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Found 35 results

  1. Have a DDR dominator that I bought at bladeshow and it isnt going to work for me.DDR DominatorCompound GrindS35 VN satin bladeTitanium backspacerTitanium frame with blue/purple grovesTitanium clipSS screwsSS assembly screws knife is brand new in Chattanooga Price 675 or trade for a nice flipper of equal trade value according to ddr the knife was priced at over 1100 bucks plus his books are full for the rest of the year.My loss is your gain.
  2. sale-or-trade

    USGI 1911 parts View Advert This is being sold as a lot, I may be willing to separate if everything can get sold. Here's what you're looking at. All are used. 8 7 barrels (4x with barrel link and pin) - 4x marked with "45 Auto 7791193" on the barrel hood, "MP" on the left side of the lug, 2x with "73677", 1x with "MA", 1x with a backwards "P" on the right side of the lug - 1x with "P" on the left side of the lug and "HS" on the right side of the lug - 2x with "45ACP" on the barrel hood - 1x with a "P" on the left side of the lug and "square C" on the right side of the lug. 4x hammers - 2x with knurling - 1x with a wide knurled spur - 1x with serrations 5x grip safeties with no markings 5x triggers - 4x appear to be 1944-45 Colt or 1943-45 Rem Rand stamped parkerized - 1x appears to be a US&S Advertiser gunrunner32 Date 04/14/2017 Price $775.00 Category Gear Classifieds Manufacturer Colt Type of Item 1
  3. WTS BCM BFH 16" Barrel View Advert Trade for 7.62x39 Looking to sell some parts I'll probably never use again. First up is a like new BCM BFH 1:7 twist 16" mid length government profile 5.56 barrel w/ M4 feed ramps. I had this on a build and it was fired exactly 3 times (as in 3 rounds, not 3 range trips). These retail for $309 and I'm selling mine for $215 shipped. SOLD - Up next is a like new, way OOP 13" Geissele MK4 rail. This is the original version before they changed the lightening cuts on the bottom portion to the pear shape. The only way to get this rail now is in the ugly M-Lok format. You don't ever see these come up for sale and probably won't again. Comes with the barrel nut, wrench and allen wrench. $250 shipped. Advertiser manegarm Date 03/07/2017 Price $1.00 Category Gear Classifieds Manufacturer BCM / Geissele Type of Item 1
  4. I have a like new Orion 12 gauge flare launcher. It's been fired one time & as you can see in the photos, is in new condition without damage of any kind. Comes with three 12 gauge flares rated for an altitude of 500 feet & burn at 16,000 candlepower. (Just imagine the fun you could have next 4th of July.) Asking $45 OBO. Located in Oneida (Scott County), but willing to meet.
  5. sale-or-trade

    Migrated to new classifieds system
  6. I bought this optic new from outpost armory in June or July and haven't used it I mounted it on my AR never fired optic is a 10/10 I own 2 more of these eotechs its time to let one go and start another project I still have box all paperwork and warranty info and I may still have the receipt from when i bought it asking $475 and i will ship if I need to. The only thing I would trade for is a new or like new trijicon MRO if interested call or text Brandon 615-525-7252 and I will get you some Pics of the eotech
  7. S&B Subsonic 200 Grain FMJ 300 AAC Blackout I have 500rds in 20rd boxes up for grabs Prices: 500rds = $300 250rds = $160 Shipping: I can ship on your dime ..... If we go this route I prefer Paypal as payment (+ fees or gifted) My work schedule has been very crazy lately so I can't travel outside of Cleveland at the moment Trades: Geissele SD3G LaRue MBT BCM 7" KMR DD or BCM BCG LMT Enhanced BCG BCM Complete Lower BCM 16" Upper BCM 11.5" Upper
  8. I have a great shape Trijicon TA11-G 3.5x35 up for grabs http://www.opticsplanet.com/trijicon-acog-3-5x35-scope-dual-illuminated-green-donut-223-ballistic-reticle-ta11-g.html This ACOG was manufactured in April of 2009 and the tritium still looks good and glows ... It is slightly dimmer than a fresh one but still very usable Fiber optic tube looks great with no cracks Velcro on top so you can place a cloth over the fiber optic tube so it doesn't bloom too much during a sunny day Does NOT include box Prices: ** PENDING ** Payment: Paypal + Fees or FTF in Cleveland area I will take trades but my trade value will be higher than my cash price Aimpoint T1/T2 Vortex Razor 1-6 Glocks in 9mm Sig Legion P226 SAO P220 Combat w/Threaded Barrel Springfield TRP
  9. I've got a Dillon 650XL complete from the factory with the .45acp caliber kit. I've also got the following parts with This package also includes the following; 1200+ pieces of deprimed, swagged and cleaned 300 Blackout brass, 70 pieces of sized and primed 300 Blackout brass, Wilson cage gage, Lee die set, RCBS full length sizer, Harbor Freight metal chop saw with a 300 blackout trim jig. Cant figure out how to delete these pictures.
  10. Brand new in the box Leica APO 82mm Spotting Scope .... Model number is 40121 These do not come with eye pieces FYI Price is $2499 Shipped/Insured Trade Value is $2799 Trades: (Cash can go + or -) Aimpoints Vortex Razor 1-6, 3-18 or 4.5-27 NF Optics SCAR 17 SCAR 16 CZ Scorpion KAC SR15 KAC SR25 IWI Tavor or X95 Steyr AUG Glocks 1911s Ruger Precision Rifle LaRue Rifles Noveske Rifles Barrett M99 50BMG Sig MCX Sig MPX PVS14 HK USP Tactical 9mm/45 FNX Tactical 45 FN PS90 FN Five Seven Sig P220 10mm Sig P220 Combat Sig Legion P226 Sig MK25 ??????
  11. Like new mount Geissele Super Precision Scope Mount - 30mm - Extended - Zero MOA Cant - Extended - DDC Finish Price: $269 Shipped CONUS Trade "Value" is $350 Payment: Paypal as a gift or add fees
  12. This is 100% NIB. I purchased it for the Marlin I'm selling but never mounted it on anything. Very nice rimfire scope. $150 or open to trades.
  13. I have 4 Vintage Schrade Old Timer 34OT 3 blade knives for sale or Trade. These are new in box and made before Schrade left the USA ( I think in 2004). I opened one delicately to get pics. Never used. I will sell shipped for $40 each or $150 for all 4 at once. Trades on guns, parts, or ammo considered. Guns are FTF only.
  14. Brand new in the box never mounted Steiner M5Xi 5-25x56 .... Scope is eligible for the Steiner T-Rings Promo ($229 MSRP) .... Whoever purchases the scope just needs to let me know what height rings they would like and I will have them sent to you once I receive them Model # is 5525 - Illuminated G2B Mil-Dot Reticle - FFP - 34mm Tube - Turrets are in .1 mils The M5Xi is Steiners flagship line ..... This glass is absolutely awesome! I would love to keep this optic but I just do not need this much scope at the moment http://www.steiner-optics.com/riflescopes/military/m5xi-military-5-25x56 Price: $2,800 Trade Value is $3100 Trades of interest (Cash can go either way): Vortex Razor 1-6 Nightforce 2.5-10 Aimpoint T1/T2 Aimpoint Comp M4/M4s ACOGs Glocks in 9mm SCAR 17s/16s CZ Bren IWI X95 HK USP Tactical .45/9mm FN PS90 Geissele SD3G KAC SR15 LaRue Rifles Noveske Rifles FNX Tactical 45 in FDE KAC SR15 Lower Marlin JM Lever Guns Pre Lock Smith Revolvers
  15. A few unopened boxes of ammo for sale or trade. 2 boxes of 7mm-08 Hornady reduced recoil 120gr SST $22 each 308 Match grade ammo: 1 box of 308 Buffalo bore 175gr match $25 1 box of 308 Federal 168gr match $20 1 box of 308 Federal 175gr match $20 Will need to meet near Columbia/Springhill area. Looking for Ramshot Big Game powder, 44 mag , 9mm, 10mm ammo, or 7mm bullets. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Brand new unit ATN TIMNOTSXS614 ..... Purchased to use for some Hog hunts but never got around to it .... All I did was pop a battery in and peak through it for a few minutes New these are priced from $5,000+ on the low end and much higher at some retailers Cash price would be $4,400 and my "Trade" Value will be $5,000 Trades of interest: PVS14 SCAR 17s SCAR 16s KAC SR25 EMC KAC SR15 BCM Reece 16 FN PS90 (Gen 1) Smith 686 Pre Lock Marlin 45-70 JM Aimpoint T1/T2 or Comp M4s Trijicon ACOGs Trijicon VCOG Elcans Vortex Razor 1-6 Vortex Razor 4.5-27 NF ATACRs (I prefer the F1 models) Colt 6920 Daniel Defense Rifles Ruger Precision Rifle in 308 Desert Tech SRS Barrett MRAD in 338 Barrett M99 in .50BMG 308/5.56 Ammo FN Five Seven DD MK18 Geissele Triggers IWI X95 IWI Tavor Steyr AUG LaRue Rifles Noveske Rifles HK USP Tactical in .45/9mm FNX Tactical .45 Glocks in 9mm/10mm or .45
  17. Crossbreed Mini-tuck right hand draw for sale and is gently used. I used this for about a week before I changed my carry style for my Kahr. I have a PM9 but this fits other Kahrs as well per Crossbreed: Crossbreed Mini Tuck (Right Hand) Leather and kydex hybrid IWB holster. Superior comfort and concealability. Fits T, TP, K, P, CW, MK & PM Series. I paid $65 shipped and will sell for $39 shipped. Wil trade for 9mm, 10mm, 44mag or 7-08 ammo. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. http://www.greyghostgear.com/mobile/Product.aspx?ProductCode=0002 http://www.greyghostgear.com/mobile/Product.aspx?id=37712 Brand new in Kryptec ..... Never used Price is $109 for the pack and $50 for the chest rig .... $150 for both .... Prices include shipping Payment: Paypal as a gift or add fees or google wallet
  19. sale-or-trade

    Nightforce nfs 1-4 lit on American defense qd mount cost over 1600 cash and carry at reloaders bench. Had been mounted less than 60 rounds before deciding on acog. My loss is your gain. 1200 cash obo or trade around 1350ish I guess. Not looking for anything specific just a fair deal and a new home for some of the best glad I've ever looked through. Perfect for 556 battle rifle 300 blk tactical our whatever you prefer. Cash up or down if necessary.
  20. 3.5*35 red 308 reticle mounted to my scar for 40 round and have decided to go bigger but this thing is amazing. Trade for other high end optics in the same condition 1300 trade but cash is king. 1150 cash money
  21. sale-or-trade

    Two slings for sale. One is a magpul MS3 (SOLD) and the other is a paracord I bought from a local vendor in Nashville. $25 each w/shipping Thanks for looking
  22. Make offers! I'm not trying to make a million. Just trying to turn a buck. 423-653-2778 129 pcs unfired 223 Rem brass. 1000 Winchester WLP primers. Can't ship. Bore snake .32/8mm new in box I'll add prices shortly. Let's hear offers.
  23. Brand new never used http://www.knifecenter.com/item/CS62NGMVB/cold-steel-62ngmvb-medium-espada-folding-knife-black-cts-xhp-plain-blade-coyote-tan-g10-handles Price: $69.00 Shipped CONUS Payment: Paypal as a "gift" or add 3.5% Trade Value is $125 Geissele Triggers Glock 17 Magazines Ammo Magpul D60 Surefire X300U AR Bolt Carrier Groups
  24. Brand new in the box .... Streamlight 45104 Litebox 20-Watt Vehicle Mount System Flashlight with DC Charger and Shoulder Strap More info here: http://www.flashlightdistributor.com/streamlight.aspx?Streamlight=45104 Price: $89.00 Shipped CONUS Payment: Paypal as a gift or add fees or google wallet Trade Value is $150
  25. Going through my ammo...found some 300 win mag ...sold the gun years ago, so.... 28 rounds of Rem 180 PSP 14 rounds of Rem 150 PSP 3 rounds of Win 150 PP (full disclosure ... the win ammo has silver primers....pretty sure it's factory ammo though) ....and 20 empty brass. Total of 45 loaded and 20 empty brass. This ammo has been in the back of my closet for years, and the factory boxes are intact, but worn from years of shuffling around. The ammo itself appears fine...not bright and shiny, but what do you expect for ammo that has a price tag on it of $14.99 Price is $40.00 FTF in the columbia/spring hill area.. OR... will consider trades for an equal $$$ amount of factory ammo in 5.56, 7.62x39, 30-30, 30-06...possibly others.

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