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  1. Nope, not Randall.    The knife coming is a folder.   (edit) - I would also add that his son makes knives too and they are in very high demand.
  2.   Nah. I canceled my Yuna order.  He makes really nice stuff, but there are so many makers out there that make more appealing stuff to me.   This probably won't be of help (maybe to a few it might be).  The maker is somewhat considered a legend in the custom knife community and he lives in Florida.
  3. Anyone want to read a good book on the subject, try Richard Preston's The Hot Zone.  I reread it about a year ago, and it was pretty darn scary the second time.
  4. I couldn't believe what I found last Friday.  I found my grail knife in almost the exact configuration I had talked to the maker about making for me.  I bought it today.  This will be the last knife, outside of Graham's next midtech, that I will buy for quite a while.  I should have it Wednesday, and I will post pics when I get it.  I am very excited.  Anyone want to take a guess on what it is?
  5.   Just sent it to mine.  She will get a kick out of it.
  6.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5W7vhlewxQ
  7. Oh, I find blade style very utilitarian.  From a tactical perspective, it is crazy sharp, so you can easily stab with it.  You can easily cut someone with a backhand swing without rotating the knife or your hand.
  8. As some of you are aware from Cap's thread http://www.tngunowners.com/forums/topic/80608-jon-graham-gmt-ss3-razel/ a lot of people are pimping their Jon Graham Razel midtechs. Well, today was the day I got mine pimped out. I am fortunate enough to have a friend who is friends with Jon, so I got to go up to Graham's shop and watch him pimp-out my Razel exactly how I wanted it. He is a really great guy with some amazing skills. He anodized the scales green, stonewashed them, and then came back with a bronze anodizing. He also bronzed the clip, standoffs, and screws. He then acid washed the blade, stonewashed it, and put a razor sharp edge on it. I have already cut the crap out of myself with it. Here are the results. I think it turned out pretty awesome. This is the first, but not the last Graham knife in my collection.
  9. I saw that on USN.  It looks really good.  I should be pimping my Razel in the next few days.  I will post some pics when I get it finished.
  10. I am currently watching Mexico vs. Cameroon.  It is almost over. Looks like Mexico is gonna win.
  11. Well, I just spent $2500 on a refrigerator yesterday, so I will not be attending Blade this year.  :)
  12.   Permethrin is highly toxic to cats.  I get my permethrin from work.  I typically make up a fairly strong emulsion @ around 5%, and I spray it all over my clothes, exposed skin, and hair whenever I work in the woods.    I do not own any cats, so I use the same emulsion to spray around my house to kill all the insects that wanna come in my house.
  13.   Nothing wrong with yoga.  I don't care about the meditation aspect, but it is fantastic for improving flexibility.    The only constant I have is weight training.  I will never stop doing that until I am physically unable to do so.  I also mix in some martial arts, mountain biking, golf, and now, running.  I would absolutely love to add in some rock climbing to that list.
  14. The time this evening for 3 miles was 25:56.  Almost a minute better than last night.  :)     The only sneaker my brother can wear is New Balance.  He has been wearing the same style USA New Balance since the 80s.  New Balance is a great shoe, but not for me.  I have very narrow feet and very high arches.
  15.   I hear you on the shoe.  I will only run in two shoes, Asics Nimbus or Mizuno Wave Runner. 
  16. A couple of weeks ago I decided to start running again.  Less than a mile from my house we have a nice park with a slightly hilly 0.6 mile (GPS confirmed) running track on the grounds.  My first three mile run was 28:20.  The next day I ran 27:17.  That last run was on 5-7-14.  I did my third run this evening, and I ran it in 26:52.   I will be 40 in less than 3 months.  Tonight was just my third run in over a year and I have already busted the 27 minute mark.  I am feeling pretty good about that.  I am hoping that I will be able to break the 25 minute mark after a couple more runs.  To be fair, I am not going from a couch potato to running three miles.  I do go to the gym everyday M-F, but I never do cardio, so I feel this is still a pretty good accomplishment. :)   Anyone else run or thinking about getting into running?
  17.   Deployment speed doesn't concern me either.  Several years back when I got my Combat Troodon DE dagger I thought it was really cool.  After a week or so it lost its lustre, and I haven't bought another automatic since then (minus the ProTech).    I am very hard on knives and do things with them that one probably shouldn't do.  I have done stuff with my XM-24 that would make a lot of people cringe.  That said, I want a knife that will withstand that kind of use and abuse.  The Combat Troodon doesn't fall in that category.  It has a very specific function, and that is stabbing (not cutting) soft tissue, which is probably gonna be the last thing I do with a knife.   I still have the knife, and I doubt I will get rid of it.  I carry it from time to time at work and show it off to people because it is cool.  However, when I get beyond the coolness of it, there is just so much more out there I would rather have and/or carry.
  18. I have a Combat Troodon. Honestly, it is pretty neat, but that is about it.For a knife that I am actually going to use, I would much rather have a manual folder. Flippers with good bearings are just as fast as autos IMHO.
  19. It is funny this thread was created as I was thinking about getting a safety razor the other day and giving it a try. I currently use a Mach III and each blade lasts me about a month. Anyone recommend a site to get everything you need to start as well as what to buy?
  20. I would think that if you are worried about showing scratches then you would want it blackwashed, something like the ZT-300BW. I find the finish absolutely wicked.
  21. Any surfactant containing product such soap, shampoo, or dishwashing detergent. Then use a brush and water.  As mentioned earlier, CLP is an oil, emulsify it and wash it away with water.

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