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  1. This series of Sawmill Blades are different this time as they are all hollow ground. They are made from the same sawmill blade are previous editions. Please see each individual description as there are two different sizes listed. All come with the combo kydex/leather sheath shown. This full tang knife is the smaller blades big brother. It has a 4 1/2" blade and OAL of about 9 1/2". It has SS pins/lanyard tube with Red G10 sculpted handles. This one is $85 shipped. This full tang blade has a 3 1/2" blade length and OAL of about 8". It has SS pins/lanyard tube with Black Canvas Micarta handles. This one is $75 shipped. This full tang blade has a 3 1/2" blade length and OAL of about 8". It has brass pins/lanyard tube with Ambrosia Maples handles. This one is $75 shipped. This full tang knife is the smaller blades big brother. It has a 4 1/2" blade and OAL of about 9 1/2". It has SS pins/lanyard tube with Spalted Elm handles. This one is $85 shipped.
  2. I'll do $40 + Shipping, or $40 locally. I am 99% sure this is the "1st Gen" scale. I've used it for a number of years, it has worked great, never "lost connection", and has tracked me losing weight over the previous three months. However, I decided to purchase a scale from Nokia instead, formally "Withings". The reason? 1st and foremost, their app syncs with Apple Healthkit within finagling. Secondly, it may be interesting to track pulse, I'm not sure. But, keep in mind the Fitbit I'm selling still tracks weight and "Body Fat Percentage", even though that percentage is largely questioned by many regarding its accuracy. I will say though, over the course of losing 22lbs, the "BFP" has slowly decreased over time so it is relatively accurate and worth something I suppose. Here is pricing for the 1st Gen: Link ($118.99) Here is pricing for the 2nd Gen: Link ($99.95) The 1st gen should be cheaper than the newer one, however you know the way supply works and "new old stock". There wouldn't be any reason to pay more for the 1st gen when you can get the 2nd cheaper. I just linked both of them to give an approximation of what these things cost. Will ship via USPS Priority. Overall, the scale looks new generally speaking. Of course wear and tear will be somewhat apparent, but there isn't anything major. If anyone cares, I'll take a picture.
  3. For Sale: 2012 Chevy Impala,V6 157,300 Miles, No Mechanical Problems Salvage Title **, 1 owner, clean non-smoker My old company car, 90% maintenance performed by Chevy dealer Gunmetal Exterior with beige aftermarket leather seats ** Salvage Title story- I ran into the rear of my parked car with a rental truck. I started the truck , missed the brake, hit the car. Allstate totaled it, I kept it and got it repaired Would consider partial trade for firearms, with established TGOer. $4,500.00
  4. This is a very nice full-frame digital camera Very clean 6D with low shutter count. Screenshot from ShutterCount app on Mac OS from today. All functions seem to work wonderfully so. Pictures make it look dustier than it is. Screen protector on back screen, I slightly peeled the screen protector up and it seems mint underneath. I can remove the screen protector to verify this for any serious buyer that wants, or I can simply leave it in place. That's up to you. Includes original OEM charger and battery. Includes RS-80N3 remote trigger $650 Shipped
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/223075315081?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 I took the time to post this to Ebay the other day. So, you are getting more stuff for less money than my "original" ad. $100. That 270 EX II alone is typically around $150 I believe.
  6. condition: excellent paint color: black For sale is a utility bed trailer. One of a kind, excellent shape. Tires like new as well as spare. Compartments on both sides. Lots of storage, ladder rack, dog house area, roller Jack on tongue. Moving so sadly it has to go. Very handy while we were building a house. Vise, pole for spot lights, hitch for racks. $1000 OBO. May consider trades.
  7. These are made from a 1/8" thick saw circular saw mill blade as same as the last batch. They are all the same blank measuring 8 1/2" OAL with a 3 1/2" cutting edge and come with the combo leather/kydex sheath shown. They are $75 each shipped. First blade has Tennessee Hickory handles and SS pins and lanyard tube. Second blade has Tennessee Red Oak handles and SS pins and lanyard tube. This is the only blade in the bunch that sports a hamon from differential heat treating. I was experimenting with this steel and the heat treating to see if I could create a hamon and it will actually work. Third has Tennessee Walnut handles with brass pins and lanyard tube. Last one has Tennessee Elm handles with brass pins and lanyard tube.
  8. These are the same blank as the Sawmill blades (8 1/2" OAL with 3 1/2" cutting edge) currently listed only made from a ferrier rasp. These are 3/16" and come with the combo leather/kydex sheaths shown. These are $110 shipped. This has Desert Mesquite and bog oak handles with white G10 liners and white and red G10 accents.It had brass pins and lanyard tube. This has Brazilian Mahogany handle with dark green G10 liners and ivory colored and dark green G10 accents with brass pins and lanyard tube.
  9. Google Home Mini - Charcoal (Brand New) - $35 Tiffen 77mm UV Filter (Brand New, this one) - $25.00
  10. (Memphis area) I know this is kind of a long shot but, I have a disabled friend who is in desperate need of cheap, reliable transportation. The budget is $2500-3000. Looking for something like a mid-sized sedan, gets good gas mileage, preferably less than 150,000 miles. Must be in good condition, decent tires, A/C must work, AM/FM Radio with CD player. If you have something like this or know of a good car for sale, please PM me. Thanks. FOUND ONE ad closed
  11. Cleaning out the garage and found my subs and amp that I no longer use. Used for 3 months before getting a new car and never moved them over. They hit super hard and sound amazing. Ill do partial trade on 5.56 ammo. Asking $300 for both subs, box and amp. This is a great deal, they just take up too much room on my crosstrek and its either the subs or my tools. So tools get the preference.
  12. These are made from an old, antique 28" sawmill blade. They have been treated and tempered to a RC of 58-60. It's made from 1/8" thick material....best guess is L6 but it's anyone's guess. This series is a "no frills edition" in that the handles will be made from domestic (many times local) wood and will have SS or brass pins/lanyard hole as described on each blade. They come with the combo leather/kydex sheath pictured. They should provide years of service without concern to scratching/discoloring as they still have some pitting on the surfaces. No frills mean good prices as follows.... This full tang blade has a 3 1/2" blade length and OAL of about 8". It has SS pins/lanyard tube with Sycamore handles. This one is $75 shipped. This full tang knife is the first blades big brother. It has a 4 1/2" blade and OAL of about 9 1/2". It has SS pins/lanyard tube with Persimmon handles. This one is $85 shipped. This one has a 5 1/2" blade and OAL of 10 3/4". The guard was made from a rusty leaf spring in keeping with the recycled theme. It has SS pins/lanyard tube and some dang hard Tennessee Pecan for handles. This has a hidden tang and is $120 shipped.
  13. May be a long shot but I’m looking for a Xbox One X reasonably priced.
  14. If anyone wants what is left, I'll take $800 for it. That Sigma 150-500 used to be an $800-$1,000 lens by itself. I also have at least 1-2 camera bags I'll throw in for anyone buying that big a bundle. Offers considered for any of it. I have for sale a plethora of lenses and two flashes. It will be extremely time consuming to take photos of everything (as I like to take very detailed photos). As such, what I'm trying right now is to simply post up a list. If you are local and want to meet, great! If you aren't local and want me to ship, great! I can within a few hours typically text photos of any items to anyone interested. If you are interested in an item, simply PM me. All items are in very good to excellent condition. I will fully test any items directly before being sold. Each item can be clicked below to take you to Amazon showing what it looks like, and also you can compare used pricing. I am typically using Amazon to price used items. Items Canon EF 70-200 f/4L USM - $450 Canon EF 40 f/2.8 STM - $105 Canon EF-S 18-55 - $70 Canon EOS 1D (Original) - $400 OBO Sigma 150-500 5.6-6.3 APO - $550 Kenko 1.4X -$150 Canon 420EX Flash -$40 Canon 270EX II Flash -$110 Descriptions This lens is an awesome lens. I heavily considered keeping this lens, but I have the 70-200 f/2.8 IS II. I wanted to keep this lens because it is much smaller and weights nearly 1/3 of the 2.8 IS II. It still have nice image quality and good build quality. This is a much better lens than a lot of the typical "75-300" or "55-250" lenses sold in kits. It has a maximum constant aperture of f/4, which does not change as you zoom (cheaper lenses such as the 75-300 or 55-250 change the maximum aperture as you zoom in). Includes box and I think maybe the pouch. This lens is a fun lens. I think perhaps the smallest lenses Canon makes for the EF system, it still has very nice image quality (it is one of the sharpest lenses that Canon makes). However, I have the 50mm STM and prefer the 1.33 additional stops of light that the 50mm provides. However, that does not insinuate in any way that the 40mm is a lesser lens optically, it is just a different lens. Honestly, I forget which "version" this lens is (Canon has made probably five different versions of this lens. It is the standard "kit lens". It will only work with cropped camers (EF-S). If this doesn't mean much to you, check with me with your camera model and I'll tell you. In short, "full-frame" means the sensor is 35mm, roughly the same size as traditional 35mm film. "Cropped" means that it has a smaller sensor. EF lenses work with both full-frame and cropped (although they have a crop factor of 1.6x on a cropped body) but EF-S lenses only work with cropped cameras. If someone wants this lens to replace a broken/sold kit lens, here is your chance! This is an old body. Pricing is difficult. Included are two batteries, a remote shutter release, 3-4 memory cards, and whatever other extras I can find. It is about 4-megapixel. It used to be the king of the Canon cameras, but now it is a much older model. The specs do not compare to current bodies by any means, but it give you a chance to try one of Canon's "top of the line" bodies at a heavily discounted price. Originally (in 2001), this camera cost ~$6,500. Offers accepted. This lens is huge. it isn't as fast (aperture) as other lenses, but it is also cheaper than those lenses. High zoom capability. Has image stabilization, which you'll need (but preferable a tripod). Includes pouch. I think this is the exact adapter, if not the brand is the same and very similar. I will confirm exact model before purchase. This is used for multiplying telephoto lenses by 1.4. You lose 1-stop of light. If the lens itself is f/4 or faster, you can still auto-focus. If it is slower than f/4, then you have to manually focus. Could be paired with the 70-200 above to make it 98-280mm, or the Sigma above to make it 210-700mm. If anyone is shooting a cropped body, you would multiply those numbers by 1.4, making the focal lengths 137.2-448mm (the 70-200) or 336-1,120mm (for the 150-500). This is very fun, but you'll need a lot of light guaranteed as the maximum apertures are quite small in this setup (The Sigma above paired with this 1.4x convertor has a maximum aperture of f/9 when fully zoomed in). An older flash. Light is light. I'd keep it if it worked with my radio trigger setup. Would make a great flash for bouncing of walls/ceilings or fill flash to someone that does not have an external. Pair with Eneloop batteries if you want to be extremely wise. A fun, smaller flash that is surprisingly very capable. I thought about keeping this to use as an alternative to my 430 EX III's, simply because it is lighter. If you aren't shooting flashes at full power, why carry around the extra weight. Makes a superb smaller flash for bouncing or fill. Pair with Eneloop batteries if you want to be extremely wise. I have a lot of freebies to offer. At this point, I have too many camera bags. To anyone local (or potentially if shipped), I can included a camera bag for any of the nicer lens/body purchases. I have a wireless trigger for flashes, although it is old, cheap, and I have zero idea if works (I can attempt to test it). I think I can throw a microfiber cloth for any of the cheaper lenses. Depending on the lens, I may or may not have a UV filter to include. Discounts given for multiple items purchased. Open to trades (Canon gear, guns), but prefer cash. Bottom line is, I'll negotiate so make any offer you think of.
  15. Upholstered armchair, by Cabo,with nailhead trim - comfortable, as new condition. Beige/light tan fabric. Purchased 6/2017 from WayFair. Dimensions: 32"high, 36"wide, 28"deep. $125.00 cash and carry, Crossville TN.
  16. This is a big one...and a beauty. OAL of 13" of 3/16" thick 1095 carbon steel. Blade length is nearly 8" with a made from 1095 flat stock finger guard and detailed ring between two pieces of brass. The woods are Spalted Maple and Redheart with SS pin and extra large lanyard tube. It really is a beauty. The custom sheath is exquisite made by a fellow forum member 1911alltheway. It's a wonderfully hand tooled custom fitted piece of art. This system is $185 shipped.
  17. I am heavily considering selling/trading my Fuji Mirrorless. It is an awesome camera with a lot to offer, however I've been shooting Canon DSLR's for over ten years and much of anything else feels foreign. However, a list of reasons why I think/thought the Fuji was awesome: Size (it's super tiny and light) Build Quality (most of everything, including lenses, is metal) Manual Controls (throwback to film cameras, fun to shoot with) Pricing this is difficult. I don't have all the lens caps for this bundle and the body/lenses do show a bit of wear. Everything works though. Also, the X-T1 is no longer being sold new from any mainstream outlet. Fuji X-T1 (shown on Amazon, pricing starts about $440 used) Fujinon XF 18mm f/2 R (shown on Amazon $549.99 new, $335 used) Fujinon XF 35mm f/2 R WR (shown on Amazon $399.00 new, $330.00 used) 2x Wasabi Batteries w/ Charger (also included are the OEM battery and charger) As stated above, though, items do show wear and tear from use. Missing 2-3 lens caps. Adding up those prices on Amazon for used, you'd be looking at $1,128.99 I'm asking $850 for everything, and I'll included a bag and potentially whatever else I decide to throw in while "bagging it up". I'll sell any of the pieces individually for $350. Open to trades on Canon EF gear, guns (Glock 9mm's, Ruger GP-100 6" Stainless, other), etc.
  18. I have a used Gorilla ladder up for sale. Not 100% on the size but based on how it is in the pic it's as tall as I am and I'm 6 foot. When googling I only saw a 13 foot so not sure? If you are not family with these, it's a 4 in one ladder with tons of adjustment. Very handy. I have two so need to part with one. Dust and dirt from in garage but hardly used and in great shape. $50 in Franklin or South Nashville.
  19. This is made from a full 1/4" thick piece of 1095 carbon steel differentially heat treated to provide a good edge and a bit of flexibility. As far as this type of blade goes it's not nearly as long as most others. The blade is about 7" long and the OAL is right at 12". It has 1095 steel finger guard and pommel ends with Wenge wood sandwiched in between. Both pommel ends and finger guard are pinned and peened as well as epoxied and the SS pins are mechanical fasteners as well. It comes with a expertly distressed leather dangler sheath to go with the blade by a fellow forum member 1911alltheway. Feel free to contact him if you would like leather sheath or holster work as his product is outstanding. This combination of sheath and blade can be yours for $175 shipped.
  20. I have upgraded to a new one and this one is starting to show it's age. It still works, but not like it did 5 years ago. I thought I'd offer it up to someone here. I have a battery and charger. The battery still holds a great charge. I will say that it seems to work a lot better with the preloaded Ryobi string. I live in Loudon County but work in Knoxville for anyone that wants to meet.
  21. I picked this up to try a mirrorless system. for what it is, it's great. It is very small, very light, and offers good images. However, it is not the Canon DSLR's that I've been so accustomed to over the years. To me, the menus seem backwards and confusing. For someone that hasn't shot a specific system for a number of years, perhaps it would be easier to pickup. Advantages? There are many advantages, in addition to those listed above, for choosing a mirrorless camera like this over a DSLR. For starters, typically (such as on this A6000), you aren't actually looking through the camera but instead looking at a tiny LCD screen when you look through the electronic viewfinder. This allows you to see menus and pictures through the viewfinder. This is very cool! You can also turn on focus peaking which will show you what is in focus by turning that part of the viewfinder a certain color. There are many other benefits and tradeoffs for a mirrorless camera. If you have literally never tried one, they are quite different. Some people love them, some hate them. You can also charge this camera simply buy plugging it into a USB charger. That's cool! So, what is for sale: Sony A6000 w/ Kit Lens ($548) Sony FE 28mm f/2 Lens ($448) Rokinon 12mm NCS CS E Lens ($316) Three Batteries (1 OEM, 2x Wasabi w/ Charger) I am asking $800 OBO for all. I will get pictures up soon. So, I do not have boxes for any of it, and I'm missing two lens caps. However, the glass and sensor are all in excellent shape. There is minor wear on the lenses as well as the camera itself. However, nothing bad at all, but it has indeed been used. I have decided not to keep this and would like to free up the cash within the next week. Hopefully it will sell soon, so please message me if you are the least bit interested.

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