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  1. How about we concentrate on makjming sure 18 year olds are mature enough to handle. That is the problem these days. The kids just do not mature like they use to due to all of the influences like everyone is a winner in oiur schools. Maybe 21 is not a bad idea. Not that I agree but today's youth are not exactly showing they re mature enough to handle firearms without supervision. Or most anything else for that matter. However that is punishing the many for the few which is exactly what gun control people want. Wow, we made this crap now we have to live with it. We ignored the schools systems teaching this BS and now it is bioting us in the ass. We should have been screaming for mental health and no indoctrination in schools a long time ago. I fear it is now too late and we have lost! And soon goeth the country behind us! \
  2. Who in Nashville Has Stripped Lowers in Stock?

    I see Palmetto does now. Fatboy, Primary, Classic are all showing out of stock I noticed a bunch of the deals PSA had where they were including lowers are gone. Fortunately I had stocked up but alas they went down in the boat accident.
  3. Who in Nashville Has Stripped Lowers in Stock?

    Most places online areout of stock. Is there that big a panic already?
  4. Hence participatation trophies! One would think as a society we would learn. Well "We" waited too long to puish back against the ideas that were clearly not working! Now I am afraid it is getting to a tipping point. Again accelerating what is sure to turn out badly for this once great country.
  5. Normal? Define it? If they need a pill to feel better it can be argued they do indeed have a mental issue can it not? Maybe to a much lesser degree than others though. Ultimately we need a way to discover how bad the mental issue is and does it rise to the level where removing their rights to a gun are involved. I think we need to start looking at gun control from that aspect rather than another worthless law that will help nothing. Just my opinion but more laws have not helped to this point. Again, define insanity?
  6. I am no liberal and I think it should be dealt with better and more comprehensively. Perhaps stopping more of the mental health problems would stop some incidents. That is what we all want after all.
  7. Another shooting

    Speculation is all there is at the moment. Wait for the results of the investigation. Then all curiosity will be satisfied.
  8. No more partial fights. If I can be trusted some places I can be trusted anywhere.
  9. Bull hockey! We need to concentrate on removing any restrictions period. If we can be trusted and permitted to carry some places why not everywhere? We need to stop playing their game and start demanding our rights. If you ask for just one thing you are agreeing they have the ability to restrict your rights. Stop doing that
  10. Why should there be a restriction on carry anywhere? Does anyone really think a criminal will stop because it is illegal to carry somewhere? How stupid or our legislatures? Just because some folks are afraid of a piece of inanimate metal is not a good reason to restrict anyone's rights. Stop with the exceptions, fight for all of our rights. Then mass shootings anywhere would be harder. At least theoretically.
  11. Truck camper shell

    Got you the number Doc!
  12. Another shooting

    And that was a contributing factor to his mental state I would think. The have's showing off to the have not's is what a couple of the students mentioned. Kds can be cruel and mean and are geting all kinds of mixed signals from social media. Take the damn phones away for a bit and see if society improves.
  13. I hope this happens

    Already people want to fail instead of presenting solutions. As for that last line, Is it not now the same? However I would add that it is also wasteful, bloated, and abused/cheated. To a level that means it is better to scrap the program and do something new. The real problem lies in Washington to begin with. Stop feeding the bears as it makes them dependent on the handouts! Not just in this program but all of what the idiots that have been elected are doing every day! I should not refer to them as idiots though as they must be fairly smart to keep hosing the people and getting reelected all of the time to continue it.

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