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  1. Do most people hunt at the WMAs? How do the blind drawings work? From what I've read there is one at the beggining of the season for permenant blinds but I haven't seen anything about temporary blinds. I've only hunted in CA (last season, before I got out of the military and moved home), and they did a drawing the morning of for temporary blind spots.     Does that mean a permenant blind unattended can be used if they don't show up?
  2. I've got a few questions I'd like to bounce of someone.
  3. Looks great.  I've been wanting to do another one since I did my AR this winter.
  4. Wow, just saw this. I'd be willing to help anyone that wants to do it, but the best/coolest part of this is having done it yourself.
  5. What are the "Speed steel and mixed discipline matches"?
  6. It's just spray paint that I had left over from the PX on base. Krylon, Aervoe, and then Skilcraft; nothing special.
  7. Surefire M4 Devastator (talk about eating batteries, and bulbs) Surefire G2 LED (5 years, 2 deployments. probably my favorite) Nitecore MT1A (this is my every day carry) Cheap Cree light(not sure on any of the specs but it's a great light, took it to Italy and on 2 deployments) Currently have a cheap weapon light til I can upgrade my rifle
  8. Since EASing from the Marine Corps, I've been working on my AR turning from a fixed carry handle M4 to something I could show off. I picked up a PSA blemish lower, some rails, a Magpul BAD lever, and a MOE stock. I just finished painting it, let me know what you think. I have a cheap $30 light on there that's not in the pictures til I can afford a good one. Assistant with the before picture: Close ups: Overall finished production:
  9. Has anyone been up there? I'm specificly thinking about the Beaver Creek Wilderness.
  10. bteague2


    Well I don't know how to edit posts on my phone so I'll just add this here, on all of our rockets the warhead it's done using it's propellant before it leaves the tube. So i'm going to bet the old bazookas are the same.
  11. bteague2


    Light Anti-armor Weapon 66mm. Way better then the AT-4 all around. Easier to carry then a SMAW, but not as useful and not as easy to hit with.
  12. The gun store is the most advertised one, you'll see signs on taxis and those mobile billboards for it. If you're going for a wedding the groom shoots for free, I don't know what but that's one of their specials they advertise.
  13. I think a link to the news story will be good enough.
  14. bteague2

    New AR owner

    You'll surprise yourself, with a little help I bet you can hit the 300 with irons easy.
  15. It may be a deal but when I got home I just wanted to relax at home I didn't want a big deal made so it all depends on who you are welcoming home.
  16. Yep, ME3 is going to be awesome. I'll be losing some sleep the first couple weeks.
  17. JDAMs and Excal are both unbelievably cool to watch and to hear when they are inbound.
  18. The labs are strictly for explosive material detection. We still had some MPs attached to us with their shepherds which are all purpose MWDs. They use labs for the same reasons hunters use labs; they have good noses, a high drive to please their handler and a good work ethic. The dogs are still extremely friendly but they know who the handler is and that's where their loyalty lies. It took almost the whole deployment for him to even look at other people when they called him if I was around.
  19. I've got it for 360 but no internet. Hopefully I'll be getting internet and live soon.
  20. I wish we could have seen a kill cam view of the victorious tea bagging.


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