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  1. NMO HAM Radio Antenna Installation in Nashville

    Found the info finally, I will PM it to you.
  2. This week only! $750 Cash. The extra barrel retails for $250 so someone is going to get a great deal! Found a new toy I have to hide from the missus!
  3. New parts place

    I also have one of their side chargers. Got it for my wife and she loves it. I picked mine up from a place I will not recommend. Bear Creek seems to be decent quality it was just the supplier I used that was a problem. We went with a 16 Middletown stainless barrel with a adaptive technology stock and 12" slim Keymod handguard. The upper seems to function well and is easier for her to use them there old school top/rear charge.
  4. NMO HAM Radio Antenna Installation in Nashville

    There is a guy in Columbia that does it. I will see if I can find his card. Otherwise the local Motorola service center is a good start. Most have the correct tool and charger less than twenty bucks. I went a different route and used a UHF trunk type from Diamond on my last two installs. I installed an Icom 706mkIig in my truck and of course when the wife saw it and used it she wanted one.
  5. Bump-Fire Stock Ban

    Here's a thought. How about they do their job and represent us. No more politics. Just enforce current laws according to the Constitution. Yeah, I must be dreaming.
  6. Bump-Fire Stock Ban

    We have treasonous turncoats. Some are Republicans some are Democrats some are independent. They are all worthless and needed to go!
  7. My Best Friend

    Thoughts are with you. Trust she will be chasing rabbits happily when it is over. Our pets are family and we know your pain.
  8. The way a lot of the cops dress and equip themselves these days it is surprising more friendly fire is not an issue. I have seen lots that look like they could be bad guys at times.
  9. keep us in mind tomorrow

    All of ours went through it. Lots of ice cream and love. They recover quickly. Thoughts and prayers for the him and you.
  10. Las Vegas Shooting

    Folks, it will take a long time for FACTS to be had in this story. Any thing else is pure speculation and while time consuming and distracting not really beneficial. As I mentioned early on, stop trying to apply logic and reasoning to an event that was neither. Stupid is stupid and crazy is crazy. There is only one real cure for either and that power does not lie with any other human. It is a sad event that we will probably have to write off as a crazy act. All of these events have one thing in common, and it is not guns! It is someone kills a lot of people because they have either a mental issue or are acting as a terrorist. It can be argued that the latter is still a mental issue. So no more knee jerk reactions and blaming the tool. We have not banned rental vans, cars, knifes, bats, sticks, or any other tool so let us not jump to another worthless law that will have no effect anyway. Here is a thought, how about we focus on the real issues. You know, the mental aspects! Immoral, unfeeling kids that have not been taught to respect life. We are never going to be able to stop all folks that do something like this regardless of the tool they choose. Sad but true. So you can ban all the evil items like guns, knives, bats, pointy objects, or whatever and live in fear. Or you can live. Stop punishing all for the actions of a few. I know that is logic and reasonable so it cannot actually happen as it does not meet someones narratives. I can still hope though.
  11. Hers and His Plumbing

    As is usually the case. It tends to insulate them a little but kind of hoses the sub contractor.
  12. Hers and His Plumbing

    Not complaining about a plumber here so please take no offense. My complaints were with the home warranty company. They are nothing more than a middle man. And a bad one. There is not a single one out there with a good reputation. My personal interaction and experience with plumbers is zero. Always did my own work thank goodness. Same for most work around my house. Electrical, water heater, pretty much everything except HVAC. That is one area I never learned. I can do the basics, filters, starters, motor, but beyond that nope time to call a professional. To be honest I am kind of surprised at the number of people that cannot handle simple repairs around the house and have to call someone for every little thing. I am happy to hear we do still have professional and ethical plumbers. I have heard horror stories from friends about experiences. Oh well, I am building my retirement house now. Hope to do it right and never need a home warranty again.
  13. Las Vegas Shooting

    I think people need to stop applying logic and reason to a man and situation that was neither. Just saying. Less Tin foil needed that way. After all the simple is most often the answer. In this case he was simply nuts.
  14. Hers and His Plumbing

    Experience with First American Home Warranty or the most "Most worthless business ever" as they are widely known. They bite! Good luck getting them to do anything. Their contractors are bottom of the bucket companies that no one else will hire. We tried to get our AC fixed when it went out. $4400 later we had installed a new one and sent the guy they had dispatched to our house running. I was close to getting a gun from the bedroom. Guy was an upseller from hell. He was trying to sell my wife a $17,000 AC system when I got home. She is way too smart for that. Then the pool heater went out. Unreapirable. They tried to tell us they could get the same model and replace it even though it was 15 years old. I told themthey had 2 days to locate one and get it on the way to my house. If not they could pay for the new one. We wound up settling for $4500 to replace it. I hired another company and got it done. These warranties make people feel good about purchasing a house but the companies rarely stand behind them and when they do it is all upselling and lousy work. Now I need lunch and a chill out period. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!
  15. Johnson City FullAuto Arrest?

    Many decades ago as a Marine with a standard M16 we qualified at 200, 300, 500 and some of us at 1000 yards. I still have no idea why it was only some at 1000 and as usual there seemed to be no rhyme or reason as to the who. Regardless, yes that platform is capable of accurate and deadly fire out that far. Big difference being the controlled fire vs the spray and pray technique. Last thing we want to do though is discuss that particular area after Sunday's event. That would just fuel the grabbers big time.

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