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Private Rifle Class Knoxville April 2015...AAR added

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Hi Folks.


We have a private class setup in the Knoxville area and decided to open 5 slots to TGO members and associates.


This is an incredible opportunity that you really don’t want to miss. Please feel free to PM me, Randy Harris aka Cruel Hand Luke, or GTG (Gotthegoods) for any additional info.


Location: South Knoxville area…details on signup.

The below is an edited e-mail excerpt I sent out some time ago.






Hi folks;

TGO member GTG, the gentleman that hosted A.I.M. (Alternative Indexing Methods) Class has offered his place again for a Private session Randy Harris Rifle Class. Thank you GTG!

What we are looking at is a one day, eight hour or so class, utilizing that AR 15, AK, M1A, Lever action carbine or whatever you have hanging around you plan to defend hearth and home with.  :)

This will be from contact or near contact distances out to about 25-30 yards. There will be transitional use of the handgun incorporated.

The main focus will be, as mentioned, use in close range interpersonal conflict resolution as it relates to home and immediate property defense.

Cost is $150.00 for the day. That is a true value my friends and a special discounted rate Randy is kind enough to offer to us.

I know several of you guys have AR's, AK's and such that probably have the barrels growing closed as I type this...you've all heard "You don't use it, you lose it". :)

Knock the dust off of 'em and get some training...

I promise Training is a much better investment than gear...Invest in yourself...your skills...the "gubbermint" can't take that away from you my friends.

The date is Saturday April 18th ..should be plenty of time to make plans and gather your gear. :)

FYI...more ammo means more trigger time. I always bring much more than listed because I plan to shoot!


Ammo: Rifle 200 rds  Pistol : 50 rds

Ancillary gear: belt and holster and mag pouch for pistol , sling for rifle,  at least 3 rifle mags, at least  2 pistol mags, a way to carry rifle mags. This can be in your pockets, belt mounted mag pouches, a bag of some type or a chest rig. This is not a contractor class so if you show up with armor and  18 magazines you'll be a little over dressed. Armor is fine...but no whining if it gets heavy. It only works if you wear it and wearing it gets tiresome.  

Use common sense on holster set up. If you are rolling with a chest rig and or armor then NO AIWB (appendix IWB) unless you have a truly small chest rig and there is no conflict between the rig and the gun coming out of the holster cleanly. I want no conflict between chest rig and drawing the pistol for safety sake. IWB or OWB belt is fine...as long as it is not impeded by a monstrously big SWAT turtle rig. Drop leg is fine....but no one is REALLY gonna use that in all likelihood. 

Some stuff we will cover....

Don't get shot (use of cover and movement to keep from getting shot) 

Quickly hit what you aim at (use APPROPRIATE sight pic for the distance) whether standing, kneeling, prone or moving

Clear malfunctions

Keep it loaded (both emergency and proactive) 

Transition to pistol (reload and keep it running too) 

Weapon Retention and use of the rifle as an impact weapon (it's good for more than just shooting)

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Mere hours away folks! I have my mags loaded and gear ready to do some training.


Rain or shine...


heck, we're in East Tennessee so probably both. :pleased:


Come on out and join us folks...we still have a slot open I believe.



Thanks to GTG for being a gracious host for these classes! :up:

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First: Thank you GTG for hosting this class and allowing us to train on your family property, yet again. You are a gentleman my friend. My appreciation to your family as well Sir.


Excellent info and a great group of folks to train with. The students had various levels of experience, from multiple training classes to first time attendees. One student had just purchased his AR prior to the class…it ran like a top! The majority of the class, that is all of them except one odd-ball ran AR’s…I ran an AK…makes me the odd-ball I reckon…but not the only “unique-gun”…one student ran a Hi Point 9mm carbine. I was impressed…that sucker ran perfectly, nary a hitch. Sweet! :up:

Several of the students were running various chest rigs, several used belt mounted Kydex magazine holders/pouches, a couple ran mags from there pockets.


A very salient point Randy made was the context within which we would be putting our long-guns to use in our homes….this was not a SWAT Call-Out Class.

We will most likely be responding to a strange sound, perhaps breaking glass, or a scream…we will generally respond rapidly, and will “grab-n-go”. Rarely will there be time to don our “tactical gear”, but even more rarely would we need to fire that 30 round bang-stick in the confines of our home…we are in East TN after all, not Mogadishu!

I keep my AK within reach in my bedroom with a shoulder bag beside it containing 2 extra AK mags, two pistol mags, a BOK, and an extra flashlight. I may or may not have time to grab the bag…situations will dictate that. (I will be adding active hearing protection to my kit.)

Randy suggested a mag coupler for the AR guys…if you can’t deal with the problem with 60 rounds…you are probably in deep derp!


Randy also told us about a very useful application for an unmounted light used within your “safe room” or bedroom…but you’ll need to train with Randy for that particular pearl. :cool:


We did a good bit of dry fire work. Dry fire is probably the most unappreciated expenditure of training time in existence. It is invaluable imho. It doesn’t require expensive ammo, can be done in the confines of our own homes, we don’t have to contend with the distractions of muzzle blast and recoil, and we can do it frequently enough to have those movements and manipulations fresh in our brains if the SHTF!

I picked up several iterations I will definitely incorporate into my own dry fire training practice.


We worked from about 7 yards to 20 yards.

Practiced malfunction clearances, reloads, reloading while moving (the chewing gum and walking at the same time concept), transitioning to the non-dominate side, and transitioning to sidearm.


It was a “bit” muddy out there at the “farm”. So we didn’t do any prone. That you for that Randy! It’s appreciated. :pleased:



A couple of the primary purposes of training are to identify your weaknesses and learn to turn them into strengths, and build on the strengths you possess already.

I've done little but "bench shooting" of a long gun in the past 10 years.

I identified many weaknesses in my "real world" long gun shooting abilities...but now I have the information to correct those thanks to Randy. Much obliged Sir.



Hat’s off to Randy for a safe and very informative class! :up:




Prag aka Jamie

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First time I have ever taken a rifle class.


Designed for 25 yards and less (Zombies encroaching on your property to the home invasion)


Day started with admin / safety briefing and dry work (weapon manipulation and mag retention)


Mag retention for home defense make obvious sense to me now...chances are you will not be strapping on your belt or chest rig with multi mags but rather grabbing an extra and stuffing it in your pocket or waist band - keeping a partially loaded mag in this scenario is not a bad idea.


Gear and gunz...I went minimalist and worked out of my pockets. I did not have a sling - mistake, kind of...when transitioning form rifle to pistol I had to either drop my rifle for a 2-hand pistol grip or tuck under my arm for a one-hand grip. Have a sling on your home defense rifle/carbine.


I shot my HiPoint 995 with TS Stock and $30 BSA Red Dot. It was flawless and ran as well as the Tavors, ARs and AKs. I was concerned about the 10 round capacity, but with an emphasis on pro-active reloads and mag retention and extra mags in my pocket, I didn't feel "under-gunned" Being a lefty, I followed the "step to the right" and shot off-hand. I can't imagine how difficult it would have been to do this with irons, the Red Dot made it "easy" to acquire the target with my non-dominant eye. The benefit was stepping to my strong side, my groups tightened up noticeably. I wasn't sure if the cheap red dot would hold zero, but with the light 9mm recoil, I think it's a keeper.

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