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  1. I’ll take the SA22. We’ll have to figure the logistics out to meet up. The money is easy part. feel free to call or text me at 901-848-8886
  2. Had mine for years and never had an issue with it. Very accurate and carried often. If you buy one Sig, you will buy more. Welcome to the dark side!
  3. derf

    New gun

    I’ve got plenty of ammo for that thing.
  4. Dang, the sight pusher is worth that. GLWS
  5. I retired from Federal Express after 32 years. My father retired from Time D.C. truck line after 27 years. I’ve heard both sides of the union issue and really don’t take a side. Deregulation back in the 70’s made it possible for the little trucker to really make a living. It also allowed larger cargo planes to be used. Both of these caused the available freight to be diluted and small truck lines died off leaving the big companies and cargo airlines to thrive. It all boilers down to the right management skills to keep any business alive. At my age I have seen many cargo carriers fall. Truck lines and airline cartage agents. if you want to hear God laugh out loud, tell him your plans!
  6. derf

    Close Call

    As an old EMT I can tell you that the hand of god was on her. Walking away from that is a miracle. So glad she wasn’t seriously injured. May be time for me to get a new IPhone.
  7. Have your FFL run it to see. Since you haven’t been convicted of anything I don’t know how or why they should deny it. If you are denied fill out the papers for explanation. Your FFL has that form too. They have to respond with a valid reason. Worse case your out $10 for the background check.
  8. Another Battle of Athens would cure a lot of this. If you don’t know this history just google Battle of Athens 1946.
  9. derf

    Wilkinson Arms Linda

    Old school. Gotta love it
  10. Welcome to the Jungle. Good group of guys.
  11. I can’t imagine how a replacement stock would make it less valuable than a repaired one. Just hang on to the original and if you sell include it.
  12. Wow. Now I need a cigarette!
  13. Poor man’s model 27. It’s a tank and you couldn’t wear it out in two lifetimes.
  14. These guns are the smoothest pump action you will ever shoot. Google Herb Parsons and see what these guns are capable of. They slam fire too, just hold the trigger down and pump. True bad boys. I have four of them and if I lived closer to you I would have five. This is a give away price.
  15. You don’t loose springs. They vaporize. Owning a gun shop with an in-house gunsmith for 6 years. Upon closing the shop, we knew we would find a ton of springs. Nope, maybe one or two. There should have been a hundreds. If your gunsmith doesn’t drink brown water, smoke like crazy and cuss everything he lost a spring, be Leary of their talent. He passed in January and damn we miss him.
  16. A quick google search shows several places in Nashville that hold classes.
  17. Been doing it for years. Make sure your first projects are for your wife. Prime the pump for the proper tools later. 1st rule: you can never have enough clamps. Check building sight for end cuts. They usually don’t mind giving them to you and there’s a ton of things you can make with them.
  18. Good pistol and a great guy to deal with. I’ve got one and have dealt with Zlaine90 before.
  19. Because it is a deal. I paid this much for a 15 year old BMW K100 that I rode from Memphis to Oklahoma City nonstop. I could have continued driving, no problem. I’ve owned motorcycles since my 14 birthday. I’m now 66. If not for Two heart attacks and problem with balance, I would be on my way to Nashville pronto. Beautiful bike, It will sell soon.
  20. If the perp is armed? Live by the gun, die by the gun. My M1 Super 90 will launch 8-00 buck faster than they can blink an eye. That’s 72 30 cal projectiles in the air in less than two seconds. Little messy but, oh well. Supreme Court has also said that law enforcement is not responsible for your safety. Chew on that for a while. It’s time folks, it’s time.
  21. I am soooooo glad you aren’t closer to Collierville. GLWS. Should sell fast. I’ll say within the next two hours.


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