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  1. Great deals on GunBrokers!!!!! A listing for the top break used in Indiana Jones movie. Opening bid 5 million, yes you read that right $5 million. They all seem to be selling in the pandemic price panic mode. Had mine for a few years and finally have loaded and shot it some. Maybe could convince some one mine was the back up top break used in the movie. Would let mine go for $1.5 million!!!!!!
  2. Made the neck expander and loaded up a cylinder full of 160 gr lrn pc with 2 gr bullseye. With the spurless hammer hard for old crippled trigger finger to shoot probably 15 + pounds of pull. At 30 ft put all six on a 2' x2' square. Loaded a cylinder full using the 200 gr lrn pc with 1.4 gr bullseye. Put four in a 4" circle at 30 '. Happy with my results. Maybe the Brits were smarter than than we gave them credit for, using these for so long. Happy camper with this revolver. May have to find me a Webley 455.
  3. Any one have one in Webley 455 or in the 38-200 cal? Neighbor has his grandfathers Webley 455 Mark VI with the shaved cylinder. Wants to shoot it so brings it over to work up some loads. Slugged the barrel at .452, smaller than expected so the 45 acp should shoot in it. I have an Enfield 38-200 spurless hammer version so slugged the barrel .3635. My stock expander die is for the .361 dia S&W crtge. So off to the barn to make a bushing for my Lee powder thru expander die for this project. The Webley 455 was proofed at 6 tons so have to down load from the 45 Acp GI hardball loads which are about 19000 pressure. Settled on 3.2 grs bullseye, 230 gr lrn pc boolits for the Webley. Have some 200 gr. lrn pc for the Enfield. With that long boolit not much room for powder in the short 38 s&w crtge. With the 200 gr boolit the Enfield should shoot to poa at 25 yds. Have always loved the looks of the British top breaks. Would love to have one of the Webley's in 455 with original cylinder. Originals shot a 265 gr lead boolit. Love these older gun with a lot of history . They also made a bayonet to fit the Webley 455 for trench warfare, Up close and personal!!!! If you had to use a pistol with a bayonet in trench warfare would be having a very bad day.
  4. The British top breaks in 38 S&W cartridge uses a 200 grain lead bullet. The 38 s&w cartridge is shorter than the 38 spl crtge. Start low and work the loads up. Should be good to go.
  5. That looks like 50 BMG territory. One mountain top to another, of course you will need a good spotting scope at that distance.
  6. The older Dodge Rams with the Cummins were exceptional trucks {2001 model]. Now with all the electronics not so much. Too many electronic glitches to cause problems. Old diesels all you needed was good compression, clean fuel and clean air. Now every thing is controlled by emission electronics and they are money pits.
  7. There were actual drawings and plans to make these. Made the turbines for a man from Bradford, Tn. Run on a 20# propane tank. The turbines were fastened on the ends of the rotor blades and as the propane flame passed through the turbine it created the rotation. The turbines were stainless steel and had to be tig welded, neat idea but never knew if he ever completed the project.
  8. Unless POTUS has other health issues, why would anyone doubt that he would not recover from covid-19? This whole pandemic thing is the biggest crock ever threw at the American people and the sad part about it, most fell for the lie. TB infects 15 million a year and 1.5 million die from it, every year now that is my definition of a pandemic. MSM has been pushing this from every talking head in MSM, or you have read it on the internet so we all know it has to be true, just like the Trump Russian collusion. People wake up, you have been had.
  9. Hate electronic stuff, always some little glich to screw things up. My choice is mechanical locks.
  10. One good trait of nickel brass is, it will not tarnish like brass does. For really long term storage of loaded ammo in not ideal conditions. The 223 nickel also makes some nice looking 9mm and 380 shotshell cartridges. Shiny nickel is easier to see in the grass and weeds after firing for old eyes.
  11. Thanks for the quick reply. Has been several years since went dove hunting. Sowed some brown top millet and planted some sunflowers so my neighbor could shoot doves and then he up and died from a heart attack. Maybe I'll shoot a few myself this year.
  12. Are landowners required to purchase the Migratory Bird Stamp if dove hunting their own property?
  13. Things are changing around here also, hear more and more folks talking with a northern accent. Like to hear that slow southern drawl myself. Was talking to a waiter in one of the local restruants from NYC a while back and he said the first thing he done after moving here was purchase an AR-15.
  14. Had an accidental shooting back a couple of months ago, guy was placing his Henry 22 rifle in a corner with it on half cock,the discharged hit him in the neck, he survived the shot, Weakly County Sheriffs Investigation sent said rifle back to Henry mfg, they concluded that it was accidentally discharged because of safety issue.


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