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  1. I like the wood better. That triangle sidefolder is awesome! Only way to Krink imo.
  2. I need to get my 762-SDN-6 ordered. Gotta sop spending money on motorcycle/homebrewing/reloading stuff first.
  3. I've got a 9" AAC barrel that works well with both sub and supersonic ammo, haven't managed to get a suppressor for it yet. I did have to upgrade my CMT bolt to an extra power extractor spring to get it to eject properly.
  4.   I wanted to use them, but I didn't want to drop my NFA registered lower off with someone that doesn't have an FFL.Technically they are providing gunsmithing services when they engrave a lower.
  5. Their smith only comes in on Saturdays and I don't think he's got a workshop at Nashville Armory. He had it done in a week.
  6.   That's the main thing. i wanted it in front of the mag well if it would fit.
  7.   The gunsmith wasn't there, I requested to be called. Only call that I got was that it was ready.
  8.   Trying to figure out the best way to black it out. I don't think it needed to be so huge.
  9. Took a week at Nashville Armory. I wasn't pleased with the price or quality.
  10. Just got my lower back from engraving. I present the CMT TGO-15 SBR. 9" AAC 300 Blackout barrel, AAC 51t flash hider. Need a 762-SDN-6 and an Aimpoint to complete this project.   [url=][/URL]
  11.   Dropped my lower off there. Didn't feel comfortable dropping it off at an engraver with no FFL.
  12. I had a Form 1 that I had started but not submitted in February. It was saved on eForms and let me submit. Just lucky I guess.
  13.   Alright then. Probably going to have to buy one of those soon.
  14. eFiled Form 1 on 5/21, approved 7/31.
  15. I'm not sure I'd pay to transfer the existing items. I'd be very interested in seeing how the stock will attach to your Krink.