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  1. Has anybody gone to the USPSA matches on Fort Campbell? If so, did you have to register your gun with the Provost Marshall?
  2. I draw to my sights every time. I shoot when the dot is on my target. It works really good this way. The only exception is shooting from compressed retention. Not saying this to poo poo anything anyone else does. This is just what I do.
  3. This will be my next holster with their Flex system when my current one breaks. I've never used this company, but people I trust recommend them.
  4. King County is a very tough place to live free. Every time I drive through on my way to the range I see that "Entering King County" sign and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I don't buy anything in King County and I'm certainly looking forward to moving back to TN when able. Even still there are plenty of like-minded people out here trying to do their best to live in accordance with these laws while also trying to repeal them through the NRA or similar organizations. The gun control people got most of what they wanted in the recent I-1639 legislation, but they are still wanting to ban assault rifles and high capacity magazines. 2020 might have those initiatives on the ballot. We need to learn from these laws being passed in WA and work to prevent them being passed in TN.
  5. A few good lessons to learn from this are that showing up to vote in the midterms matters very much and political activism is needed. People here get their ballots mailed to them and voter turn out was still rather low from what I expected. Plenty of folks are very upset over 1639, but not many lifted a finger to work against it. I will be glad when I'm done living in WA and can return to TN. Hopefully, TN will still be a good place to live.
  6. I’m no expert, but the Active Self Protection account on YouTube shows alot of shootings and very few are a drag race to the draw. Many are shooting around innocent bystanders. With my RMR I can keep up with anyone in the draw and usually I can shoot better beyond 7 yards. I have to practice regularly to do this though.
  7. I chopped my 17 to 19 length and it is a great way to go. Yes people will give you a hard time about cutting up a gun, but it's your guy and you need it to do a job. "They" don't have to like it, carry it, understand it, or buy it later if you want to sell it. If I buy a 17 or 34 in the future I will chop the grip.
  8. The essay is ill informed. United States v Cruikshank was decided in 1875. Presser v Illinois was decided in 1886. I understand neither is viewed as a relevant decision of the court, but the ideas in those cases I believe are the earliest on what the 2nd Amendment means. They clearly show that the intent of the framers was not clear. Presser v Illinois does address who the militia is and why citizens should have weapons of war. It is a decision best read twice before being employed in a debate of your own. Overall I enjoyed the essay and I thank the OP for sharing it.
  9. I don't have a new bike, but I have a 2009 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom that I am the first and only owner of. I can't ride it anymore due to medical reasons so I'm looking to sell. If you are interested I'm sure we could work something out.
  10. My G19 serves me very well. It could just as easily be an M&P or an FN, but I went with Glock because they offered the most bang for the buck at the time. If I had to do it all over again I'd probably still choose Glock, but I'd still look at other brands. I'm not loyal to Glock, but right now it is the best platform for my needs. Now I just need a smaller gun for CCW use with tucked in shirts and slacks because that has been happening more an more lately. I'm thinking Kahr. The only handgun I had that didn't serve me well was my 1911 because it was just too pretty to use seriously. I couldn't bring myself to mess up that deep blue finish so I sold it to someone that wanted a safe queen.
  11. If anyone from the Clarksville/middle TN area wants to carpool I've pretty much made up my mind to go on Saturday. PM me if you want to join me.
  12. Good question! From the Law of Self Defense classes by Andrew Branca I remember discussing five elements needed for a legal self defense claim. They are as follows. Innocence Imminence Avoidance Reasonableness Proportionality If you didn't start the fight you are innocent. By showing your gun you could be perceived as threatening the other party or a third party could assume you are the aggressor. And you might prevent him from choosing you as his next victim. Slippery slope. If the other guy is casing you for a "possible future" attack it will be hard to convince a judge / jury that the attack was imminent. This rapidly changes when he starts walking toward you or follows you. The advice about looking for his buddy is good. If you have an opportunity for avoidance (get in car and drive away or run away), but instead consciously decided to stay in the area where you think the attack is about to happen, you are adding liability that could erode your self defense claim. Having limited mobility, escorting a family member, and being in a kill zone all detract from you ability to avoid the situation. TCA 39-11-611 is worth a read here to somewhat understand the law in TN. Reasonableness is the hardest of the five because it depends largely on the area from which the jury will be pulled that you are showing your gun in. More liberal could = less reasonable from our point of view and vice versa. You have no way to prove what this other person is thinking if they are only staring at you. Proportionality means you match lethal force paired against you with lethal force of your own with a caveat for disparity of force (multiple attackers, big attacker vs little victim, MMA fighter vs disabled...etc). Gun vs stare is not proportional. Gun vs walking at you isn't proportional unless he's a big dude and you are not and he's somehow someway threatening you in a way that you can prove in a court. Gun vs "Hey man, you got a dollar?" still isn't proportional. The race to 911 is real and I don't think it can be underestimated.

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