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While buying our 22LR this afternoon, we happened to be at the Smyrna Wal-Mart sporting goods counter when their district managers and their store "buyers" (responsible for determining what goods are in what stores) were making their tour of the place.

I spoke with the district manager and asked him about their plans to discontinue selling rifles in store. He confirmed that they are indeed doing this and that from now on only one store per district will sell rifles. The store for our local district is going to be the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Franklin, TN.

I asked about ammo and he said that they have no plans to take ammo out of the stores at this time. Just rifles. I also asked if he realized that Sam Walton was an avid hunter himself, and he sort of sighed and said he knew exactly what I was getting at but his hands were tied as this is a corporate decision.

Worth noting is that the 100rd box of Winchester White Box FMJ 45acp target ammo has risen in price from $22.xx to $26.xx This in the past week. :-\

Also worth noting is that back when I worked for Wal-Mart in college, they still sold handguns in the store. That changed in the mid 1990's and they said that they had no plans to remove rifles. Notice a trend?

If you enjoy buying your ammo from Wal-Mart, you might want to write your store manager and store district manager a letter expressing your concern over this trend and ask them to please continue selling ammo. It's a shame that they won't be selling rifles as widespread anymore.

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I hope they don't take the ammo out of stores. It's one of the cheapest places to get it. I don't think I can go back to buying ammo that is priced too high at most gunshops.

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I agree. Bass Pro is another alternative for us but their ammo has historically been $2-3 higher than Wal-Mart per 100rds. From what I understand, Academy Sports and Outdoors has good ammo prices but I've never been to check.

Middle TN now has Dick's Sporting Goods stores, but likewise I haven't checked their prices either.

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I went to Dick's a while back and they didn't seem to have that much other than hunting ammo and the prices didn't seem very low.

Academy on the other hand is great, when they have the ammo in stock. They've got good prices on 9mm, 5.56, and 7.62x39. Their prices on guns a hard to beat as well.

I'll get out and do some shopping before too long and I'll report back. I'm going to check Dick's again and see if they've made any changes in their prices or the items they stock.

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Thanks, I'd be interested in hearing what prices you find.

I just did some checking around online and none of the places that I visited had brass cartridge FMJ .45acp for less than $130 per 500rds. That's more expensive than WWB at Wal-Mart. :-\

I may be naive about it, but I refuse to shoot Wolf or other Russian steel case ammo as it's just needlessly hard on the extractor mechanism of our handguns.

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The only Wolf I've shot has been in Russian guns. It has been fine safety wise and has been reasonably accurate. I don't know if I'll shoot any of it in my pistols or rifles other than AK's.

Some people are saying keep the Russian ammo in Russian guns.

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Yea, that blows about the price of ammo. With the price of copper skyrocketing over the past year, it's only natural that the prices of ammo would follow soon.

I finally built a reloading bench.. it's time to get some reloading equipment.

Also, pick up a nice 9mm to play around with. The ammo costs half what .45 ACP does.

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We've got an XD9 Service that I'll probably be shooting a lot more as time passes now due to ammo cost. I'd still like to keep shooting 50-100 rds of .45ACP at least once every week or two so that I don't become too accustomed to the lower recoil of the 9mm. Especially since the XD45 is my carry gun.

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I shot that new XD-9 I got at Stones River yesterday, and I was surprised at how snappy it is compared to my XD-45. Of course the 45 has more recoil but the recoil of the 9mm really wasn't that much less. I guess because the XD-9 is on a smaller overall platform the recoil is more pronounced. Not that the recoil of either one is a problem cool.gif

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Guest Loaded247

I've been purchasing my ammo from Bass Pro, and I may start purchasing from Sportsman's Warehouse as well.

I load all of the Old West ammo, and I've done so for 20 plus years now, but I've only loaded the modern stuff (.45 ACP) off and on.

With the rise in prices, however, maybe I will start to load the modern stuff on a more regular basis...

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on that note, I heard a rumor a few years back that Clinton had passed a bill requiring an additive to gunpowder for reloading that gives it a shelf life..is that the case?

I hate to sound like a noob..I've been out of the sport for almost 10 years and am now picking it back up again....so just reading the posts is good fodder for my cranium!;):up::up:

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I've had some good prices from the online site ammoman.com Always shipped as promised and no nonsense.


Their prices are ok on most of the ammunition. Not really any spectacular deals there.

They seem pretty reliable though.

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on that note, I heard a rumor a few years back that Clinton had passed a bill requiring an additive to gunpowder for reloading that gives it a shelf life..is that the case?

I hate to sound like a noob..I've been out of the sport for almost 10 years and am now picking it back up again....so just reading the posts is good fodder for my cranium!:lol::up::lol:

I've never heard of that and a cursory search of Google didn't turn up anything. It sounds like an urban legend and logically seems that it would have been impossible for the Clinton Administration to pull off and force the manufacturers to follow.

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