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  1. Was looking forward to the meet however I’ve got a kidney stone that I can’t pass and will be having a procedure to remove it on the morning of the 6th. I’ll try to catch the next one.
  2. Welcome to the Jungle. Good luck finding that magazine. What caliber is your rifle?
  3. Great pistol. Great price. I own two. Also a great guy to deal with!
  4. Unless something has changed lately, I believe, you can transfer a long gun across state lines. You can’t transfer a handgun without involving an FFL. Please let me know if this has changed.
  5. This shouldn’t last long. If I weren’t on the wrong side of the state. Literally!
  6. If they attack you do you have to use one of your game tags? Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
  7. I have no words for companies that bend to the will of the few but a knife with no blade. I am so glad that I grew up in a time that allowed kids to be kids and adults hadn’t completely lost their damn minds. I now know why my grandparents and parents passed when they did. My grandfathers were born in 1896 and 1901. Can you imagine what they saw in their lifetimes. My parents were born during the Great Depression. I personally am a 1957 model.
  8. I will absolutely be there. I’ve met a few of you guys but can’t wait to meet you all.
  9. Please don’t judge pump guns by the Benelli Nova. I love my Browning BPS, Mossberg 835 and I still hunt with my Winchester model 12’s. I’ve shot pump guns so long I still try to pull the forearm off a semi-auto. As far as shooting some exotic duck, if you can’t see their eyes don’t shoot. Find some old fart like me to show you the ropes.
  10. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I’m a true SIG HO to a fault but that is uglier than a booger on a dry windshield with wipers on low.
  11. Remove the c-clip on the pin and tap the pin about half way out. I use lubraplate and a small acid brush to lube it
  12. My 550 is about 15 years old and has run thousands of rounds with no issues. A little white grease on a clean push rod and bearing plate has worked well for me. A can of keyboard air will help keep the turntable clean too. Only thing I’ve ordered for it has been primer load tubes. I think my grandkids hide them from me. If it ain’t broke don fix it!
  13. No doubt something needs to happen but when some teachers have a problem teaching which bathroom to use, I don’t think they need firearms in the classroom. It’s not their individual responsibility to protect the children.
  14. Guess I’ll have to pay to fish. I can still catch them and know what to do with em’.
  15. I’ll take it! pm on the way. “ No problem here! “ you got out cheap. I gave my grandson my new Sig P220 Legion when he finished his A&P school. He’s now maintenance director for a flight school. We thank him for his service.
  16. Getting in is easy, getting out is gonna be tough.
  17. Welcome from Hooterville, Collierville!
  18. Yes. I did indeed mean the invisible fence. I was texting with my invisible brain.
  19. The electric fences work great. My brother has two labradoodles. One is a sweetie and wouldn’t go anywhere on her on. The other one is brain dead boy who hasn’t been fixed and runs like the wind. They both stay well within the zone of the fence. They required no shocking only a tone and vibration from the collars.


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