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  1.   Here is a $2 off coupon I use for the Knox shows. I print a sheet out and give to a few people in line behind us to share the wealth.   Makes it ony $16 for you and your wife. :up: http://www.cjlenterprize.com/images/fad63ca21fa09098578d463341d7f9d9.png
  2. #1 - $10 admission. Really? I know there is overhead but come on. If the admission was lower there would be more attend. I'm sure if the admission was lowered to $7 - instead of the $10 I last paid at the last Knoxville show I went to - and promoted as such that the people coming through the door would increase. Many people come as families and when you bring a spouse and/or kid or two it adds up. 3 @ $21 is more appealing than 3 @ $30.   #2 - Space. The aisles are very small and it is very difficult to pass through if someone is looking at tables on both sides of the aisle. I know most shows pride themselves on having 'X' amount of tables but not many people are going to fight the crowds show after show. I know many stay away from shows after having one bad experience their first time out. Last time I was at the Expo Center gun show they had a good chunk of the place curtained off. Why? Were they not allowed to use the whole floor or was it that they only 'rented' part of it?   #3 - Non-gun related items. Do we really need vendors selling nuts, fudge, popcorn, toys, coins, and made at home contraptions? The same people can be found a week later at the Expo Center Flea Market. There should be a set of Vendor Guidelines and they should be enforced by the promoter. If the vendor is in violation they are asked to leave and forfeit any/all fees paid. It is the only way to straighten up the shows in my opinion.   #4 - Unloading Area. Maybe section off an area in the front of the building with sand barrels for people to safely unload their weapons (if they are carrying). I have seen a lot of unsafe handling at the zip strip/gun check table. I even seen a guy once sweep 8 people (4 were the LEOs working the table) trying to unload his weapon. I feel if someone is clearing their weapon it should be done safely in a designated area. A lot of show promoters do not promote safety beyond the zip strip on a gun.   #5 - NRA Member Discount. As a NRA Recruiter I know there is a 'free admission' deal worked out between the Recruiter & Show Promoter when people join at the shows where a NRA Recruiter is stationed. But there is no discount for those who are already a standing member. "A little goes a long way in my opinion." Offer $1 off for Annual Members and $2 off Life Members who show their card. The NRA Membership Card says Annual Member or Life Member on the face of the card so it is not too hard to honor that if it were to be done.
  3.   Even if it was $13,000 in cash + all Glock equipment? That still falls short in the long run. Unless they gave them a BIG break just to get their Sigs in the hands of more LEOs.  Sig has picked up quite a few agencies here of late. I know they picked up Indiana State Police from Glock as well.   I am sure there was some back room deal and behind the back handshake that secured the deal.
  4.   I agree. It should be one or the other. And I see no reason why it should not be allowed.
  5. We get them in spurts but when we do it is all day long. Different numbers but the same recording.   My wife waited til after the recording one day to let them know we were on the no call list. That seemed to have made things worse. We get more now.   Three things. 1- Do Not Call lists are a joke. 2- Do not push any button to 'remove your number' it seems to add your number. 3- Do not waste time talking to anyone as it seems to do nothing or encourage more calls.
  6. Very nice truck!! Great deal too. I am sure you will enjoy this. Toyota makes a nice truck. I had a Toyota Tacoma and never had to do anything other than general service.
  7. Sorry for your loss.   Nothing I say can or will make it easier. As mentioned above..... we would welcome some of your stories about Max.
  8. Sad news. Always liked watching their videos.   RIP my friend.
  9. Ask and you shall receive. Prayers sent your way.
  10.   $2 off coupon for RzK Shows here:   http://www.cjlenterprize.com/images/fad63ca21fa09098578d463341d7f9d9.png
  11.   Insane! Even after the overhead if there is a full house the promoter will rake in over a half million.   4,200 tables @ $165/per = $693,000   3,000 adults attending @ $10/per = $30,000
  12.   I would agree with you here. When I lived in Indy there was one big show (Indy 1500) about 4 times a year. This was the go to show. A lot of smaller shows spread out through the surrounding area butone were that big.   I moved to the Knox area and see RK Shows has two a month sometimes. Alternating between Chilhowee Park and the Expo Center. Gun Show overkill in my opinion because most dealers cannot replinsh all of their inventory that quick and the selection is not always there.    And with some asking high prices it gives the first timer the impression it is cheaper to buy online or at a box store and save $8-$10 on admission and avoid the crowd.
  13.   I guess I was one of the few the state calls back on. The shop called Wednesday (4-2-14) saying that the denial was overturned. I have never heard anyones denial being processed that fast. It was less than 48 hours after the TICS check was initiated.   I was shocked when the dealer called. Dealing with Nashville on some other things (previous denial, CDL Medcert, etc.) they have always went to the 11th hour on processing and done it in the last few days of their 'allowed processing time'..
  14. Well played.......well played. :up:
  15. Good information. I may do the same thing.Thanks.
  16. Only one thing from 10+ years ago but it was fixed years ago.
  17. This is my second time for me as well. I have been through their checks and balances with my permit and with previous purchases and a previous denial. And have been through an FBI & TSA check for work reasons. For some reason I thought that after the first denial it would have been 'fixed' in the system so no future denials would have happened. He did it online today and kept bouncing back and forth from other customers and checking for an update and finally shook his head no and said it was denied. I filled out the form and he said he would fax it over after he was caught up with the customers.   Yeah I put the SSN down this time. The only other time I was denied was when I omitted my SSN. Ever since I have given my SSN and been good to go.
  18. How is it with the TICS system you can be green lighted one time and denied the next? Seriously!! I found the gun I was looking for and drove an hour to get it. I get there and bam!! denied. Just last week I picked up a gun I had ordered a month ago. Went in and not even 5 minutes was approved. Today after 10 minutes of waiting I was denied. You would think that with the money that they make it would be a better system than it is. Just curiously how often does this happen? Has anyone else been through this?
  19. If I would've known.....   I walked by and didn't see anything and kept going since I do not reload. As always he had a crowd around him.
  20. Seen some. Towards the middle of the area, I'm not sure what aisle but I know I seen them.
  21. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BzYwgDIKLwKkZDFtWUIwbERrWFk/edit?usp=sharing       $2 off coupon for the Gun Show if anyone is going.   edit to fix link.
  22.   Thanks. I guess I'll look and if nothing just wai til next show. Or order from their site.
  23. I'll be there in the a.m. looking for .223 & 9mm. Let the hunting begin.
  24. I missed it what all was said? the good/the bad?

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