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  1. Great idea Jeb, we to have a long drive up a hill through the woods. No one can see our flag till about half way up the drive. I do not trust my fellow man to leave my flag alone if I put the pole at the road.
  2. Stocked like that, I will buy it, however I will bet my last dollar it will be empty. Just what will come with the safe?
  3. So lets see yalls flag poles.
  4. Some time last year I ran across a good deal on a 5'X8' American flag. At the time I did not have a way to display it properly. We did this for Memorial Day, looked good but I did not like leaving it fly all day and not be there if a storm came up. This past week I was at a job site and me being me I just had to look in the construction dumpster. Found 4 pieces of chain link fence top rail. Well now I have a 22 foot flag pole to display my flag.
  5. Found this and wanted to share. https://www.warhistoryonline.com/military-vehicle-news/the-gigantic-180-meter-long-us-army-land-trains-of-the-1950s.html The Gigantic 180 Meter Long US Army Land Trains Of The 1950s The Texan company, LeTourneau, was instructed to design these huge land trains in the 1950s by the US Government. The United States Army got three units built (experimental ones) and the largest reached a length of 600 feet (183 meters), which holds the official record for being the longest vehicle that is off-road. Road trains are still in use today, in some roles, but the Army examples (along with a few other derivatives) seem to be the only models which were built as off-road land trains. LeTourneau was based in Longview Texas and produced heavy equipment, in the early 50’s the came up with the idea of utilizing a diesel/electric transmission that would drive multi-wheeled vehicles. Each individual wheel would be driven by a separate motor, which served to give better traction as it spread the force out across a number of wheels. These vehicles were basically the same as locomotives of this time but had rubber wheels instead of steel .
  6. RED333

    Bersa Guy

    Glad you are doing well Doug. Most 2nd hand, antique, junk stores are gone. I have not seen one is a good time.
  7. Could not agree more. I have a log splitter that is very short, I would say less than 4 feet from the ball of the log splitter to the axel. I cannot back that Thang up to save my life. I have to get out unhitch it and move it around.
  8. Prays to yall, another will find its way into yalls hearts.
  9. Glad things are looking some better, take care of your self as best you and the misses can.
  10. Always the same things said, "I am not against guns, and I fully believe in our Second Amendment right; however, I am against illegal guns and guns that are being used to kill kids and law-abiding citizens." and "Shelby County Crime Commission President Bill Gibbons said he’s nervous about what it could mean for convicted felons.“They will be emboldened to carry firearms even more and openly, because they know there is no basis for police to stop them and ask if they have a permit,” Gibbons said. With no regard to how many have been saved by a good guy with a gun.
  11. Teach her to use the mirrors, not look over her shoulder. Best place is in a big parking lot, try to keep it between the lines. Last but not least, get some one else to teach her, yall might not talk for a few days.

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