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  1. It would be cool if they were surplusing any of the red ones. It looks like the batch of Civil Defense blankets that "camoLots" is selling are all some shade of grey. The Seller indicated that the number on the blankets' tags ("51" in my case) is the year of manufacture. If true, these are over 70 years old. The box I received seemed to indicate that these blankets were inspected and/or repackaged on January 11, 1963.
  2. Outer box: Outer Label: Inner Box Liner Markings:
  3. Ran across some surplus wool blankets that I haven’t seen before. Advertised as “Brand New 1950's Original Canadian Civil Defense Wool Blankets” by camoLOTS.com in Buffalo, NY. I originally saw their ad on eBay (camoLOTS) where they sell various colors/markings combos. The cheapest I originally saw was “ Without Markings” blankets that were $15.80 each if you bought 4 or more – but when I went to buy the cheapest blankets were all gone (cheapest left were $18.24 for 4+ with markings). I looked around online to see if anyone else was selling these - found a couple of places at higher prices – and also found that camoLOTS also had a website that listed the blankets. But their website prices were much higher than on eBay. There was a ‘Make an Offer” tab under the “Add to Cart”. My offer of $160 for a case of 10 (vs. their $247.50 asking price) was accepted several hours after submission. Shipping was stiff at over $50, but the box weighed about 50lbs. Received the box in about a week. The blankets are very nice, 59”x 83”, range between 4 lbs 2.4 oz to 4 lbs 6.2oz each on our postal scale. I don’t like scratchy wool and these do not seem scratchy to me (not Merino wool soft, but much better than the cheap wool stuff I’ve usually bought). This shows less than half the blanket, but gives an idea of the overall appearance: Closer views of the blanket details:
  4. My first was a Checkmate QD rimfire and liked it so much I bought a second rimfire (Silencer Co Sparrow). I also bought .30 cal rifle suppressor (Blackhawk Gas Can that I understand internally is just a Silencer Co Osprey) because it was so cheap. Haven't delved into pistol suppressors at this point. Other than possibly selecting different rimfire suppressors (that didn't exist when I bought mine), don't think I'd do anything different. I was surprised by how much I liked the rifle can even with supersonic ammo - the blast & recoil reduction is significant. Consider checking out Pew Science for suppressor discussions and reviews. There's a bunch a data, reviews & rankings available for free, and the podcast (The Jay Situation Podcast) is an easy way to consume the info. https://pewscience.com/
  5. I have one of the Century L1A1 Sporter rifles built on the receiver Imbel made for Century. The receiver I have is machined to take metric magazines even though it is built with an inch pattern parts kit. It is my understanding that all of the Century L1A1 Sporter rifles built on these Imbel receivers take metric pattern mags. At the time these rifles were sold metric pattern FAL magazines were much more common/cheap than inch mags.
  6. Looks like Lilly and Tanner might be related. He really, really, really hates squirrels.
  7. Can confirm. When I was a kid, burglars cleaned out our house when we were out of town. About all that was left in the living room was our couch and big wood cabinet TV.
  8. I have been able to resist buying (& selling) recently, but it still comes in handy for the Brownells discount though.
  9. We've done several backpacking trips in Glacier National Park (just north of where you'll be). Hopefully, will be doing a couple more this summer. We've just carried bear spray. "Current" guidance on the bear bells from the National Park Service is that they don't work. But you can find info that supports every position on bear bells (helps, does nothing, hurts). I've hardly ever run into anyone with them if we're more than about 1/2 mile from a trailhead. Since you're an experienced backpacker, I'm guessing that you know about bear bagging/using bear canisters for your 'smellables" - food, cooking items, toiletries, etc. Glacier NP's video on summer backcountry camping video they make everybody watch before they issue your permit: https://www.nps.gov/media/video/embed.htm?id=73A16C66-1DD8-B71B-0BDA3687A1AEC297 Link to webpage with video if video link doesn't work: https://www.nps.gov/glac/planyourvisit/backcountry.htm
  10. One of the places I look is ILya's (tongue-in-cheek "Dark Lord of Optics") website "Optic Thoughts": https://opticsthoughts.com/ His day job is in the optics industry, it seems primarily with defense-related stuff. His website has recommended optics (riflescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, etc.) in a variety of price ranges that he periodically updates. Current Riflescope Recommendations: https://opticsthoughts.com/?page_id=623 His YouTube channel (Dark Lord of Optics) videos contain a lot of reviews & theory info, but typically aren't very "exciting".
  11. Just a point of clarification. Unless things have changed recently, Royal Range does "standard" FFL & NFA transfers for non-members. It used to cost $10 more for non-members. IIRC, a non-member standard FFL transfer was $45. I agree that's relatively expensive. When I worked near Bellshire Hardware, I did transfers there. Always was a good experience and a low transfer fee.
  12. Anyone have an idea why the 3rd rifle from the left is wrapped/bound like that? Cracked stock?


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