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  1. It may be an urban internet myth, but I read somewhere that 20ga has 60% of the recoil impulse of 12ga. If true, we could argue 20ga would be an effective home defense platform, especially for medium and small build family members. If I didn't have hundreds upon hundreds of rounds of 12ga that I'll be hard-pressed to consume in my remaining years...
  2. A.J. Holst

    Bersa Guy

    Doug, glad you got a new place! Before you junk your stuff as you "Right Size" I know KARM in my local area is always accepting items for their resale stores. Maybe someone local to you who offers pick up service.
  3. I'd Google small breed rescue with your city, I think you'd find a new friend needing a home. We've been dog free since January.
  4. That seems a ridiculously low price for what you get. Because of the generosity of my Best Gun Buddy, I have less than that in all three. I too am curious on the dot durability. It will be depressing if he just took his name and brand of known good products to make a few quick bucks.
  5. Frightening. My son's ex and daughter's mother, as best as I can determine, hates my son. It seems that heavy emotions can fuel violent actions. Praying for your community!
  6. Based on peers with either corrected vision or aging eyes, they help. I'm 52 this year, have work glasses since 6th grade, have a both eye astigmatism and at 20+ yards the front sight huge. I've got a dot on order for an APX. Beretta doesn't offer suppressor height sights for this or their threaded barrel models...go figure.
  7. I've got no complaints with my Fenix UC35
  8. Not everyone will be enjoying Memorial Day https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/05/back-line-gretchen-whitmers-husband-tries-cut-line-michigan-boaters-banned-motor-boats-2-months/
  9. From the comments here and friends who reload; Hobby, Therapy, Volume shooter, Thrifty (not cheap!) or simply a personality that likes to have a hands-on approach with a soup-to-nuts process. To me, it's also cool to be able to tailor rounds for application and specific firearms. The largest volume all of my shooting is 9mm and I always buy brass pre-rolled. Other than Wolf, I think I've shot every other brand-name flavor available. Had an inconsistent experience with a 1000 rounds of Shoot Point Blanks' in-house brand, so I will continue to stay will known makers. My experience has been paying $.22 - $.26 per 50 off the shelf and $.18 - $.20 per thousand online. When reasonably easy, I do scavenge brass and pay it forward.
  10. Still going through an interesting season, prayer is still hard. Yet, He gently reveals my cross is pretty insignificant when compared to the blessings He is pouring out into my life.
  11. Call me Joe Exotic, captured (or he captured us) one of those mythical and elusiveTN Black Panthers. He is carefully hiding in the lower right. Not a hunter, but have spotted elk and bear in the park, a herd of buffalo, turkey at my in-laws, deer in my backyard and the occasional red fox. Other than coyotes, it appears East TN has a healthy ecosystem and TWRA does a pretty nice job with land management.
  12. I may have spoken to soon on ToP's horn line being the best. Totally forgot about BS&T 1:22 reveals an incredible tuba solo (maybe a bass trombone?)
  13. The mask makes that one dude look more Antifa than an Illinois Nazi... Dis-organized grassroots protests (or support) is typically always bad for the larger group they are trying to "help" I applaud the commitment of the load bearers attached to thier heavy weapons battalion. Not being a proponent of open carry, I disagree with how they are choosing to exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights to exercise their First, and indirectly Ninth and Tenth Amendment Rights. Ain't no constitutional language about pandemic.
  14. As I go through a bit of rough patch, heart breaking vs. life threatening, I've been having a hard time praying. This song found me, I hope it helps you when you're going through any difficult time!
  15. The flaws have be the nature of the color and how my eye is drawn to the existing and now new door ding. There's the positive to previously owned black, newly inflicted damage is less painful and I do take it off pavement. Washed it yesterday, a fine dusting of pollen this morning. Hot, yikes. Blazing Sun, hand laid flat on hood of wife's white Sorrento, warm. Mine, quick touch or leave skin. Bought a windshield sunshade yesterday, can tell a difference just from sitting in my driveway. The last epic fail in the temperature department is the panoramic greenhouse roof... If I was buying new black vehicle, I would seriously consider the paint and fabric protection new car dealers offer.
  16. At $250, I have to believe he designed it with far East manufacture. I give Holosun credit for the dual powered and shake awake features. Aside from recent events, I also believe they reverse engineered the rough and tumble bits and pieces from the higher end American made products in lieu of R&D. Good to great quality for $100-$200 less.
  17. 16,000 miles clocked and hoping I can drive this thing as long as practical. I like it that much. My service contract paid out again, this time for cracked / worn strut arm bushings, idle, tensioner, pulleys. Having a B Service done at Bearden Benz, service advisor points out, "worn, not dangerous, need to be thinking about replacing within next 10k." Saved a few bucks by replacing the plugs and air filters myself. Pull out my CNA Service Contract; level of coverage I selected was close to new car, and stuff like this is covered under factory for pre-mature wear. Pretty cool. YMMV I wish it wasn't black, it's a chore to keep clean and sparkly Ran out of Liquid Glass, started using Chemical Guys Hydro Slick; does a nice job and has eliminated / reduced a remarkable number of swirls and scratches. Ponies up for some WeatherTech floor liners, I am a fan. Quality and fit are top notch. Keeping the tires rotated at 7-8k for max life and best ride possible. Other than that, I'm pulling 22ish mpg on my commute to the office, up to 24.3 on the highway @ 70 and 19-20 grocery getting.
  18. No optics yet, was saving for a Trijicon, then stumbled across this company and ordered their pistol dot. https://www.browe-inc.com/ I'll let you know if I spent $50 more than a Vortex or Burris. Good news, while my $255 stimulus check is going towards my tax bill, I've still got some $$ squirrelled away for a Trijicon. I'm opting out of Holosun on moral grounds.
  19. Hey Cap, Re-reading with great advice offered. I don't think you need a survey with the documentation of the property boundaries (unless building a permanent structure close to the perimeter) Close enough will work as you begin this process of neighborhood segregation. A fence, being semi permanent, gives you a little wiggle room. Title insurance covers the property, against liens and encumbrances of prior owners. Call the law and report. Continue to report. I'm guessing some hard feelings towards the family member who sold, not specifically you. Carry early and often!
  20. Where's Randy Harris aka Cruel Hand Like?
  21. Don't break the law when you're breaking the law. Carry concealed!

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