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  1. I have 2 mags for a Springfield XDM full size pistol, in 40 S&W. Sold the gun yrs ago, kept the extra mags. They are like new, I have no use for them, and just want to get them out of the cabinet. Give away to someone that can use them. F to F in 20mi radius..........Lebanon, Mt. Juliet, Gallatin, Lafayette , Hartsville, etc.. Not worth shipping. Gone........
  2. 1968 Johnson 3hp. I got it on a boat that I've since sold & have no use for it. I know virtually nothing about the thing. I was told it was running last year & I'm inclined to believe that. It's got great compression, a good spark & a new fuel pump. I'm about 95% sure that it would take almost nothing to get running (hell, maybe just fuel & go!) Don't have time to fool with it, don't have a use for it. SOLD Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  3. The reason I say made in Tennessee is because the handle material in from East Tennessee, the farrier rasp from a farm in south western Tennessee and the of course they were crafted by me in Middle Tennessee. Several people have mentioned they had concern that they would no longer be able to afford my blades and let me set the record straight by saying that will not be happening. Yes...some are more expensive because of the time and materials and design but I will always make a great little blade most everyone can afford. Proof being in the following.... Things they have in common. Made from the same farrier rasp Both have an OAL of 8 1/2" and a lade length of 4" Both come with a combo kydex/leather sheath pictured Both have a bit of thumb jimping on the spine. Both have been blued a bit and rubbed with fine steel wool *First one has book matched East Tennessee walnut handles and SS pins and lanyard tube. *Second has book matched East Tennessee Spalted Elm handles with brass pins and lanyard tube. These knives are $110 each shipped. As a bonus if you buy both I'll give you this little neck knife made from the same rasp for free. It's 4 3/4" long and the blade is about 1 1/2" long. It comes with the kydex sheath and has mahogany handles and brass pin ,lanyard tube a thumb jimping.
  4. Of the lenses I'm posting tonight, this one is the one I'm tempted to keep. As such, it isn't as heavily discounted as the others. This is a sweet lens and is basically new condition. I very much do need to sell at least 2/3 of the lenses I posted tonight. Open to offers and negotiations, but not trades. IF you want two lenses, I can probably make the deal a bit sweeter for you. For Amazon pricing (new and used), reviews, etc): Canon 35mm f/2 IS USM $355 via PayPal, shipping and signature confirmation included. Lens, caps, and UV filter included.
  5. This has been my favorite lens for about six months now. However, I purchased a 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II, so at least temporarily I have to thin the heard a bit. The photos that this lens can create is amazing. I very much do need to sell at least 2/3 of the lenses I posted tonight. Open to offers and negotiations, but not trades. IF you want two lenses, I can probably make the deal a bit sweeter for you. For Amazon pricing (new and used), reviews, etc): Canon 135mm f/2L USM $655 PayPal, shipping and signature confirmation included. Lens, caps, hood, and UV filter included. Fully functioning, glass is pristine. The photos have a different watermark because that's a handle I use on a photo forum.
  6. I got this for my grandson for Christmas. It is a little much for him, this is more of a full on hobby grade truck. it has been run maybe 5 times. I did change the connectors to xt60s to make charging easier. It comes with one battery and the controller. I am asking 160.00
  7. $50 Locally, or + Shipping ~ $6.00 - $7.00 USPS Priority Will ship via USPS Priority I'm contemplating selling the Pentax I've got. All functions seem to work fine. Includes alkaline battery (the original mercury battery was banned, as are all mercury batteries). Tested: All shutter speeds Metering Self Timer Film Advancement Film Rewind All Rotary Dials What was not tested is actual use. Some of the light seals have degraded. As such, it may "leak" light and show on film. However, a person has two main options. A person named Jon Goodman, well respected in the film world, sells kits to replace the light seals. I understand that these are about $10.00. Option two would be a person named Eric, who coincidentally lives and works in Knoxville. He is also very well respected. For about $75 + any applicable parts, he will fully service this camera and make it "like new". I have the contact information for both of these people. However, from my checks, the camera operates fine. If it leaks light, then perhaps you just replace the seals. If something else needs to be done in the future, then maybe try Eric. That's my thought anyway. The body and lens show obvious wear. However, the glass on the lens is nearly perfect. Interesting note for history buffs: This lens, among many of this time period, is slightly radioactive. They used thorium in one of the elements of the lens. General consensus is that this represents almost zero danger. Here is an article representing this model lens: https://petapixel.com/2012/10/11/a-look-at-the-radioactivity-of-old-manual-lenses/
  8. This is a hidden tang knife with 1/8" 1095 steel for the blade. The blade is nearly 5 1/2" with an OAL length of 9 3/4". It has a brass finger guard and lanyard tube with brass, copper and red G10 accents. The wood is walnut. It also has a custom leather dangler sheath made by a fellow forum member 1911altheway. This is $145 shipped.
  9. Jet JTM-2 9x42 Mill W/DRO & Power Table Feed FEATURES Meehanite® casting Precision bored and honed milling head Large diameter quill is chromed High precision Class 7 spindle bearings Spindle head is internally cooled Satin chrome finished dials Heavy-duty splined motor drive One-piece quill pinion and shaft Three-stage power downfeed with automatic stop Heavy-duty spindle brake Locks on all movable surfaces Precision hardened and ground ways Precision ground table Adjustable gibs throughout Internal coolant tank built into base for use with coolant system (Coolant pump is included) Spindle Taper R-8 Table 9 x 42 Quill Diameter 3-3/8 Spindle Speeds 16 Speed Range 80 - 5,440 Quill Downed Rates .0015 - .003 - .006 Spindle Travel 5 Head Movement (Deg.) 90 R & L, 45 F & B Max Distance Spindle to Table (In.) 17-1/2 DistanceSpindletoColumn(Max.)(In.) 19 Distance Spindle to Column (Min.) (In.) 4-1/2 Collet Capacity 1/8 - 7/8 Table Longitudinal Travel (In.) 30 Table Cross Travel (In.) 12-1/2 T-Slots Number and Size (In.) 3 - 5/8 T-Slot Centers (In.) 2-1/2 Work Table Weight Capacity (Lbs.) 550 Travel of Knee (In.) 14-1/2 Travel of Ram (In.) 13-3/8 Motor (HP) 2 HP, 115/230V, 1Ph 230 Prewired (V.) 230 Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) (In.) 57 x 64 x 82 Weight (Lbs.) 2,200
  10. Marmot Shooting Star, medium sized backpack. Purchased from Sun n Ski Sports. Used only a few times. Has front pockets to access middle of pack without undoing the top. Colors are royal blue and grey with yellow interior. Has bungee close at top of pack with a few small holes due to equipment rubbing (see pictures). Otherwise, in very good condition. No broken straps or zippers. Would fit a woman or teenager very well. $70 FTF in Mount Juliet. Will ship for additional cost. Pics available, but will not load here for some reason.
  11. I'm always looking for vintage Randall Made Knives, especially WWII, Korea, & Viet Nam Era fighters. As always also interested in buying silver coins & bullion. Thanks for looking.
  12. I didn't end up using this like I thought I would. It is in fantastic condition! Apple iMac 27 inch Mid-2011 model. Running macOS Sierra version 10.12.6. Processor 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB of memory : 1 TB hard drive Includes corded keyboard and mouse. $1,000 FTF in Mount Juliet, no trades, cash only.
  13. What they have in common.... 1. Made from 3/16" thick 1095 carbon steel 2. Both have tapered tangs 3. Both come with custom leather sheaths pictured First has beautiful walnut burl handles with brass finger guard, lanyard hole and brass and green G10 liners and accents. Please note the color keyed mosaic pins. (Sold) Next has a 1095 finger guard and copper, brass, black, white and red G10 accents with black G10 liners, brass lanyard hole and brass and copper mosaic pins. The handle material is amboyna burl. These are priced at $195 each shipped or $370 shipped for both. Thanks for lookin'!!
  14. This blade started from this... 8" OAL with a 3 3/4" blade length. It has orange G10 liners, Mora wood scales, SS pins and lanyard tube. The blade comes with the combo kydex/leather sheath shown. It sports a hamon and has a tapered tang. It's $100 shipped to your door. Thanks for lookin'.
  15. I'm in the process of an unexpected move and need to shed some weight. I have some long tube SBF headers, 2 performance cams, 1 set of lifters, 1 set of rods/pistons(I think the rods are "H" beams), and probably some more stuff. I don't remember all the info on this stuff, I think most of it was in a 396 Windsor. Make me an offer, I need it gone. It has to go by 2/16. I may also have a aluminum intake. I also have some MSD stuff. 6AL box, etc. If there's any interest I'll dig it out and post what I have. Call/txt would be best, just nothing after 9:30 615-653-0672 daniel
  16. This is a real nice socket set that is only missing a couple of piece. It has standard and metric sizes. Comes with 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2” drives. It is missing two 8 mm sockets and 1/4 drive extension. $35 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  17. Brand new in box from Verizon. 32GB grey Moto Z 2 Play Phone. Comes with new Otterbox case. Never activated. $300.00 paypal gift chief465@hotmail.com or local meet Lebanon / Mt Juliet pics wont load as always for me 615-207-6617
  18. This is 100% new in box. Unopened by me or anyone else. Open to trades. $375 cash/PayPal price. http://amzn.to/2EuraJd That is the exact product. Note, it's a manual lens, no autofocus
  19. I am selling the 6.2 liter LS3 motor from my wife's 2008 Corvette. We installed a new motor with a 100K mile warranty and do not want this one. It is a factory 430 HP motor. All service since new done at the dealership. The motor has 55K miles on it and is complete from the intake to oil pan. Will not include the ECU to run it but ECUs are sold through GM and are plug and play. It will need some minor work, I will explain to anyone who is serious about buying it. I just do not want to fool with it right now. Would make a great engine for an LS swap. $2,500 but taking offers as well as trades
  20. So I've decided to keep my Magnum and sell the Indian. It has Mid-Rise bars with heated grips and Pinnacle mirrors, highway bar closeouts, passenger backrest and luggage rack, Freedom Liberty 4" slip-ons with black tips, and Rivco Air Horn setup. A little over 1,200 miles on it. $19,500. Warranty good through May 2019. 615-542-3513

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