloth or make shift mask would be sufficient to stop it?
  11. Dealt with a smaller segment of the public, Owned my own business and my customers were hard working productive people that were very happy when my work got them back up and operating again. Only complaint I had about my customers was, should fix their problem "project" first even though others were ahead of them.
  12. Nothing new about this type of behavior. Remember an incident in a Fish and Chip shop in Newport News, Va when lived there back in the early 70's. That is why I could never work in retail sales, someone would get their jaws smacked.
  13. Take them bad boys and put a little lemon pepper and salt on them, the flavors will soak in while the charcoal is coming up to the white hot stage. Lay steak on right end of grill stick two pronged fork in left side and slowly drag across grill, flip over at end of dragging on left side insert prong on right side and slowly drag across grill remove let rest for 5 minutes and enjoy. Will be rare as steak is intended to be eaten. Have a good 4th
  14. owejia

    Good News

    Went over Sunday and helped them unload moving trailer and returned " Willie" granddaughters dog.. Different world from when was stationed there in 67-68. Too many people crammed in too small a place for me to be comfortable. Last time was on Ft. Campbell late 80's was looking at some equipment in one of their spot auctions . Just drove in the back gate off hwy 79. A lot of housing construction going on around and in Clarksville.
  15. Good luck with trying to enforce that!!!!!!!

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