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  1. Brian's Motorsports has a good reputation for Jeep stuff. I've not used them but my boss liked them.
  2. Might be a while, I need someone to drive the 550 for a few years so I can afford it.
  3. 2013 Lexus GX 460. I work from home so it doesn't see a lot of miles. That GX 550 do be looking sexy though.
  4. You do gotta wonder what a guy (or gal idk) from Connecticut is doing on our little Tennessee forum resurrecting 8 year old threads.
  5. Glock 29 in great condition. I don't have an exact round count but most likely below 200. Has Heine Slant Pro night sights installed. Comes with original case and two magazines. Located near Greenbrier. $575 $550 or trade for a Ruger American Ranch in .300 Blackout.
  6. Let me know if you find out. Saving up for the Beretta myself.
  7. Yeah I ordered a pair of Nick's back in April. Hopefully I'll have them by Christmas.
  8. I'd go ahead and upgrade to a White's moc toe if it were me. You're stuck with the wedge sole but it's a better built boot.
  9. The Lobos Industries mount for the Venom brings it down quite a bit and looks way better.
  10. Let's see some actual evidence. I'm guessing we never will.
  11. Made marinara from scratch, some chicken Parmesan, and spaghetti last night. The wife was pleased.
  12. For used vinyl you need to go to Alison's Record Shop in West Nashville. Definitely visit Grimey's, and while you're there The Groove isn't far away. Visit Vinyl Tap while you're at it for a frosty beverage and some more record shopping. Riverside Grill Shack is close to there if you want a fantastic burger.
  13. I've got an Amplifi Alien. It is capable of mesh, but in my 2 story 2500sq ft house one unit provides excellent coverage.
  14. I had a Saitek X55 but it was pretty terrible. Hoping to get a pair of VKB Gunfighters for Star Citizen one day soon. I gotta quit buying hifi gear first.
  15. Cutco is a MLM company that likes to take advantage of teenagers trying to get their first job. I tend to agree with FrankD about just getting a few good knives instead of a block set. Your wife may not see the logic in that though and it's probably best to just make her happy.
  16. As soon as Halloween decorations go down, Christmas decorations go up. That's all my wife's purview, I'm just manual labor.
  17. We bought a brand new RAV4 Hybrid for the wife, it gets an honest 39-40 mpg highway/city combined. It's also a big step up in terms of quality over the GMC and Chevy crossovers she's used to.


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