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  2. Was just in sportsmans outdoors in Murfressboro, they had them at 275 with a 50.00 gift card!! Check them out, if you don't get a responses!!!
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  4. The Armscor ammo I tried wasn't bad accuracy wise, but not as good as the old Winchester load.
  5. A friend just sent me this....
  6. Price reduced to $340.00. This is as low as I can go. It's a quality firearm. If you haven't tried a Canik, I suggest you rent one and try it, or purchase this bad boy
  7. Fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down
  8. I haven't tested anything yet, but glad they are showing promise.
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  10. I had one some months ago, dang good rifle. Very accurate out of the box, with Hornady American Whitetail 150 SP ammo. Sold it due to not able to deer hunt. Mine was black, ugly as a mud fence, but shot quite well. Good luck with the sale.
  11. Feel, quality, accuracy, and resale value. It’s like comparing a vintage Colt revolver to a Rossi.
  12. I have a Ruger American .22 mag, and Winchester 40gr SuperX hollow points has performed better than CCI 40 gr. hollow points. I just received some Armscor 40 gr hollow points I am going to try. I don't expect the results to be near the Winchester rounds, but for the much lower price maybe it will work out. After your results with Federal 3o gr, maybe that's where I should have gone. I was just sticking with 40 gr.
  13. Is it really? Is it a 'feel' thing? Because I'm sat here with a 1958 model 70 on the bench & compared to my newer '80s 'Ranger' model, it's horrible!
  14. I just bought a 40S&W 4” M2.0 Compact for $332 from Buds. They have it in 9mm for $394. These are the Law Enforcement Distributors covering Tennessee. Buds Police Supply LLC 1105 Industry Road Lexington, KY 40505 Phone: 859-368-0417 Web: www.budsgunshopky.com King's Firearms and More LLC Columbia, TN 38401-5239 Phone: 931-548-2255 Web: www.kingsfirearmsandmore.com Quantico Tactical Clarksville, TN 37042 Phone: 931-546-8590 Email: campbell@quanticotactical.com Web: www.quanticotactical.com
  15. or does anyone know a LEO/First responder Smith dealer in the middle Tn?
  16. Really debating switching to mp from glock that ive carried for 25 years. I bought a full size model from a member here awhile back . Every time i shoot it i love it just hard to break the glock hard on. lmk if you have one really prefer a 3.6 model cause i already have the 4.25 model not interested in 1.0 versions
  17. I thank I got your old 94 it was made in 1976
  18. I saw the video of this shooting for the first time today. I don’t know how I missed it before or when it was released but I don’t think I have ever seen and heard a video show a murder so clearly. It’s amazing to me this guy got acquitted. But I’m pretty sure his gun inscriptions pail in comparison to what he says and does in the video. I won’t link it here because it is graphic. But if you want to see it the title is “Body-Cam Video Of Daniel Shaver Shooting”.
  19. I find the 40 grain Winchester’s, both solid and hollow point, to be superior to anything I’ve been able to try in my Savage rifle as well.
  20. As noted earlier, I was a bit light in mag ammo so I toped it off some with 5 bricks of this Federal 30g H-shok "hoping" it would shoot nearly as well as my preferred Win Super X 40g jhp's. The Marlin 57M has all ways shot that ammo the most consistently but the Fed being on a pretty good sale, I took a untested chance that it would be acceptable. The method of test was off my sand bag set up that I'v used for the passed 38 years. The scope is an old Bushnel Quad Power 2.5-10 that is paralaxed for 100 yards. My target range at this point is exactly 61 feet from muzzle to target. So, my group measurements will be with a dial caliper. Each group is a 10 shot string with my Win Super X leading the 4 types since the rifle is sighted in with that particular round. The Remington 40g PSP was a top shooter for a friend of mine so I was eager to test that round here and it clearly more spoty that the Super X. By the time I put the Fed H-Shok in the gun, the 40 rounds fired had created some very noticeable heat mirage so I had to slow down and shoot the feds with a bit of air breeze when ever it happened to clear the POA. I was pleasantly surprised with these results. If that lone bottom left hit was not there, the Feds would have taken the lead by a .040 tighter group. As it was, that one round put in equal with the Remingtons despite the Rem's being far more choppy. Then theres the Win Varmint HV's. Thank fully, I only have about 5 or 6 boxes of this stuff. This particular batch is the "Thunderbolts" of mag rounds. I didn't have hi hopes for it since my last bench outing with a new to me Uberti 5.5" SAA, that showed very poor group consistency and even in this test I could actually hear a difference in the boom report between 2 or 3 of the rounds. Before shooting this last 10 round string, I let the barrel cool down. It clearly has potential and I may even try some out of a new batch in the future but for now, I'm going to stick with Super X in 40 and there was no mistake in buying the H-Shok in 30's.
  21. Save up. The pre 64 is worth the premium.
  22. There just aren’t many around here this year. There is a good crop of walnuts and acorns, however.
  23. I have another small lot of this I am going to part with 200rds up for grabs (10 boxes) https://www.midwayusa.com/product/101625538 This "Noveske" ammo was manufactured by Nosler for Noveske. It is this ammo but for Noveske they made some changes: https://shop.nosler.com/varmageddon-300-aac-blackout-110-grain-fb-tipped-ammo-20ct.html Loaded in Noveske headstamped brass Specifically tuned for semi-automatic firearms Tacti-Black components for stealthy-smooth cycling High-performance powder and bullet combinations Loaded rounds are visually inspected This is brass ammo and can be reloaded. Price: $225 Shipped (Can meet FTF for slightly less) Payment: PayPal as a "gift" or add fees
  24. I really want a pre-safety, post '64 top elect. I'd love a pre-64, but that's just not in my budget. Had one & had to sell it a couple of years back. I'm not looking for anything fancy, actually a bit of a project would be more than welcome!
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