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  1. Great deal and congrats. Everyone needs to have one of these .22 plinkers in their arsenal for kicks and giggles. Lots of fun.
  2. So did I...... The paperwork is a bit of a hassle, but well worth the end result. Go for it!
  3. I enjoyed your post on the thrills and spills of shooting your flintlock. I have one that was custom built for me that is in .40 cal. You are correct about all of the prep and the cleaning can take a bit of time but, is absolutely necessary. One thing that has happened to me a couple of times is if I am shooting with a friend and we get to talking and I get out of sequence with the powder and seating the ball. Ramming the ball in with no powder is a real time-consuming mistake as you have to attach a ball puller to your ram rod and pull it out. What a mess..... The good thing is that once you do it, it keeps you on your toes to never do it again, ha.
  4. Very well done video and I appreciate you sharing it. Even though I know the principles around what is going on when the AR fires, it is cool to see the graphics on just how each step looks through the process.
  5. I own lots of both hammer and striker. Personal preference, I like the hammer style (ie. CZ, Sig, etc.) best but I think JustEd has summarized my overall view, quite well.
  6. If you weren't already married to her, I would suggest you propose immediately!! A right thinking lady like that shouldn't get away!
  7. Choatecav

    Shooting Range

    I've been following this thread as it has gone along. Just in case any of the Mods read this, would it be possible to set up a forum site that is dedicated to listing all of the public shooting ranges and their conditions/limitations within Tennessee? There is a section for "Club News" for east, west, middle and tri-cities and a listing of all of the State's ranges sure would be handy for the members, especially as we travel within the State. Just a thought........
  8. Prior to my retirement (last Fall) it varied between SA XDx in an IWB kydex at 4:00 position. Or, a LCP in my pocket. Now, not as concerned about concealability so I like OWB leather at 3:00.
  9. You gotta respect a man with an obsession.
  10. Choatecav

    ZAROO Shotguns

    Just watched this video and was impressed with their craftsmanship and desire to continue the family business. How sad it is that they are being strangled by yet another over-bearing government that wants to keep it's citizens unarmed and helpless. God forbid that we ever let this happen in this country and we all need to keep up the fight against it as there are literally millions of liberals who want to see this in the USA.
  11. Well, when the Zombie Apocalypse hits and sun spots cause all deer to go rogue and attack humans...... you'll be golden!!
  12. I use an ACOG on my Daniel Defense M4 V7. Good enough for the U S Military, so good enough for me. Plus, with light absorbing sensor, never needs batteries.
  13. Choatecav

    Carry History

    I have never owned a Star, either, but have heard cool things about them. However, if memory serves me, I believe they contain a plastic "buffer" to soften recoil. Just wondering how that buffer holds up in older models?
  14. Same here for me as I carry the XDs in .45. But my lighter weight alternative is Ruger LCP in .380


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