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Duck Hunters

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My grandson has gotten hooked on duck hunting. I gave him a Mosberg 20 ga with a 26" brl and it is not enough gun to kill ducks with. He went to a high dollar hunting preserve and shot 3 which blew feathers out of the ducks and they fluttered a bit but kept flying. His dad let him use his 12 Ga and he killed 5 during their hunt.

His dad is now looking for a 28" 12 Ga semi auto or pump. The 20 Ga does good on small ponds, but the ducks are much closer. He is not buying high dollar guns so what would you all suggest he purchase. I have a Mosberg 12 Ga I would give him but it has an 18 1/2" brl and I called Mossberg yesterday and they have no barrels for sale. Said they are using all of them on new guns and they have no extras right now. told me to call back in 6 weeks. 

Any suggestions. The kid is 14 and eat up with hunting. Lives in Mt Pleasant S Carlina and his dad goes with him often. 

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For 14 years old I don’t think you can go wrong with buying him the maverick 88 field and security package. Something he can scratch up and not feel terrible about. He could also use slugs for deer season if he really has the hunting bug. Generally deemed to hold up pretty well for the value and could have a back door/bedroom home defense shotgun if he moves out. 


I know dahlonega in GA freq has them on sale. They’re a drop shipper that charges $25-30 on shipping. 


Could get yourself some grandpa of the year points for around $300 shipped after tax. 

Another option is to try to find a barrel on eBay/gunbroker that is interchangeable. 

Just my .$.02, but for fourteen I think it’s a great tool to break your teeth in on.

Hope this helps. 

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He has the deer hunting bug also. I gave him a Savage Axis 308 w/Weaver 9x40 scope on it. Maverick sounds good, I am familiar with them however do preferer a Mossberg.  Both are made by Mosberg if memory serves me well.

His dad just sent me a message and posted he found a Mossberg Mdl 500 walnut stock pump with a 24" and 28" brl package at Sportsman's Guide which he said was a great deal. I think he is going to purchase that for him. That would be the best of both worlds for the boy.  He hunts both Turkeys and Ducks plus swamp rabbits. 

Thanks for the suggestion Scotty. 

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Is he using steel shot?  Try some bismuth.  I've heard many a duck hunter complain about steel no matter what ga they were shooting.  A friend hunts ducks with nothing but 20 ga and uses these:


He said they hit like a truck compared to steel shot.  They are kinda pricey, but he says he only gets to go twice a year, so he might as well make his shots count.  

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They just sent me a message that they purchased a Benelli, Montefeltro semi-auto12 Ga with a 28" brl from Bass Pro In Mertle Beach S Carolina. They were there for their daughter's volleyball tournament. 

Yes, using steel. Said they looked at Bismuth but was expensive. My SIL is a "chepo". It has taken me a year to convince him to purchase a good named brand shotgun. Told him what your said about the 20 Ga. He has a Mossberg 20 ga pump with a 26" brl that they are having trouble knocking ducks out of the sky but blasting tail feathers out of them. I told them to lead the ducks a little bit farther. Bismuth sounds great to me. 

I gave grandson my father's Remington mdl 1148  semi 26" brl auto 16 Ga but it does not have a plug in it, and it has an improved cylinder. Bismouth, if they could find the ammo, would bring it into play. Told g-son my dad purchased the 1148 in 1956. If he takes care of it he can give it to his children. 

Thanks guys. He had to pay 790.00 + tax for the Benelli. Benelli site says retail is 1475.00 for this model. Bass Pro Shop had a deal on this shotgun. 

Edited to add; Grandson got his first double with a borrowed 12 Ga yesterday. Two Green Heads.  This kid is eat up with hunting and fishing. Even has his own boat at age 14. Daughters boss gave it to him. 17 ft flat bottom w a 50 salt water Honda on it. His dad had to get the motor cleaned but runs great now. Carburetor/gas dried in it.  

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15 hours ago, pop pop said:

Thanks guys. He had to pay 790.00 + tax for the Benelli. Benelli site says retail is 1475.00 for this model. Bass Pro Shop had a deal on this shotgun. 

A new gun is never a bad thing but he had better watch his back - $790 for a new Montefeltro is THEFT lol

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SNL went me a picture of Bismouth 12 Ga on the shelf. It had a shelf price of 55.90 for a box of 25. Ouch! I see what he means. I told him to get a box for the 20 Ga and see what it will do. Take good shots with the ammo. Teach son to conserve his ammo. 

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They took the new Benelli hunting this morning and got 2 green heads. Said the new gun slid in Parker's hand and bruised his finger on the trigger guard. I told him to get him some shooting gloves with sticky on them. He is only 14 with small hands and the 12 Ga with 3" shells are wicked. His dad said he loves the shotgun. 

They are getting up at 3 AM and Parker is going to school late. I think 1/2 hour or so. That kid is eat up with Duck Hunting. I told SIL to bite the bullet and purchase some Bismuth for the 20 and let Parker see what it will do. It really fits him much better. I don't know how much longer duck season last in S Carolina.

The guy with the membership to the hunting club told Parker he could use his membership until duck season is over.  It cost 15,000.00 per year to belong to this club in Georgetown S Carolina. The guy who owns the membership has it for clients to use connected with his business. Lucky for Parker and his dad. They also have all types of hunting there year-round so they may have walked into a good thing. I think this guy lives in the same place as Justin. Good neighbor. They can take up to 4 guys as visitors every time they go. Justin said most of the hunters are old guys aand shooting 5-to-6-thousand-dollar guns, drink like fish and smoke like a freight train. OH Well! The old guys pick at Parker, but are amazed with his shooting. Dad said Parker smiles and hunts on. 

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