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  1. I got this new Hinderer Skinner grind several weeks ago at table price. The skinner profile is one of my favorite grinds, and this has been my edc ever since I got it.
  2. Instead of drug testing, how about we cut taxes, repeal onerous laws and regulations, eliminate various departments and/or agencies, enforce existing immigration laws etc...?  Basically, how about we just shrink the size of government and eliminate all the handouts?  If government wasn't involved, things would probably be cheap enough that non-freeloaders wouldn't need assistance in the first place.   We have some 40 plus million on food stamps alone.  It would get pretty expensive doing a monthly drug test on that number of people.  I don't want to pay for that, nor do I want to increase the size of government further, which is what implementing such a program would do.  Anyway, such a policy/law would never be passed at the federal level, but neither would my proposal.  Since I am debating two things that won't happen, I would rather have the one that eliminated all the handouts and shrank the government.
  3. I really like that blade profile.  Nice job.
  4.   Thank you sir.   The reason I asked the question in the first place is my instructors have always taught me that I better be "righteous" if I perform a killing blow intentionally or unintentionally on an individual because of the training I have received.  I pretty much agree with them 100%.  However, I get a little confused when I see or hear others talk about using a killing technique (throat punch) at the onset of any altercation as means of self defense.  I don't know who is "legally" correct.  I will still side with my instructor's advice because someone's death  is the last thing I would ever want on my conscience.
  5.   Not sure what that is for.  It is a sincere question.  I have been here long enough for people to know that I am not trolling.
  6. Does anyone know whether professional training increases the liability of that individual?  For example, an unarmed person attacks you.  While attempting to defend yourself, you accidentally kill this person with your hands or feet (no weapon was used).  No, I am not talking about having someone mounted and beating them to death.  I am referring to a strike that was to the wrong part of the body, e.g. a throat punch or something   Does the fact that you have had training (martial arts, mma, self defense, etc...) increase your likelihood of losing on a wrongful death lawsuit?  Thank you.
  7. I was lurking and saw the thread title so I logged on to see its contents.  I am glad I did...prayers already sent our way.  I pray that God will speak through you to your father.
  8. mav

    Who am I talking to?

      I am 40, and that is the first beard I have ever grown.
  9. I will be writing down your situation for my prayer list as well.
  10. I saw an earlier thread that asked which TGO member you would like to meet. Well...along those same lines, why not just post a pic of yourself to show who we are talking to? We have done these a few times, and the last one I remember was created by Joe several years back. I don't post as much as I used to, so please forgive me if one has been created since then. Anyway, this is a recent pic of me (a few hours ago). I look nothing like my earlier TGO pic nor avatar.
  11. I didn't really receive anything this year outside of a bunch of joy from giving to others. Although, my GF's kids did get me this nifty Captain America towelette. While a new AR-10 would have been great, this was close enough. :)
  12. mav

    Merry Christmas

    I hardly ever post anymore, but I wish everyone a Merry Christmas.
  13. Just to make sure there is no misunderstanding on my position, I would like to reiterate my point of contention with this incident.  As stated earlier, the fake Ranger is pathetic, and if it can be proven that he is gaining financially through his deception, he should be prosecuted and fined to the full extent of law.  My disagreement is in the way that the veteran chose to call out this guy.  I have never been in the military, but I fully understand and respect the veteran's argument, and I understand his emotional state of being.  However, that is where the problem lies.  Since confrontations such as these are so emotionally charged, I could easily see how they could sour very fast.  If such were to occur and a gun was pulled, what then?  Is either life worth losing over a scumbag pretending to be something he is not?  I do not think so.  What about the life of an innocent bystander who had absolutely nothing to do with this situation?  That is something that we should all think about.   Ever since I started carrying a gun several years back, trained in its proficiency, and taken some form of martial arts, I am loathe to get involved into any kind of confrontation.  I can be hot-headed at times, and because I am that way I fear the possibility of the worst case scenario happening during a confrontation, the loss of someone's life.  Losing my own life would be pretty crappy, but taking another's life when there was an opportunity to diffuse or completely bypass the confrontation altogether is not something I would want to live with.  So if it is possible, I try to avoid confrontations to the best of my ability.  I know everyone is different, but that is just the way I view things.   Like I said earlier, I am all for exposing these people for the frauds they are, but there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it.  This guy's approach was just too risky for my taste.
  14.   Yes, both are.  The poseur was claiming to have been awarded three CIBs, which is listed as one of the medals (https://www.congress.gov/bill/113th-congress/house-bill/258) under the 2013 Stolen Valor law.  You will have to prove that his intent was to obtain money, property, or some other tangible benefit.  The veteran was disturbing the peace/disorderly conduct for his profanity.
  15.   I hope everything goes well.  I would be interested to know what is the final diagnosis.
  16. That is gross.  I agree with an earlier comment.  That looks like a sebaceous cyst that has gotten seriously infected.
  17. When I saw this video yesterday I got really ticked off.  The man impersonating a Ranger is quite pathetic (he has a long and chronicled history of engaging in such behavior), but that isn't what got me upset.  I got upset with how the veteran filming this video was behaving in public and even more so considering it was in front of his son.  Served or not, his behavior and language in public speaks volumes to me about his character or at least his judgement.   I am all for shaming those who seek accolades for something they have not done or earned.  If poseurs gain some financial benefit from their deception, especially from public funds,  then they should be arrested, fined, and made to pay reparations.  That said, there is a right way and a wrong way to shame someone.  Don't be a total horse's ass when calling someone out.  By doing so, you sink to the poseur's level, and you are also creating a situation that has the possibility of becoming violent even deadly.  One might not be concerned for their own safety, but this is a public place, so they should be considerate of those around them.  From the training I have taken/taking, I was taught it was best to remove myself from confrontational situations, not create them.
  18. Mine are G10. The beserker is very nice.
  19. To give you an idea how dang sharp these knives are, here is Jon doing his paper towel roll test with the GMT Stubby Razelcliffe.   http://scontent-a.cdninstagram.com/hphotos-xaf1/t50.2886-16/10753297_1515280028729612_342706669_n.mp4   I have already cut myself three times today just playing around with it.
  20. I went this morning to Jon Graham's first ROG & Roll Bash at his shop. It turned out to be pretty successful as there were quite a few people that showed up today. Unfortunately, I already had other plans so I was only able to stay around an hour. It would have been nice to hang around and meet some new people, but I digress. While I was there I was able to pick up one of Jon's new Stubby GMT Razelcliffes. I am normally not a fan of little knives, but I think these are great. Anyway, enough of my rambling, here is the knife. This is how it looks prepimped. Some serious pimpage will come later. Enjoy. Next are some size comparison pictures between the GMT Razelcliffe and my pimped out GMT Razel.
  21.   I agree 100%.  I did not like the sheep horn at all.  The only reason I bought it with the original scales is because it was available, I could get it at a good price, and I wanted one of his knives badly.  He has a 3-4 year backlog, and a XL version, especially double bolstered, rarely comes up for sale.  One with a S90V blade?  Hmmm.., never.  Ever now and then he will auction one off on Instagram, and they will get even more expensive.  The last one he did was a double bolstered 4" model with a damascus blade.  It went for $3300.   I think he is gonna do another one this month with a san mai blade and moku-ti bolsters.  I can't even possibly imagine what that one is gonna bring.
  22. A while back I acquired my grail knife, a double-Ti bolstered Todd Fischer Archangel XL in S90V with a skull crusher backspacer. I loved the knife, but I was never all that wild about the sheep horn scales that were on it. It just so happened that one of the scales started to bow a little and I could see a small amount of separation between the scale and liner, which was killing me. Sheep horn is a natural material, so it can shrink, expand, etc... with a change in weather and humidity. It is an easy repair with a little heat and soak in oil, but since I didn't care for the scales anyway I opted for a replacement material. I had originally spoke to Todd about some moku-ti scales, which would have been badass, but he talked me out of it. While they would have looked great, the moku-ti scales would have just added too much weight and would have been way too expensive. I guess the moku-ti would have also pushed the knife more towards a legacy/presentation knife than a user, which is not what I want (no safe queens), We finally settled on silver lightning strike carbon fiber, and that turned out to be an excellent choice. I received my knife back today, and it is just down right mean with the new scales. Here are some pics. How about this for some absolute rock solid early lockup?

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