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  1. You can't beat their price, because they price match.  I found NTB selling my truck tires buy 3 get 1 free.  They don't do that so they discounted each of the four tires to make up the difference.
  2. Monkeylizard enjoying the SIG brace(s). [ Censored ] I was more impressed by CZ-USA.
  3. Download the smartphone app. It has map layouts, booth locations and workshop times. You can setup your own agenda.
  4. Buds is trying to frame this as a bunch of people that didn't get their door buster when the truth is Buds showed their disdain for their customer base in the aftermath. Twenty-four hours before the post above they started deleting any post or comment from their FB page be it negative or neutral. I am not suggesting it was not their right to do so, but in doing so they were effectively saying your questions, feedback and suggestions don't matter. Their initial response was a lesson in what not to do in public relations. Clearly their FB page is a fan page and not a business portal. I don't feel my post like so many others that were deleted was inappropriate.
  5. Taurus copied Berretta. Ruger copied Taurus. Did Springfield Armory just copy Highpoint?
  6. D3vo

    Shop Kroger

    "Moms" are using staged photos as propaganda. Most real moms that follow the MDA believe the photos are, let's call it what it is, "men caught in the act". To see someone OC is uncommon. To see an AK is just plain propaganda. I selected some comments to remind us who these people are. Most ignorant and some angry.
  7. Here is some good news. Lisinopril is a free medication at Publix.
  8. I plan for my worst case being a random lunatic with more firepower than the average perp. The G19 is my choice.
  9. [quote name="jacob" post="1182838" timestamp="1408906211"]Do you think your last point of ISIS being in and possibly striking within the US will not result in a WROL scenario in the affected area (s)?As far as EDC..I chose a glock 19 as I shoot it well and it offers good concealment for my body type without sacrificing capacity...I carry 1 spare mag in my pocket and 3 spare mags in my bag I keep daily in my car going to and from work...[/quote] I don't think an ISIS terrorist attack will result in limited WROL. I am no terrorism expert, but I see an IED attack which you can't defend against or an armed assault on specific location(s).
  10. Let's clarify since we have handgun carry permits what are you prepping for? This is not meant to be a without rule of law thread.
  11. This is not a why do you carry question. Save the "because a policeman is to heavy comments." For me my sidearm is a direct reflection of my worst case scenario planning. Many years ago I thought worst case was one perp. I realized later trouble usually comes in twos. My choice was a S&W j-frame or Kahr CM9 In more recent times and headlines come the spree killers like Holmes in Aurora. My choice was the Glock 26 or Glock 19. Now with major US intervention pending in Iraq is the worst case scenario ISIS in the US? They claim to be here and with our boarders I take them at their word. Within the confines of HCP carry do you carry for your worst case or most likely scenario? What is your scenario? Why did you choose your sidearm for that scenario?
  12. [quote name="10-Ring" post="1181987" timestamp="1408657254"]I can't imagine a scenario at a place like the Wilson County fair where you could safely use a firearm to defend yourself. That said, years ago I used to compete in the trap and skeet competitions held there every year.[/quote] Walking through the grassy field to and from your vehicle at night is that time. A smart criminal would get you on the way in while you still had money.
  13. Decide for yourself. http://www.lebanondemocrat.com/article/crime/453331
  14. I saw no signs posted near the animal exhibit entrance. Legally binding or not. Carry on!
  15. I too would like to see the sight picture. In other news have you seen my Glock? These are not Trijicon HDs.
  16. Thx for the suggestion. When I can I may just break the gun down and take the slide.
  17. [quote name="Omega" post="1180355" timestamp="1408229879"]Covering your lense is no better than closing an eye. Practice reflex shots with both eyes open, first with snap caps then live. Practicing your worst case scenarios is best, including off hand shooting from different positions. [/quote] My point is the exercise has lengthened my ability to focus both eyes open without the left eye butting in.
  18. Update; I have already seen improvement after covering my left shooting glasses lens.
  19. How did I determine dominance? I used to several methods. The first was focus on a object with both eyes open. Place my finger in front of the object similar to a front sight post. Close my right eye and my finger is no longer in light with the object. Switch eyes to right open and the object moves back into alignment. I also focused on an object across the room. Put my hands up in the triangle. I brought the triangle back to my face while keeping the object in the center. When I got close enough to my face I closed my right eye and found my felt was complete obscured by my hand. Opened the right eye and the object was visible. I will add that I tried to aim left eye dominant and just as my left kicked in for my right eye, my right kicked in on my left.
  20. I have tried very hard to master this, but I have a roadblock. I am right handed, right eye dominate and corrected vision with glasses. I raise the pistol and focus on the front sight post. The post is not super clear. The problem is my left eye kicks in as if I just closed my right eye. Thoughts?
  21. Joy church is growing. While I don't attend there I have many friends that do.
  22. I wanted to know how much my conceal carry guns weigh loaded. Isn't the loaded weight what counts? If you want to tell us about your weapon here are some guidelines. Name your weapon and tell us how many rounds are included in the weight. Please be safe if you choose to participate. If you weigh the weapon unloaded please include the magazine. I'll start Glock 19 loaded 15 + 1 (147 grain HST) is 33oz. Glock 26 loaded 10 + 1 (147 grain HST) is 29oz. S&W 642 Airweight with 5 rounds is 19oz. Ruger LCR with 5 rounds is 17oz.

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