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  1. Better watch those Trijicon repair teams real close. They sent my MRO to the wrong address about 6 months ago. Didn’t even have the decency to tel me it was shipping.
  2. You can put those on rifles or shotguns too. Lots of applications.
  3. Here’s an anecdotal example. With RMR I can make head shots at the farthest distance most indoor ranges go to. I don’t shoot indoor much, but every time I swap the battery in my RMR (yearly) I go to an indoor range to confirm my zero. I shoot at many different distances, but I almost always end the session by running the target out as far as it will go and shoot for head shots. The RMR makes it pretty easy. By comparison, with my work pistol (iron sights) I have a tough time keeping all the rounds in the upper chest at 25 yards. Can I do that under the stress of an active shooter scenario? Probably not. Can I put rounds in the upper thoracic cavity from a long way away? Yup. All day everyday, thanks to my RMR and lots of practice.
  4. I’ve been carrying with a Red Dot for many years. They can fail. So can irons. I have a great deal of confidence in my RMR’s after many thousands of rounds.
  5. I have a stainless long action. It started life as a 7mm Rem Mag, then I had it rechambered to 300 Win Mag, and later to 300 WSM. It would be without a trigger or stock. I used it to figure out what I wanted before building a custom rifle. I could come off of it for 350.
  6. Has anybody gone to the USPSA matches on Fort Campbell? If so, did you have to register your gun with the Provost Marshall?
  7. I draw to my sights every time. I shoot when the dot is on my target. It works really good this way. The only exception is shooting from compressed retention. Not saying this to poo poo anything anyone else does. This is just what I do.
  8. This will be my next holster with their Flex system when my current one breaks. I've never used this company, but people I trust recommend them.
  9. King County is a very tough place to live free. Every time I drive through on my way to the range I see that "Entering King County" sign and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I don't buy anything in King County and I'm certainly looking forward to moving back to TN when able. Even still there are plenty of like-minded people out here trying to do their best to live in accordance with these laws while also trying to repeal them through the NRA or similar organizations. The gun control people got most of what they wanted in the recent I-1639 legislation, but they are still wanting to ban assault rifles and high capacity magazines. 2020 might have those initiatives on the ballot. We need to learn from these laws being passed in WA and work to prevent them being passed in TN.
  10. A few good lessons to learn from this are that showing up to vote in the midterms matters very much and political activism is needed. People here get their ballots mailed to them and voter turn out was still rather low from what I expected. Plenty of folks are very upset over 1639, but not many lifted a finger to work against it. I will be glad when I'm done living in WA and can return to TN. Hopefully, TN will still be a good place to live.
  11. I’m no expert, but the Active Self Protection account on YouTube shows alot of shootings and very few are a drag race to the draw. Many are shooting around innocent bystanders. With my RMR I can keep up with anyone in the draw and usually I can shoot better beyond 7 yards. I have to practice regularly to do this though.

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