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  1. n0rlf

    Kent State Grad on campus carry

    There is the problem. Grading. Why? It should be binary, yes guilty, no, not guilty, sentence should be fast and harsh. Kill someone you die, period, try to kill someone you die, we are no longer rewarding incompetence. Perhaps the criminals would think twice if they knew the punishments was not only harsh but actually going to be carried out quickly. Not after 20 to 30 years of appeals. Perhaps not as they are criminals after all.
  2. n0rlf

    Kent State Grad on campus carry

    Is killing someone not the epitome of a "Hate Crime"? Where did the country go wrong on that entire issue? Enough of protected classes, violence is violence regardless of the victim or criminal. Start hanging killers quickly again and see how fast some of this stops. Of course there are arguments about abuse of the legal system so the convicted may actually be innocent. Start with the folks caught on tape or that have admitted their crimes. Look at the school shooters! Whay are they still alive? Is there any question they are guilty? Nope! Then out back they go and they get shot or hung that day! That is a deterrent!
  3. n0rlf

    Kent State Grad on campus carry

    That is another issue that is in baad need of a fix! Selective enforcement of laws! Had that been the other way we would already be reading about the arrests. As it came from left extremists it will not have any issue. Has anyone heard of Rosie getting her due over the illegal contributions? Of course not. Again, protected class. I agree that we need to get tough on crime and illegal activities again. We have had decades of liberal ideas on how to do things and we are where? Time for a different approach!
  4. n0rlf

    Kent State Grad on campus carry

    Is she left or right handed? It is a personal choice kind of thing I would think. Either way points out her message quite clearly.
  5. n0rlf

    Follow the Money!

    Yep career politicians are never an answer. But people keep getting distracted by the look what he or she did have. And they keep voting for the same people. Sad.
  6. n0rlf

    Follow the Money!

    According to the family and friends I have in Florida Scott is only getting voted for one reason, Bill Nelson. Scott irritated all with those gun votes. So if he wins it will only be because people cannot stand Bill Nelson.
  7. n0rlf

    Sparta gun show score

    How was the show otherwise?
  8. n0rlf

    High Shooting in Texas

    They will if pushed hard enough
  9. n0rlf

    High Shooting in Texas

    It is easier to point at the tool used then admit the liberals policies over the last few decades have failed rather badly. Everyone wins, timeouts, safe spaces, gun free zones, all a bunch of liberal gibberish that failed. Now we have the hard task of taking back our society and schools. That will not be easy or quick. Sad it got this far but there are a lot of folks to blame.
  10. n0rlf

    Dang deer

    I am really surprised the airbags did not go! I am a little concerned about that in fact.
  11. n0rlf

    Dang deer

    Not sure. A bunch popped out and I know at least one or more is all. With all the damage I suspect we got at least two. Never found them though. There is a steep drop on the other side so they probably went down.
  12. n0rlf

    Dang deer

    Well, there is always a good thing. Wife and I are safe. No one got hurt so all is well. Truck can be fixed and all I am out is the 500 deductible.
  13. n0rlf

    Dang deer

    Thanks been trying to get it to work from my phone. Hood, both fenders, front end forward of radiator, passenger door, moved the can back into the bed, and tweaked my topper. This is going to get spendy
  14. n0rlf

    Dang deer

    Oops. Hit a herd on the way home from Minnesota. Missed all but one I think.
  15. n0rlf

    ad closed SOLD Sig P938 Scorpion

    Coming through Murfreesboro then up through Clarksville Thursday if it helps.

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