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  1. n0rlf

    Dinner in the Boro?

    Crossville is closest here. Lunch or dinner. Just shoot if you are stuck in the area.
  2. Wow, what a bunch. This is insane. Is this really in Tennessee? What the heck happened to this state? https://www.wsmv.com/news/school-district-reevaluating-after-nra-flyer-given-to-elementary-school/article_c42693c2-df0e-11e8-b28a-bf53cf6c0ba1.html
  3. n0rlf

    It happened in 1975...

    Lost any good humor decades ago. Sadly.
  4. n0rlf

    Friend sent me this from another site!

    Different scenarios mean different carry choice for me. Meeting at the office, pocket carry my little 9 or 380. Going into Nashville for a show or event, carry my 1911, an AR, a shotgun.... Well you get the point. Carrying is like anything else, dress for the occasion. No one is ever going to convince some about which caliber is best. There are always folks on both sides willing to argue it though with charts and graphs. Well darn, I guess I been doing it all wrong these last few decades. Ignore the noise, find what works and do it. And keep the 380s. They are fun after all.
  5. n0rlf

    Need some kydex bent

    Good info guys. Thanks.
  6. n0rlf

    It happened in 1986....

    I was in great lakes Illinois for some training with the Navy. Everything stopped and everyone was watching TVs. Very memorable time for sad reasons.
  7. Charlie Brown and the great pumpkin.
  8. n0rlf

    It happened in 1980

    That is politics. I am not speaking of politics. Just the man in general. His character, demeanor, love of fellow humans. He has all of them best in that regard. Goes to the point of a good man should not be in politics. It is ruinous. Sad though, lest we never get our government back how than shall a good man run. Obama, Bush once and two, Clinton, Reagan, Ford, none of them have done for their fellow man as has Carter. Yes in politics he sucked. He should not even comment upon the topic.
  9. n0rlf

    It happened in 1980

    Carter was a horrible president. But he is a better man than the rest since combined.
  10. n0rlf

    End of Watch: Trooper Kevin K. Conner

    Too long. Why wait.
  11. n0rlf

    It happened in 1977

    I was with my parents the whole year, honest. No one saw anything or can prove anything.
  12. n0rlf

    End of Watch: Trooper Kevin K. Conner

    John 15:13 “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” RIP Keeping his family anf freinds in thoughts!
  13. n0rlf

    The Moon

    After all this time does it really matter? Yes that is sarcasm!
  14. n0rlf

    The ALIENS are coming!

    I learned to do it when she was gone and to hide it better

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