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  1. owejia

    .38 super???

    Have my brother-in-laws Dad's Colt in 38 super in my gun safe awaiting me to work up some loads for it. Have 500 pcs of Starline brass, need to get her done. Nice nickel Colt, will be passed on to me when brother-in-law passes, no body on his side of family wanted it. Sad for them.
  2. The work of casting, powder coating and loading my own personalized loads is a lot cheaper and more enjoyable than spending my money on factory loads which may or may not perform to my satisfaction. When the radical lefties get control of congress and put a "red flag" sin tax { remember cigarettes} on factory ammo shooting will get really expensive. Besides I just consider it a vital part of knowing how to survive, which will not be easy if shtf .
  3. owejia

    Ruger 57 pistol

    Would be interested in all ss model, no personal interest in a Tupperware model.
  4. Believe you can adjust the opening by bending the lip, or return the mag for a properly adjusted mag.
  5. My suggestion to anyone interested in casting their lead boolits is go to Castboolit forum and read some of the stickies first, and if possible try to find someone willing to mentor you, will cut the learning curve a lot. The other suggestion is to read the stickies on the types of lube for the cast boolits. I prefer powder coating myself, but many options are available. The simplest is the Lee tumble lube method. Some times I have cast as many as 1000 + in a session for stockpiling for when can no longer physically cast. With powder coating these will last for a lifetime. Brass is cheap now and is a good time to stockpile it for future use. Casting and reloading may become the next (red flag) in our quest to keep and bear arms fight against the enemies of the 2nd amendment. When you can no longer buy ammo at the local source, and interstate shipping and rationing ( as in California, just a matter of time until that spreads across the whole USA) is in place you will be sol unless you can roll your own.
  6. Friend stopped by yesterday , had attended an auction in Dresden on Sat. and won a Springfield Garand for $8oo, with some original ammo, said his son got a Mosin Nagant scoped sniper rifle, also got some ammo in original spam cans. Around here the old guys are the only ones interested in these old rifles anymore, all the young guy like the plastic black guns.
  7. This is all they have!!!!! Still waiting for the ground to start trembling from the earth shaking announcement.
  8. I heard from an unreliable source Glock will start mfging. real pistols out of metal!!!!!!!
  9. Just read where a case from New York will be taken up by SCOTUS. Maybe they will shine a little light on their repressive laws regarding firearms.
  10. This thread is a little depressing. Getting on in age is depressing enough without having to think about downsizing our toy collection. Down market right now, may pick up some when the real campaigning begins. Tupperware guns have flooded the market, reminds me of the old "Saturday Night Special" phase in the gun market. Cheap and everywhere!!!
  11. Peejman spice that smoked bologna up by coring a hole down the center of the bologna and inserting a stick of Italian or your choice of smoked sausage in it before smoking. I used a pineapple corer with the slicer removed to make the hole . If you like baked potatoes use an apple corer to do the same thing, insert your favorite ingredients, plug the ends with the end of the removed core and bake, great potato bombs. Just pulled Canadian bacon and turkey breast off of my smoker about and hour ago. Yeah that smokey smell is lingering in the air as I type this.
  12. Have something similar by Arbortech made for wood carving. Arbortech model the teeth are made into the disc part, not a chain.
  13. Should up production on sizing powder coated boolits. Built a base to turn one of my presses upside down to increase production sizing powder coated boolits. Push through from the flat base. Good job Lee Precision.
  14. Have accidently dispatched a lot of copper heads over the years, some were really big around but never that long. A hay mower will take their heads off, when they raise up to see what is going on , and mostly leave their bodies intact. This time of the year around here they really blend into the falling leaves.
  15. owejia


    Every thing back in the barn, tree cut into firewood and hauled, brush cleaned up, gates and fence fixed, still have 15' burned out stump to deal with later, waiting for cooler weather to finish that project. Time for a rest.
  16. They hunt hogs with pellet rifles. Good shot placement will get the job done with the pellet rifle. Eye or ear hole shot will solve the problem.
  17. Too far away to help, but reloading is not complicated. The Richard Lee 2nd edition hand loading book is a good place to start . Also has a lot of load data. Need to be detailed oriented and practice common sense. Should be some one close to help you out, good luck with your new endeavor. Reading is your friendly way to get the basic knowledge on how to reload.
  18. My personal choice in my Chiefs Special is two .360 dia round balls over a fast burning powder. Ten holes in five shots.
  19. owejia


    Rough night, about 7 pm lighting struck a large dying oak tree about 20' from my large hay barn. Luckily only had 10 roll of hay in it. Old oak tree was hollow and the fire was spectacular as the fire blazed out of a few holes about 20 ft up. Pouring rain had to get one of my tractors with 15' bat wing mower out along with a 30" cotton wagon with my square bale accumulator and grapple on it. Got the tractor and cotton wagon and fuel tank out along with the 10 rolls of hay. Watched that sucker burn, after calling power company that it could possibly hit the power lines. Not much way to put out a fire in a large hollow tree. Sucking air from holes in the bottom was like a run away chimney fire. Fell about 11 pm and only grazed the power lines causing the lights to blink. Went down to check damage about 5 am, tree fell and crushed two 10 ft gates and knocked down the top fence wire. Luckily the cows cannot get through the big tree limb to get in the road. Hollow stump about 15 ft tall still burning. No damage to the barn, a couple hundred dollars for new gates and a lot of fire wood. Too much drama for a old guy. This old tree was a good 4+ ft in dia. Life is interesting and some times too exciting.
  20. Coyotes are hard to catch in a trap, hence the reason they are called wiley coyotes. Some of the larger cal air rifles will dispatch them, but are not cheap.
  21. We call it brulliousis in cattle. All breeding age female cattle are slaughtered if infected, or that is the way it was done back 20 years ago. They would hot brand a B on their jaw to mark them for slaughter. Nothing new about it, been around as long as animals.
  22. Maybe he had a brain fart and got lost or maybe he wanted to get lost.
  23. You can write the deed yourself, just copy the deed you were given and change dates, names etc. You have to state on the deed who prepared it also, or you can pay a lawyer a couple hundred bucks to do for you.
  24. Produce sounds good. Never had potatoes added to okra, tell us your recipe Corn bread and purple hull peas, good eats..

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