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My 14-year-old daughter is SAFE AT HOME

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Times like this I thank God that my wife and I are childless.  But she was late coming home tonight and I was getting more than uneasy.  I can't imagine the hell you went through TDR, but I rejoice with you that she's safe and back in your care.


The waterboarding pic is a real kneeslapper.  I'm also reminded of this scene from Clueless:



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Let me start off by thanking TGO David and everyone else who took the time to spread the word. The outpouring was truly amazing, and I will be forever grateful.    The nearly 24-hour period that pas

Glad she's back home TDR.   Though.... these boys... they are dead yes?

Good ending to a bad story.  Now... the little bastard that convinced her to stay the night at his house...    

Thank God, that's great. My children are 3 and 1, so I have yet to face a scenario like this. I pray I never have to honestly. I'm glad she's okay. Our minds can be the worst enemy in these situations, so I'd say you handled it well. I've been the one taking that report several times and you feel a bit helpless to be honest. Glad to hear this news!
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