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  1. If you can find one, you should give the sig P230/232 a try. 
  2. I can't remember where I saw this but it pretty well sums it up in a lot of folks minds.     "Radical Muslims want to kill you..........moderate Muslims want the Radical Muslims to kill you"
  3. I haven't been on the forum too long myself, but welcome.  Glad to see someone else from this area joining.
  4.  You do know that lever actions multiply don't you?   I put one in my safe and a few months later, there were three.... then five.   I had to start keeping them in separate rooms.  :D
  5.  I went to these a few months ago and I like them but the material has a different look than regular bluejeans.
  6.  I'm tempted to order 8 Lbs of this stuff. It seems to have good reviews and is cheap at today's prices. 8 Lbs. + shipping and hazmat comes out to a little over $20 a pound.   It will probably take the rest of my life to use 8 Lbs of powder though.  :)   http://www.expansion-industries.com/ETR7-PISTOL-POWDER-p/etr7.htm
  7.  I'm new here so I'm still following instructions and not reading this thread.......oooops!!!
  8.  This would be nice if it stands.     In a ruling issued today, a Federal judge has declared that the longstanding ban on gun dealers selling handguns to residents in different states is not only unconstitutional under the Second Amendment, but also violates other fair trade provisions of the United States Constitution.   http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2015/02/foghorn/breaking-federal-judge-declares-interstate-handgun-transfer-ban-unconstitutional/
  9.  Congratulations on your escape from Calif. and welcome to Tn. neighbor.   I spent my last tour of duty here and decided not to leave.    In answer to your question, there just isn't too much public land around here so finding a place to shoot can be a challenge. There are several indoor ranges for handguns but I only know of one full service range and that is out on Old Brownsville rd. in Bartlett and it's rather pricy but they do have everything.   http://www.memphis-ssa.com/
  10.    Probably because felons can't get one, hence the low percentage (5.83%)  :)
  11.  Thanks for the tip. I also would have never thought of using an aluminum arrow for a drop tube. (two tips for the price of one  :) )   Chip
  12.  Here's a nice one for the lefties out there....Buck 110 auto   http://nicnac.net/contents/en-us/p2483_Buck_110_Automatic_Knife_Left_Hand_Brass.html
  13. The Russians are coming: AK-47 assault rifles could soon be American-made    http://www.marketwatch.com/story/the-russian-guns-are-coming-ak-47s-could-soon-be-american-made-2015-01-22
  14.  I heard of this forum on another that I’ve been a member of for a couple of years and decided to join you folks since I’m also a Tennessean. I was born and raised in Oklahoma just south of Tulsa but finished up my military career here and decided to stay.    I spent just shy of 21 years in the Navy, retired and went to work for the Postal Service ( I can already hear the boos and hisses) as an electronics technician. I worked there for 26 years without going Postal and retired 6 years ago.    I’ve dabbled around with just about every aspect of guns and shooting, including reloading, casting and muzzleloading, but in my opinion, am only mediocre at any of them. As you can tell from my user name, I didn’t get a lot of shooting experience while in the Navy. Our small arms proficiency test was to surface out in the middle of nowhere, go topside and try to hit the ocean.   :D    I’m looking forward to learning on this forum and maybe even meeting some of the members.      Chip    


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