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10 hours ago, DeepSouth said:

Is there a thread for homemade bullet lube?

I assume you are talking about the actual bullet lube, like Lee Alox or 45-45-10.

Or do you have something like an RCBS Bullet sizer / lubricator?

I have only used Lee Alox and Powder Coating.

Cast Boolits forums has a good bit of info on various lube methods.

Dolo and Caster have a few threads about powder coating on here. They help me a bunch back when we used to cast and PC. 

I'm probably a bit dense LOL

Could you elaborate on what your plans are?


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I tried Lee Alox and it worked good...far less lead deposits. I haven't heard of anyone making their own bullet lube. I switched to powder coated bullets before I used up the Lee Alox that I had, so I'm curious to see what you find as a substitute in case the zombies come and I have to resort to scavenging wheel weights.

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Posted (edited)

Dad used Lee Alox and White Alox that was sold on ebay. Both work the same. Stick a cookie sheet or board in a shopping bag and lay the coated bullets on it. Set them up to cure a month before sizing. Then into a labeled jar. I loaded 1,000 in the past 2 weeks that are 10 years and got very little Alox on my fingers.

I read a thread somewhere that Alox was mixed with Johnson & Johnson paste wax and something else. Was wondering if money was saved doing it and if it was a better coating.

Sad, we let some threads pass without thinking about putting them in a sticky folder.

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It sounds like you have a good hold on things.

I may be wrong, but I think some older threads may have been purged as the site changed over the years, Could be that, or my lack of cyberskills.

I may cast and Alox some in the future. Right now I'm just purchasing either powder coated bullets or Hi-Tek coated bullets.

We did cast and PC some 7.62x39 in the past and they worked great. But I'm pretty well settled into handgun loading and shooting these days.

Looking forward to your postings on your adventures in handloading. 👍

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Since we had a good breeze yesterday I casted almost a pint jar of 358-120 RN before my leg gave me some pain. Put them in a quart jar, added a couple of lumps of Alox and twisted the jar every which way for 5 minutes. A little to much Alox so I'll add more bullets today.

I found a video that looked good. The guy filled a sheet pan with bullets standing up. Poured melted crayons in to cover the lube groves. They were 358's. He had swagged a 357 case that a bullet would fall into the case. Had a spring loaded push rod through the primer pocket. After the wax hardened he'd push the case onto a bullet, twist, pull the bullet out and press the bullet from the case. The bullets had a thin coat of wax, removed when pressed through the sizing die.

A good idea but a bit more work than I want to do. For a softer lube could use toilet wax rings.

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Check out the Castboolits forum. Yes the spelling is correct. Tumble lube is the simplest way to lube bullets or boolits as they refer to cast lead.

In a nut shell you thin alox or make your own, ( all on the site under bullet lube) put a hand full of bullets into a small container, add a small amount of lube, shake, swirl etc till they are all LIGHTLY coated, dump on a parchment paper or wax paper, let dry, load n shoot. 
Some folks like a second coat on theirs, I usually don’t. I believe this lube is good to 1800 fps but my memory might be off.

 Message me if you have any questions, I’ll be glad to help.

Read the sticky’s at the top of the lube section for Tumble lube !


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