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  1. No doubt something needs to happen but when some teachers have a problem teaching which bathroom to use, I don’t think they need firearms in the classroom. It’s not their individual responsibility to protect the children.
  2. Guess I’ll have to pay to fish. I can still catch them and know what to do with em’.
  3. I’ll take it! pm on the way. “ No problem here! “ you got out cheap. I gave my grandson my new Sig P220 Legion when he finished his A&P school. He’s now maintenance director for a flight school. We thank him for his service.
  4. Getting in is easy, getting out is gonna be tough.
  5. Welcome from Hooterville, Collierville!
  6. Yes. I did indeed mean the invisible fence. I was texting with my invisible brain.
  7. The electric fences work great. My brother has two labradoodles. One is a sweetie and wouldn’t go anywhere on her on. The other one is brain dead boy who hasn’t been fixed and runs like the wind. They both stay well within the zone of the fence. They required no shocking only a tone and vibration from the collars.
  8. derf

    Tooth ache

    I went through the same thing last week. With my past broken bones and back issues I had a few pain killers I could dust off. With that said, a shot of whiskey at room temperature held on the tooth actually gave me more relief than anything. Hell, when I was growing up our next door neighbor would pull teeth. God I miss the simpler times in life. Although back then I think your local drugstore would help you out on a temporary basis. Guess this was before all the legal eagles came along. hope you get a quick resolution. Not much worse than a tooth or ear ache.
  9. I turned 67 on groundhogs day. I’ve dislocated both shoulders, broke left arm twice, skin graft on left hand from a fight with a FedEx conveyor belt, bone spur on left knee, gall bladder tried to kill me and was removed, 1 ruptured disk and 1 slipped disk and heart attack requiring 2 stints. Other than these minor issues I’m in pretty good shape. BS. If I were a horse they would have shot me years ago. Hope you’re on the mend! “ Getting old ain’t for sissies. “
  10. Just Good, Cheap entertainment. Prices for guns are all over the place. Some seem too expensive, some seem too cheap and some seem exactly as they should. In my 40 plus years of horse trading experience I’ve figured no matter what you know, sometimes you slip up and pay too much for a firearm or fall into a really good deal. A old friend of mine told me that you could never pay too much for a firearm, you could just buy it too soon. Many times I’ve paid too much only to find it’s worth twice what I had paid for it in just a few years. Best investment you can make. Better than money in a bank.
  11. Carry a cane and get SD training on how to use it. The ADA protects this to a point that even an airline can’t take it from you. There are many that are designed not only for that weak hip, wink wink, but also for self defense.
  12. What about “ Women jumping on trampolines” ? Some will get the reference!
  13. I’m going green. I tend to focus on the red dot instead of my target. I don’t do that with my green dots. My color vision is Red/green color deficient. It makes a big difference to me.
  14. I Am a “Fatboy” driving a 2011 Silverado Z71. I have put just about 100k on it and burn about a tank of gas a month. Truck still looks new, wish I did. Retirement has it’s perks!
  15. I’ll bite. Our generation is quickly being pushed aside and generations younger have an entitlement personality that requires immediate fulfillment. I can’t lay all this at their feet because of the way we have enabled the younger generations.
  16. It’s been a while since I was glad to live in west Tennessee. I’m glad I do now or I’d be spending $400 today. This shouldn’t last more than an hour or so.
  17. DO NOT tumble a loaded round. You hear tall tales about rounds going off is hard to swallow. However, some powders are coated in several layers that tumbling will undo these coating. This will change the performance of the powder.
  18. Be afraid. Be very afraid. I always prime the pump by buying my wife something really nice before I buy myself something stupid expensive. Merry Christmas to all!
  19. Final product looks great. We can always use another .22. Plus it keeps us from running around unsupervised.
  20. My best set of golf clubs took me many years, too many rounds and way too much money to finally get what was best. (For me) I own guns that have never had a part replaced or a gunsmith’s touch that are marvelous shooters and great EDC. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve also got some guns that I’ve spent a small fortune to get them to shoot like I want but it just ain't happening. In short, shoot what you shoot best, carry well and it doesn’t matter if it’s a big box store special or the meanest, tactical military grade, updated and approved one to be found. And by all means spend every dang dollar you can doing it.
  21. He would forever be his brothers hero. And proud of it. If this is his Mother’s son, Give him his first rifle. My big brother has always been my hero. He bought me my first bicycle.
  22. Happy Thanksgiving from. The land of murder and mayhem.
  23. Just do a colonoscopy prep. That’ll get rid of those last 5 pounds. I remember 180. I could run a consistent 7 minute mile but I’m now a little over 65 and after repelling everything I could get a rope over or out of and learning to drive, and crashing , high performance motorcycles. I’m now at 275, 1 slipped disc, 1 ruptured disc and knee replacement coming soon along with producing kidney stones like they had value to them I don’t do much of that anymore. I’m proud of you, keep it up for us old farts.
  24. That’s uglier than a mud fence. Yuck!


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