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Found 75 results

  1. Used scope in great condition. PL3 reticle, 1/4 MOA duel turn elevation turret (clockwise). Pictures show condition and I can send more of anything that you want to see. $2,400 OBO NOW $2,100 *May trade up or down on other optics. S&B's PMII, Nightforce NXS, ATACR, BEAST, Vortex Razor GII
  2. For Sale or Trade: Vortex Viper HS 5-15x 44 Scope Like New In Box - Never Mounted - Booklet, Bag, and Box Included. Asking Price: $350 or Trade Info on the scope: https://www.midwayusa.com/product/183567/vortex-optics-viper-hs-tactical-rifle-scope-30mm-tube-5-15x-44mm-side-focus-1-10-mil-adjustments-mil-dot-reticle-matte
  3. I got a little excited at an auction the other night and bought a crossbow I don't need. Anyone interested in a NIB Carbon Express X-Force Blade Pro Crossbow kit - includes bow, crank, scope, quiver and arrows. $250. Open to trades for hunting equipment, partial trades on guns... let me know what you've got.
  4. Brand new just took off to go to a collapsible $125 OBO open to any trades ammo, optics might trade up if I’m interested open to whatever just don’t need it
  5. Athlon Cronus 1-6 FFP in MRAD https://athlonoptics.com/product/rifle-scopes-cronus-1-6x24-tsr16-mil-ffp-ir/ Optic mostly has just sat on a safe queen.... Has excellent glass and a sweet reticle.... This is a true 1x and has a nice flat image down low I need a little more magnification for my setup Price: $699 $650 Shipped/Insured CONUS or $640 FTF in Cleveland (These were $1299+ new) Payment: PayPal as a gift or add fees Trades: (cash + or -) Nightforce 2.5-10 Vortex PST Gen II 2-10 Vortex Razor Gen II 3-18 or 4.5-27 Nightforce 4-16 F1 Glock 19x Aimpoint T2 Trijicon MRO (89k+ serial) Aimpoint Comp M4s Trijicon ACOG TA31 P226 Legion SAO HK USP-T 9mm DD MK18 Upper Bushnell DMR2 5.56 Ball Ammo 9mm Ball Ammo 6.5CM Ammo Keltec Sub 2000 Gen II Glock Variant Keltec PMR30 FN PS90 FN Five Seven MK2
  6. Thinning out the stash. Hornady Tap .223 75 Gr. BTHP 2-200 Round Cases-10 Boxes of 20. $200.00 per case of 200. Wolf .223 55 Gr. FMJ Steel Case 2-500 Round Cases $120.00 per case of 500. PMC 5.56 Xtac 62 Gr. Green Tip 1-1000 Round Case $350.00 Federal XM193 55 Gr. FMJ 2-500 Round Cases $150.00 per case of 500. Federal AE308D .308/7.62 150 Gr. FMJ 1-500 Round Case. $375.00 Winchester .45 ACP 230 Gr. FMJ 6-500 Round Cases-10 Boxes of 50. $225.00 per case of 500. Winchester 9mm 115 Gr. 100 Round Boxes $225.00 per 1000 Rounds (10 Boxes of 100) 4-5 K available. Face to face in/near Sevier County Cash-Trade for Au or Ag Coins/Bullion-S&W Shield 9mm, Spfld Xds , Ruger LCR. PM with any questions. Thanks for looking.
  7. Redid/ consolidated ads... Time to get rid of some extras/ make room for new stuff. Almost everything listed is BNIB, some brand new without box. Almost everything is pictured, however, if you need close-ups let me know. *prices are FTF in Mid-Tn. I'm not opposed to shipping, however I don't use PayPal * Make reasonable offers... OPTICS/PARTS Bushnell TRS25 w/ riser mount: brand new, never on a fired weapon- $65(over $100 retail) Nikon P-223 3x32 scope w/ rings: new in box(not pictured) - $120($165+ retail with mounts) Leupold Mark2 1" IMS one-piece scope mount -$80(brand new, no box, MSRP $129.99) Primary Arms 1" or 30mm one-piece scope mount- $20(brand new no box, Retail $35) PARTS Warne 30mm one-piece scope mount- BNIB - $70 Burris 1" QD P.E.P.R. mount- BNIB - $60 Leupold 30mm scope rings- $25(brand new, Retail $40) Steel Flip-up BUIS from a Sig 556R - $75(used, excellent condition) Polymer Flip-up BUIS - $25(Brand new, still in package, MSRP $50) Magpul rear mbus sight, one black, one FDE- BNIB - $35/ea Tapco 12-slot picatinny 3/4" riser- $10(new, no, box, $20 retail) GRIPS Fab defense ODgreen magwell grip -$10(used, $15 retail) Timber Creek black skeleton pistol grip- $75(brand new in box, $100 retail) Timber Creek FDE skeleton vertical grip- $60(brand new in box, $80 retail) BCM KAG grip, black(not pictured) - $15 Timber Creek FDE mini skeleton grip- BNIB, $50(70 retail) AR grip that accepts 1911 grips w/ pachmyer rubber inserts and 2 sets of grips- $50(used, over $75 Basic A2 pistol grips $4/ea MISC: Timber Creek M-Lok quick-disconnect sling mount w/with push-button sling swivel- $25(brand new, no box. Retail $35, swivel $15) Kryptek sticky wrap- $10(brand new, $19 retail) Thordsen Customs pistol buffer tube w/ MFTcheek rest- $50(used, $85 retail) Seekins Precision ATC muzzle break-$75(brand new, $90 new) SPM Timber Creek "heartbreaker" muzzle break- loud x but damn effective! $50(brand new on box, $70 retail) Carbine buffer and spring(not pictured) - $15 .223 snap caps -$5(brand new in box, $10 retail) Ambi safety- $15 Timber Creek 5 slot M-Lok to picatinny adapter- $15(brand new in package, $24 retail) Assorted sections of picatinny rails - $15 Blackhawk 9"-13" bipod, BNIB- $40
  8. Clearing out more extras/ spare stuff laying around. Brand new in box James Madison Tactical 80% AR10 poly lower with jig and instructions. These are going for $139.95 on their site, but I got a decent deal getting a couple of them so I'm letting this go for $85 ftf in Mid-Tn area.
  9. Brand new left hand, I would like totrade for a free float hand guard in 10" or 12" light weight used or 75$. Prefer local meet.
  10. Up for sale is a US Optics SN3 3.2-17x44 with a 3omm main tube. It is an older USO scope but has been on a safe queen for all of its life. It is 95% like new... no major or minor scrapes or dents. Details are as follows: Mag range: 3.2-17x Obj. lens: 44mm Main tube: 30mm Elevation: EREK Mil Windage: Mil, right side Reticle: Mil-GAP Parallax: TPAL Illumination: Analog, red, right side Finish: Factory Black USO 4" Sunshade, USO Factory Flip Caps *I do not have the original box. I have requested a build sheet from USO. Was a $2,600+ scope new. Super Glass in this one! It has been mounted in Badger Ordnance M40A3 quality rings torqued to 15 in'lbs. The ring marks are very light to "if any". The photos show condition. I'm asking ̶$̶1̶,̶6̶5̶0̶ $1,450 OBO + shipping, or trade towards a high quality scope in Moa/Moa e.g. Nightforce NXS. Paypal + fee (or gift), USPS MO, or Cash.
  11. I have 500 of the bullets in the subject line available. I took these in a recent lot purchase. I'll take $50 OBO for the bag or trade for other reloading supplies such as .308 bullets, .223 bullets or perhaps rifle powders. I can meet anywhere near Nashville or Murfreesboro or Lebanon.
  12. I have 1000 of the bullets in the subject line available. I took these in a recent lot purchase. I'll take $70 for the box or trade for other reloading supplies such as heavier .308 bullets, .223 bullets or perhaps rifle powders. I can meet anywhere near Nashville or Murfreesboro or Lebanon.
  13. I have 1500 (3 boxes of 500) of the bullets in the subject line available. I took these in a recent lot purchase. I'll take $50/box or trade for other reloading supplies such as .308 bullets, .223 bullets or perhaps rifle powders. I can meet anywhere near Nashville or Murfreesboro or Lebanon.
  14. I have some leftover Winchester white box from shooting a friends shield .45. I have no use for it, would trade for .223/5.56, 9mm or AR parts. Would sell for $35 FTF in Brentwood/Franklin
  15. I have three brand new Crimson Trace laser pistol grips for the Beretta 92, 96, M9A1, Centurion, Brigadier, Elite II, and Taurus Clones for $150 ea set. Two are sealed in bags, (no box) and another I opened to see what it had and to take a pic. I can't guarantee the batteries work so I'll hunt up a new set to send with it, so maybe you'll get two good battery sets, maybe one. I'll accept trade offers as well so offer up, all I can say is no thanks.
  16. I have a like new Streamlight TLR-4G weapon mount led flashlight and green laser combo. This will fit most any full size or compact handgun with a picatinny rail on it. It will also fit rifles and shotguns that have a rail. This is the more expensive model with the more visible green laser not the red. These sell for $225-250 most places. I’d like to trade this for two Streamlight TLR-1 c4 led models (about $90-100 each new). I will also take $200 cash for it so I could order two of the above lights.
  17. I have 7 unopened packages of .22lr made by CCI (100 rounds each). Then I have approximately anther 100 rounds combination of CCI and Winchester. $70 for all of it. Cleveland only.
  18. MBUS was brand new but going with troy flip up instead. Apex bow sight was also a take off and never used. These were take offs and come with pins for reinstall (Milspec). Mil spec flash hider off 556. Will take best reasonable offer for each or all, open to trade let me know what you have open to anything. Pics will not upload so can send upon request. Thanks,
  19. Sierra .308 125gr MatchKing bullets. Two packs of 500. These are bulk packed, not in a box. Looking for $130 per bag of 500. Update - $220 shipped for all 1k. Update 2 - $200 Sold pending funds. Link to the bullets at MidwayUSA for reference: https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1482899294/sierra-matchking-bullets-300-aac-blackout-308-diameter-125-grain-hollow-point-match I will trade for: Bolt action .22lr, equivalent count .308 175gr Matchkings, CCI small pistol primers, RCBS Chargemaster combo dispenser, or a Magnetospeed chronograph (I can add cash for the v3), AR9 lower (Glock mags style), AR upper, maybe other stuff.
  20. 1 Case, 500 Rounds of PPU, Privi, .308 Ammo. 168 Grain HPBT Bullet. $450.00 Trades: Gold or Silver Coins/Bullion Ruger LCR .38 or .357 Thanks for looking.
  21. Going through my spare magazine box the other day I discovered (x13) 15rnd Beretta M9 mags. I haven't owned or used a Beretta in a couple years so I'm hoping someone on here can get some use out of them. 3 or 4 have been used overseas, the rest are hardly used or not used at all, but they have some light scuffs on them from rubbing against each other in my mag box. Most if not all are marked Mil/LE. Would like to get $12 per mag, or I'll sell the lot of 13 for $100. My interests are pretty broad, so feel free to message me with trade offers, particularly for ammo. Trade value would be $15 per mag or $150 for the lot. Prefer to meet FtF in the Spring Hill/Columbia area, or willing to ship on your dime.
  22. Brand New in package Frankford Arsenal Vibra-Prime primer tube filler. Looking for $30, picked up in Columbia area or possibly Nashville. Will trade for small pistol primers, certain smokeless powders, or 5.56/9mm factory ammo.
  23. Leatherwood HiLux 2-7x32 scout scope. Unmarked condition, amazingly clear glass, .308bdc reticle, up to 13" eye relief. $120 or trade for a regular scope (2-7, 3-9, fixed 4 power) of the same value.
  24. Never used, carried for a day just prefer a combo blade and Benchmades. $90 OBO shipped. Box and papers included. http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f242/pops572/Mobile Uploads/F08587E0-71C7-4E57-A3DF-BF3FE2232BD7_zpszkbeq6oq.png

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