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  1. Relocation suggestions

    Not sure you will find less snide remarks anywhere anymore. They tend to be everywhere these days. Too many smart phones and dumb humans.
  2. House Passes Concealed Carry Reciprocity

    They could also state that the 2nd amendment "Shall not be infringed" means there are no qualifications or restrictions beyond the usual felon, domestic abuse, standard disqualifications found on the current 4473 basically. Chances are we all know how that would turn out. A long protracted court battle to determine if the states have the right to hold higher standards than the feds. Just because a bill can be said to go one way does not mean it is completely bad. A few tweaks to keep the gun grabbers at bay and settle the points of discussion and it would be good. I would be happy if they tabled it until those points are worked out as long as they do it and not stand around and talk about it all darn year. It will be an interesting fight once it gets to the court. Basically they get to decide if the US constitution can be overruled by the states. Hah, let the head exploding on both sides commence now.
  3. I am looking for an inexpensive 10/22. Stock and barrel condition are not important. I need a receiver for a project. I would love just a receiver if anyone has one laying around.
  4. So We Sit and Wait.....

    Breathe deep. Count to fifty. Move on. Merry Christmas to all!
  5. Relocation suggestions

    I was born and raised in Manchester. Very near Tullahoma. Mom still lives in Tullahoma. I am there about once a month. Very nice area to locate to.
  6. Sparta gun show Dec. 9th & 10th

    Went a few months ago. Was not too bad. There was no ATM on site. Bring cash.
  7. ad closed Sold

    Ok, 2 more to go thinning the herd. 1. 16" M4 contour BBL, carbine length, 223 Wylde chamber, 1/7, birdcage flash hider, M16 BCG, Anderson lower and parts kit, sling connector end plate, 15 " Keymod rail, standard 5 position carbine stock. $525 2. 18" rifle length nitride BBL, 223 Wylde chamber 1/7, birdcage flash hider, M16 nitride BCG, Anderson lower and parts kit, 15 inch quad rail, standard 5 position carbine stock. $550 Either will come with one used steel mag and a 20 round box of 55gr fmj ammo. Either may have a small safe handling mark. I did not see anything major but a couple small ones. Will consider trades but cash is King. I love in Pikeville but will be in Franklin tomorrow until 3 or so.
  8. Sighting in deer rifles for deer season

    Back in the day when I was a range offier for a well known AR Manufactureer I ran into something similiar. While running a course of fire for an event we had several local LEO attend that wanted to get into IPSC shooting. Great, gave them the tour, explained how things ran, safety brief, then away we go. first couple guys did OK, did not shoot worth a darn but did not hit anyone either. 3rd guy comes to line, Shooter ready? Nods, timer goes off, shooter draws, click! Shooters stares at gun for a minute, looks to see if there is a mag, pulls trigger again! Nothing. Racks slide, pulls trigger again, click! Again. Drops mag, racks slide (Yes, he got the order right!) Looks at round, no mark on primer. Looks at me and says "Well I guess I am done." Major issue with this was.....wait for it.....It was his everyday duty gun! Lord only knows how long it had been broken. So yes I take a couple shots every yeare before season as you never know which gremlin got in the safe last.
  9. Seriously....What doe you want for Christmas?

    At my age it is the one on the bottom!
  10. Computer Problem

    This. Doing it again will not help. Sorry.
  11. Seriously....What doe you want for Christmas?

    Yes, for the right price!
  12. Computer Problem

    So this has started after you did an update to windows or think it did one automatically? If so then yes a roll back to the last know good configuration might help.
  13. Computer Problem

    Ok, how long have you had windows ten installed?
  14. So We Sit and Wait.....

    I am pretty sure, oops, I did not mean that, would not change the outcome for the Lil Rocketman. No matter how it occurred it is the outcome that would matter. I do not think "wreckless" is the correct term, "sane" perhaps comes to mind. Now granted one does usually lead to the other.
  15. So We Sit and Wait.....

    Killing off the ISS does what though? Guarantees NK becomes a sandbox.

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