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  1. Tried to send you a message regarding buying the mags, but the site won't let me(?).
  2. Ahh the memories..... I have a couple of storage boxes of MGN. Can't bring myself to get rid of them for some reason.
  3. I've had an M-57 for a few years and it's a great pistol. I find the unique magazine and associated mag safety to be somewhat aggravating. The thumb safety on mine doesn't bother me. Unluckily/luckily mine had a slightly frosted bore, while the rest of it looks nearly new. The lucky part is that I don't have to worry about being the first one to frost the bore with corrosive ammo. It also keeps me from shooting my Russian Tokarev too much.
  4. Sorry that you're not seeing any elk. In which area(s) of Wyoming are you hunting?
  5. The proper rhythm certainly helps. Also consider getting a powder baffle to help with charge weight consistency (didn't see one in photo). They're cheap & help charge weight consistency with all types of powder grain shapes. https://www.rcbs.com/powder-measure/accessories/powder-baffle/545.html
  6. I lived in what is now Unit 391 for several years (Green Mountain). It's pretty much the suburbs of Denver. I hunted near Kremmling and Walden, pretty much hours from anywhere and it was still crowded. Would imagine it would be more crowded that close to Denver. It's been a long time, but I muzzleloader & rifle hunted for deer & elk on public land in Colorado. I can only echo what Handsome Rob stated. The places that I hunted on public land had vehicle access/trail heads. It was almost like instant little towns sprang up during rifle season.
  7. I have a couple 1-4x Kdots that I bought about 15 years ago. Back then they were somewhat known as the "poor man's short dot". They're still working fine, but with 15 year older eyes, I've found myself wanting a little more magnification. I've also seen the recently released Meopta Optika6 1-6x24 SFP scopes that go for about a third of the price of the one DBTN reviewed. Haven't seen many reviews on the Optika6 1-6x, but I wonder where they cut corners to sell it for a price so much below the Meostar 1-6x. https://www.meoptasportsoptics.com/us/produkt/optika6-1-6x24-sfp-13156/
  8. Have you ever used the older Meopta 1-4X K-Dot scopes? If so, how do they compare to the 1-6x in your review (besides the extra 2x)?
  9. Could pepper spray be used effectively if you're under assault in this type of situation?
  10. My understanding is that they size the gas entry hole in the gas tube (make it much smaller than normal) to restrict the amount of gas transmitted to the BCG. Less violent recoil (compared to a barrel with an oversized gas port), and less gas exhaust from the gas tube/BCG. I would be interested in their estimate of how long it lasts. Gas tube metal is pretty thin, don't know how many rounds it would take to see erosion of the smaller entry hole in the gas tube.
  11. Here's another possibility that might work with your constraints: The BRT EZTune Gas Tube reduces gas system flow and corrects excessive gas drive from barrels with large gas ports or for use with a dedicated suppressor. The EZTune Gas Tube replaces the standard CAR length gas tube and requires no modifications or removal of the gas block, making it ideal for barrels with pinned muzzle devices or gas blocks. After installation, it requires no user adjustments or maintenance. It is available in several port sizes to meet many small frame AR applications. This items cons
  12. It's because of how the different quantities react in fires. Loaded ammo just kinda "pops" one at a time. Jugs of powder and 1000's of primers can really accelerate fires. Here's a NSSF video on YouTube that shows Firefighters demonstrating what happens with loaded ammo.
  13. Nice review (and scope). I have a few Meopta riflescopes and an ancient Hermes spotting scope that have always served me well.


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