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  1. n0rlf

    The Moon

    After all this time does it really matter? Yes that is sarcasm!
  2. n0rlf

    The ALIENS are coming!

    I learned to do it when she was gone and to hide it better
  3. n0rlf

    The ALIENS are coming!

    I so want to have one to take apart. Is that wrong? Mom scolded me about the toaster.
  4. n0rlf

    Hurricane Michael

    Car insurance is mandated also. Yet there is uninsured and underinsured coverage. Lots of folks but coverage, cancel after sending it as proof of coverage. It was widely known after so many got caught after the storms. Criminals will find a way.
  5. n0rlf

    Ruger SP101 Blued

    I like a wheelie. That there is nice looking.
  6. n0rlf

    Hurricane Michael

    Want to bet. Polk county Florida 2004, lots of folks had mortgages with no insurance. Lots that had insurance threw tarps on roofs and collected huge amounts. Then never fixed the roofs. Now it might be different but people find ways.
  7. n0rlf

    Hurricane Michael

    Nope, compassion is there but I am not a fan of paying for it when it keeps happening. Over and over. Not just the hurricanes though, think big picture, flooding along Rivers, blizzards, fires, everyone wants the gov to pay for it. Sorry, personal responsibility has to come in somewhere. And our thoughts are with everyone hoping for their safety. Compassion and understanding is not exclusive of cash. Helping them clean up, been there done that, provided shelter to those that need it. Just not paying for their roof again.
  8. n0rlf

    Hurricane Michael

    I am all for the free market. It was a cost I choose not to beat so I left. That was my conservative choice. The area had gone to help anyway with the influx of illegal immigrants also, crime was up, cost of living was getting crazy, and the tourists were really getting it of hand. I did what I should have and left it all to the rat. All of Central Florida is pretty much a tourist trap anyway. As for insurance markets, week they seen to be a legal scam. State farm screwed a lot of folks. They were not alone. That topic could fill volumes of threads. Needless to say I have no love of any insurance company. Free market it is not though. Too much regulation has made it a one way scam. Planning is another joke. I saw no government planning board in Florida that did not sell out to the highest bidding developers. They were and are a constant source of laughter. Corruption at its finest. So yes I am for a lot less government. If you want to live in an area that has storms or flooding frequenty then have at it. Just do not expect anyone to pay for anything when it happens, again. Same as any other risk though. Climb a mountain and get hurt? You should have to cover the cost of rescue. Personal responsibility. Want a place where everyone covers the cost? Moscow is allowing immigration I hear.
  9. n0rlf

    Hurricane Michael

    W when we looked Florida or rates skyrocketed after 04. We had four storms come right over top of us. And yes you better carry flood insurance. And yes there was a huge impact on home prices. Lots of folks were paying more for insurance than a house payment. MosT of those were on the beach or close though. Some people could not get any coverage. So yeah, sorry but I should not have to pay for the rebuild every time a storm comes through. Yes, our insurance went up a lot. Just another reason we moved. When it hit 8600 a year it was ridiculous. That was not counting the flood insurance. So, how do we fix the insurance markets when they just want to cover the low less areas. Nice business model though.
  10. n0rlf

    Hurricane Michael

    If you do not have insurance then it is on you. Yes I have sympathy but am also fiscally responsible. I am tired of the Fed paying for a lot of things they should not. Sandy, items, Katrina, etc... Yes it is terrible for the people but it is not the government responsibility. Yet another downward area. People expect the government to take care of everything for them. Sad.
  11. n0rlf


    I use to travel for work a lot, carried many firearms, I always used one case. I however bought a suitcase that held the pelican inside. Roughed it up some cosmetically but kept it functional 100%. Never had a problem. It was an ugly suitcase that did not draw attention. As it happens I did learn over the year's it did not really matter because people use pelican case for s lot of stuff other than guns. Only sitting I had a problem with was Delta's in Atlanta. Lazy agent at the counter who freaked when I said I needed to declare the firearms. She started telling you can't have a fun! Her supervisor came over shoot her up and I breezed through. Only incident I ever had.
  12. It is a lot of fun. Shoots great. Has a great bipod on it. Shoot me an offer
  13. I am headed to Murfreesboro on the 11th. And down towards Murphy, NC on Saturday/Sunday. Feel free to make offers!
  14. n0rlf

    handgun Mico/Subcompact...Beretta Nano...?

    Ruger lc9s or the sig p938. Or even the ec9s. I had the nano. Real flippy for me. There shield was just never all that comfortable. The Ruger and the Sig though I carry all the time. Wife and daughter love their Sigs.
  15. n0rlf

    Police Officers shot!!!!

    . Thoughts are with the families.

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