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  1. IIRC there were a few USGI M14 stocks that were cherry. I guess it was getting hard to find enough suitable walnut by the '60's.
  2. I used to buy a lot of reconditioned drums and locally got them at Nashville Barrel & Drum. Its been a few years and I see they're located in Fairview now. https://www.nashvillebarrelanddrum.com/
  3. That sounds like a great trip to many wonderful places. One suggestion for the Grand Canyon if you have the time. Get off the rim and hike into the canyon, even if its 1/4 mile. It is a completely different experience if you get even a little bit off of the rim. On the South Rim, the Bright Angel trail takes off from the Village and is a wide, well maintained trial. If you're on the North Rim, the North Kaibab Trail is similar. It generally takes about twice as long to come up as it did to go down.
  4. That's impressive, Swamp Ash! It's great that you maintain that level of activity. Our oldest dog has had to retire from trail hikes, but she still gets nice long neighborhood walks on the weekends. Our backpacking has also decreased in mileage in recent years (maybe not enough though). We just got back from an 8-night trip in the Grand Canyon. My MRI is scheduled for next Monday...
  5. I can only echo what everyone else has already said. I've been taking firearms to Jeff since the mid 80's.
  6. I am similarly afflicted, so I just trust that thumb pressure and a quick release will protect me.
  7. Do you load the clip with the side of your hand against the op rod handle?
  8. The gun gods are smiling down upon you for that restoration. That original trigger guard/rear action "bolt" photo will be the source of nightmares for the rest of my days...
  9. I just looked at my copy of the NRA's "The M1 Rifle" booklet. I have the 3rd edition published in 1993. On page 18 it lists some loads that are safe for the M1 rifle. Under "147/150 gr bullets - either FMJ or HBPT" for IMR 4895 it lists a charge of 49.0 gr. It says "In no circumstance should any charge weight be increased". So I guess 49.0 is a max load to work up to. It also states that if military cases are used to reduce charges by 1.5 gr.
  10. I've checked the Weather Chanel forecast for Monday a few times since I originally posted at about 2:30PM today (5 to 8 inches snow accumulation). At about 6:00PM today the Monday forecast for Nashville said 3 to 5 inches. At about 8:30PM it was back to 5 to 8 inches. Just a minute ago at 10:30PM it was back to 3 to 5 inches. I'm sure there's a Valentine's Day joke in there somewhere.....
  11. Metro Nashville just sent this out: "A critical alert has been issued for Nashville Davidson County. Temperatures in Davidson County are expected to drop to dangerously frigid levels over the weekend. Freezing drizzle, rain, sleet, and frigid temperatures forecasted. It is important to take precautions during this time. Click on link for important safety information. https://www.nashville.gov/News-Media/News-Article/ID/10610/Nashville-Fire-Department-and-Office-of-Emergency-Management-Urge-Caution-during-Weekend-Winter-Weather.aspx.. " The Weather channel currently has the snow forecast as starting about 7PM tomorrow, predicts 5-8 inches of accumulation for Monday during the day and another 1-3 inches for Monday night. Seems like the last few "snowmageddon" predictions haven't panned out. But just the threat of snow will probably make the grocery stores look like they've looted.
  12. Well that's perfectly normal behavior based on my time in elementary school.
  13. Were you one of those kids that ate paste in elementary school?
  14. I know its Amazon, but they currently have 3M replacement Gel Pads for Peltor earmuffs for $20.56. I have always seen these sell for $40-$50 per pair. These are sold by Amazon and not a third party vendor. I was suspicious, but ordered a couple of a pairs to replace some gel pads that are about 8-10 years old. The gel pads I received were in 3M packaging and had a 3M instruction sheet. They have 3M embossing in the plastic on the underside of the pads. They look and feel like the gel pads I'm replacing did when they were new. If you wear Peltor hearing protection for long periods of time or they're old enough that the original foam pads are getting flat/stiff, these are a great upgrade. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B087D6P26P/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Our family has 4 pair of Peltor earmuffs - Tactical Sports, Tactical 100 and Tactical 300. These pads fit all 3 models. I have no financial or other interest in Amazon selling these, it's just these appear to be genuine and are the lowest price I've ever seen.


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