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  2. I just dropped the price on my gun i want to sell i am extremely interested in your RO i have an RO in 45 i wanted the 9mm as well .
  3. Yep I hear you all. I really don't think i'll be proficient enough for this season. Its going to depend on how much I shoot, I am suck a weakling. I had that sucker pulled back to 45lbs as I was struggling, they said that the muscle memory will come in time so I have a 60lb module in it and can increase as I settle into it. I know some folks shoot at 90lbs. I could not even imagine that! To me, it would be like trying to pull a train!
  4. Ryan makes the best tomahawks in the business. Full stop.
  5. Excuse the late reply. Just got back on the forum tonight. PM me when you are ready to discuss and we'll see what we can do.
  6. I have several other powders to try. I was thinking there was something wrong with powder myself. I also wondered if I used too much case lube? Im gonna try a different powder. What do you guys suggest for 45acp? I have several other powders to try.
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  8. Nice. The only downside to bow season is the heat and bugs are still around.
  9. If you want the best chance at deer, bow season is best. It’s my second favorite time. That’s only because I love my muzzleloader.
  10. I’m not allowed to talk while driving either. I’m even on drive cam. I can’t say that I still talk while driving?
  11. Page two "not on ratfink's first of the month purchase commitment post" bump. Price drops too.
  12. Congratulations From what I hear you purchased a good one. Blessings
  13. My arms are not excited!
  14. 250 for the hawk 300 for the kukri Never used them location is Nashville
  15. I’m excited for you!!!
  16. Shame, Shame, Shame - Yep I did it and I feel dirty! Should show up in a couple of weeks. Matthew Vertix Ultrarest Intergrate MX Energy Wave Bow Strings Spot HOGG IT Sight Matthew 8inch Flatline Stab Matthews 6 Arrow Quiver Scott LittleGoose Yellow Jacket Target
  17. I never win anything. I know everyone says that, but I don't. Maybe this breaks the run! Anyhow, I went for the Falco Falcon. I pimped the hell out of it. Expect a comprehensive review
  18. But if you put your gun case inside your luggage I would use TSA locks on the luggage. Private lock on gun case. I also put a label on the gun case with cell number should they need me to open it.
  19. Howdy John and Welcome to Tennessee and TGO!!!
  20. The real important thing is what do you carry everyday? Chances are you will need stuff when you least expect it.
  21. The company I work for has a "no phone use" while driving. My thinking is LEO will hit hard for a some weeks to a few months, then slack off for a bit.
  22. Up for sale ruger 6.5 creedmore. The gun does have some scuffs on. Asking $1000 only trades for competion pistol. Meet in east nashville or hendersonville
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  24. I don’t go to web sites run by Alex Jones. Not many people that have an IQ higher than their age do. But I certainly don’t see how someone can be sued for publicly stating their theories; no matter how stupid they are. If I’m mistaken and we can sue people for saying ignorant stuff that never would or never could happen; are there any lawyers on the forum that want to file a case against AOC?? Her non-sense is every bit as outlandish and ignorant as anything Jones has come up with.
  25. Well of course I'll pickup...someone else just has to pay!
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