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  1. Sold.  I hope your son enjoys it.
  2. Hey folks, I am offering up for sale my Protech TGO knife (#43 of 60). It is a great little knife. It is very sharp, and fires hard. I am offering it for sale because it is something that I will never carry as I am not a big fan of automatics. I figured there were some of you who would have liked to have had one, but missed the opportunity. This is a carry knife and it is meant to be used, which is something I am not going to do. Therefore, it deserves a better home. The knife is in like new condition and has never carried, used, or sharpened. It has been fired a few times. It is still in the original box. The price is what I paid for it, $175 Paypal gift or M.O. That price is non-negotiable. I will ship it to a TN resident for free. That is what Willis did when he shipped the knives, so I will do the same. Unless you have been without a computer for a while, everyone should know what it looks like. If not, this is it Thanks for looking.
  3. I like the Bowie shape.  Are you hand hammering those into shape?
  4.   I am turning 40, not 30.  :)
  5. Next Friday I will no longer be in my 30s.  :(   It isn't too bad though.  I have been blessed with very good health for which I am very thankful.  Most weeks I go to the gym everyday M-F and at times run 3 miles in the evening.  I do martial arts three times a week.  I try to keep myself in decent physical shape.  I need to work on my spiritual health a lot more.  I pray my good health continues and my 40s are better than my 30s.
  6. I guess if I do this too much I will go blind. :) A pic of me playing with my knife while perusing TGO.
  7.   No worries.  The world is full of arrogant condescending asses, and that will never change.  I will admit though that I was taken aback when crushing a tin can and sharpening the edge was brought up almost as a comparison to the knife I was showing.  That is literally like questioning someone as to why they are driving a Lamborghini when using their two feet will get them to the same place.  Anyway, he is gone now.   As I was saying in an earlier post, I have a lot of respect for those with primitive knife making skills.  I do not have that ability, and I believe it is valuable knowledge, especially if the SHTF.  However, that wasn't what this thread was about.  This thread, outside of me showing off :lol: (which I don't mean to be ostentatious), was about showing what someone can do with the right skill and machinery.  One will not find a more meticulous knife maker, and this knife is representative of his work.
  8.   Thank goodness.  What a condescending jerk.   Congrats to the OP.  I hope this is a real blessing for you.
  9. Wooohooo.  Great job.  I have been tobacco-free since 3-1-14.  I have now been so long without it, I don't even think about it anymore.  You will win this battle as well.
  10. I just saw a post on Drudge saying that we just now started bombing ISIS.  I don't know if that is really gonna do it, but it is something.
  11. Due to all the military adventurism over the last decade, I have become pretty much a noninterventionist over the last couple of years.  I have also become so distrusting of our government and disgusted with our media that I don't even watch tv/cable news anymore (haven't done so for over a year).  By doing so, I have become a little slow in picking up the lastest occurences happening around the world.  For example, I only read yesterday about the Yazidi people in Iraq being trapped on a mountaintop.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHQCPF9Bz44   This is heartbreaking.  While I loathe to get involved, if we don't do something, especially considering we pretty much broke/destabilized this country, we deserve whatever fate lies in our future.  I don't want to hear Obama this or Obama that.  Yes, he shares a lot of responsibility on this issue.  However, Congress can force him to take action and help these people.
  12. I talked to the maker this morning and he informed that my knife is one of a kind. It has been the only one where he used sheep horn material. Not that it really matters, I thought it was pretty cool.
  13. Okay, I said I would post a comparison pic so you could get an idea on the size of this folder. From top to bottom: Chris Reeve Pacific Todd Fischer Archangel XL Hinderer XM-24 ZT-300 Protech TGO knife Chris Reeve/Wilson Combat large Starbenza
  14.   Surprisingly, it is very nice.  I knew this was gonna be a big knife, but I had no idea it was gonna be freakin' huge.  When I first saw it this morning, I smiled and laughed at the size of it.  I got a little worried at first that it would be too big for my hands, but it is just right.
  15.   I have a few knives that I will not use only because of their rarity, and I don't want them to lose value.  This knife will be a user.  I spent too much money not to use and enjoy it.  If I mess it up I can always send it in for a spa treatment, and it will be made to look new again.
  16.   Me too.  The blade shape is what attracted me to the knife in the first place.  It is just really appealing to my eye.
  17.     That is all fine and good, and I honestly respect your ability to make knives from scrap material (I can't do that).  However, stop thread crapping.  This thread is not for that discussion.
  18. Well...Nobody correctly guessed on what I got. That is okay as I am sure that only a few people on the forum have ever heard of this maker. Those in the custom knife community know him well, and he has been sought out for decades by top collectors. His knives are pretty much considered top shelf; you really can't get any better. He is Todd Fischer, and the knife I got is an Archangel XL. I became familiar with the Archangel a little over a year ago when a fellow coworker showed me his 3.25" Archangel. I was absolutely floored at the precision. I have never seen any folder that well machined. It was an incredibly overbuilt knife, but it was also a meticulous piece of art as well. It was a little on the small side for my taste at 3.25". However, when I found out he made an almost 5" XL version, I had to have one. I tried getting Mr. Fischer to make me one, but unfortunately his books are closed until 2017. I was sort of surprised by that at the time considering his table price is a lot higher than most (Marsh and Rexford are two that I can think are higher). Now, it doesn't surprise me at all. These knives are entirely made by Mr. Fischer, and he puts a lot of time in their manufacture. Here are the specs on my knife: Blade length: 4.75" Closed length: 6.5" Overall length: 11.25" (Holy cow) Blade steel: S90V :) Handle material: Sheep horn with orange peel titanium bolsters Weight: 12.7 oz Guys, I wish I had a better camera and knew how to take better pictures so you could really appreciate the quality of this knife. Anyway, enough of my rambling, here are some pics. I wish I had a few other knives with me to compare this too, but I am at work so these pics will have to do. This is the largest and most precise folder I have seen. Enjoy.
  19. It has arrived. :D  I will post pics when I get a sec.    All I can say at the moment is wow.

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