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  1. Well that does make a hell of a difference. It’s still a good deal go ahead with the refinishing. You want hurt a thing.
  2. From the Winchester serial number look up system it was manufactured in 1941. What am I missing? The serial number is 1272454 isn’t it? https://winchestercollector.org/dates/
  3. And a pre 64’ to boot. Awesome find and awesome price. I wouldn’t refinish anything. It will take away from its true value.
  4. The wife had her card stolen. I haven’t reported it yet because they are spending less money than she was.
  5. Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes!
  6. I Am so glad you don’t live near me because it would be sold.
  7. What is the fixture that the Allen wrench is broken off in? Any way to disassemble the fixture and reach the screw from the blind side?
  8. Hell of a good price. Sportsman’s warehouse has them for $999. My right shoulder is saying no. this should sell today.
  9. Ok. Take this to a machine shop. Any machinist worth his salt can have this out and not cost you too much. You’re killing me, you gotta get this out.
  10. I don’t worry too much about selling them. I’ve got 3 kids and 6 grandkids that know the combination to my safe. They have laid claims to most everything in there. That lets me justify keeping them and the wife don’t fuss as much. I do regret selling every car I’ve ever sold. I’m 66 and my first car was a 1964 impala SS. Probably worth $50,000 today.
  11. Give us a picture of what you’re working with. Lots of good ideas so far.
  12. Browning has the same problem. You could walk up and stick my shotgun to the wall. They had me send them my shotgun. It was a fairly quick return though.
  13. Every officer involved was responsible for this woman’s death. It’s every officer’s responsibility to stop wrongdoings of fellow officers.
  14. I’ll be the first to put my toe in the water. I worked as an EMT for 12 years and everything on this video goes against the care I was trained to render. I would love to really unload on the police and medical staff, but fear of my comments living forever in print and could come back to bite me in the ass later. THE PROBLEM IS THAT SATAN IS ALIVE AND WELL AND FINDING PEOPLE WITH ANY MEASURE OF SHAME IS GETTING HARDER TO DO EVERY DAY. IN THE WORLD I GREW UP IN PEOPLE HAD THE DECENCY TO SHOW COMPASSION AND CARE. I FEAR CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS ARE ABOUT TO BE CALLED UPON. OMG THIS MAKES ME SICK TO MY STOMACH.
  15. Welcome to the Jungle. Enjoy Gods country and I’ll keep an eye on Satans city. (Memphis)
  16. I have fished some of the finest rivers. The Gallatin and Yellowstone in Montana. The Russian and Kenai in Alaska and caught many great fish. But give me a 7wt rod or lighter and a handful of sponge bream killer flies and I am one happy camper. Pound for pound bream fight as much as any Salmon or flounder I’ve ever hooked. I love fishing farm ponds and small lakes when the dogwood trees bloom. Usually mid April. The nesting/breeding season is almost the same as the blooming. Take a kid and share the smiles. My Grandfather would only let us fish with fly rods if we were fishing with him and we always caught fish unless the cattle were huddled up tight in the fields and he would turn the truck around. Something about the weather but damn it works. Go ahead and plan a vacation and fish some famous waters but in the meanwhile if you get near Colliervile and want to wet a hook shoot me a PM. I’ll even loan you a fly rod for the day.
  17. A friend of mine is an attorney and brought me a revolver to evaluate. Haha what was left of it. His client was at an indoor range and ran out of ammo. Billy Bob gun range employee gave him a 454 casull to send down range. (Wrong caliber). One pull of the trigger and the back strap was bowed up and the cylinder is now in 2 pieces and the spent Carthage was stuck in one of the cylinders. I pled ignorance and suggested he send it to the manufacturer for their opinion. No one was hurt but that Taurus was junk. Range settled out of court for an undisclosed amount. DUH.
  18. One more reason I tell people I live in Collierville and don’t mention it’s anywhere near Memphis.


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