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My 14-year-old daughter is SAFE AT HOME

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Let me start off by thanking TGO David and everyone else who took the time to spread the word. The outpouring was truly amazing, and I will be forever grateful.    The nearly 24-hour period that pas

Glad she's back home TDR.   Though.... these boys... they are dead yes?

Good ending to a bad story.  Now... the little bastard that convinced her to stay the night at his house...    

Glad she is home and glad it worked out. Now you need to explain how many people that you know that have guns and the willingness to hunt and search for a loved one of our members.
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I'm so glad she's safe and sound!


I'm sure we all share your emotions and would try and move heaven and earth for our precious children. I can imagine what a challenge it was to restrain yourself in pursuit of your child. I don't ever want to experience that. Count your blessings that it didn't end up like so many of the programs on TV and cherish every moment with your loved ones.


I love happy endings.

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Saw it on my email first then saw it was all clear about 10 min. later. I cannot access my email at certain times like some ( like while giving presentations ) , I was relieved to see that everything was ok before I started a APB on all my social networks. Glad she is SAFE.
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Glad this part is over. Sounds like there's still some work to do.

If it makes you feel better I've been there too. I hope it works out as well for you as it eventually did me.

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TDR; we're so glad she is home safe and sound, that's the important part. Work with her on her issues and get her help if she needs it. Glad you didn't do something stupid!



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I'm happy for you 'Ride. Glad you can relax.
Ain't my business to tell nobody this but SOMEBODY needs a trip to the woodshed. Several somebody's.

...somebody had to say it. :)
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Good ending to a bad story.  Now... the little bastard that convinced her to stay the night at his house...






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The boys didn't force her into anything, so there is nothing that can legally be done about the part they played in the whole ordeal. Even though at least 2 of them lied to the police several hours before she was found, they get to walk. Because I eventually filed a runaway report, they issued her a citation. Guess who's gonna get stuck with the court costs and fines?  In the end, I am the only one that will truly pay for all of this. I'll find a way for her to work it off, but the cash is coming out of ol' Dad's pocket.

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My stomach hurt all day yesterday agonizing about this. I have two of my own and two nieces who stay with me a lot and also call me dad. I am thankful everything turned out the way it did. It also makes my heart happy to see how many TGO members were willing to do whatever to help!
And yes, Steelharp is pretty cool :)

Sent barefoot from the hills of Tennessee

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