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  1. Hey SquidBilly- The wife and I relocated here from Kommifornia (Orange County) a year and a half ago. Tennessee is amazing. Can't wait to hear your experience buying your first gun here. It is amazing. I still get giddy buying a 30 round rifle magazine. We looked in Columbia, but we ended up in Hendersonville north of Nashville. Best of luck on your adventure and the journey out here! Cheers!
  2. The one that really scares me is the "gun safety technology" issue.  I can really see this one taking guns out at the manufacturer level.  It is either going to be a de facto confiscation by making all guns without said technology illegal or it is going to make all guns going forward too cost prohibitive for regular people to own.  Microchipping and biometrics could become required in the foreseeable future.  The left will say they won't be taking away guns, but they will require that they all have these special new features that will add hundreds of dollars to the purchase price and make any existing firearms illegal.
  3. If these guys get shot by the police, will there be a "Dumb-ass Lives Matter" protest?
  4. I didn't read through the whole thread so I am not sure if these have already been mentioned.   Just finished "77 Days in September".  I was extremely entertained and thought it was very well written.  I like SHTF books that aren't just a list of all the tacti-cool items every protagonist seems to have.  This one is very much from the "every man" approach.   I also read the first book in the Frontier Survival series.  Also very good and an easy read.  A little predictable, but still good.   For me, nothing comes close to Lucifer's Hammer, but there are some good alternatives for second place on my list.
  5.   Thanks for posting these links!  The first you link you have is the the one that took place the week before Sandy Hook.  I always use that one as the main example when I discuss debate with people on this subject.  
  6. This is funny because I am driving back to California for the holidays and taking my AR with me.  I intentionally left the bullet button on when I moved to TN just so I could take it with me back to the Peoples Republic of Kommiefornia and I would be legal.   Does this mean when I cross the California border, my bullet button will activate making it fully auto?  Or is it like the Ring when it gets close to Mordor?  As soon as I get to California, I will see the great flaming eye of Jerry Brown searching for the evil black guns?
  7. I am watching the show and, while I enjoy it, I definitely don't "look forward" to it every week like I did with shows like Walking Dead or Breaking Bad.  I usually record the episodes and then watch it while I am working in my art studio.  It is not a show you really have to follow intently.  The fight scenes are extremely entertaining and the female characters (the Widow and the blonde clipper chick) are really incredible.    Good show, but if it was canceled tomorrow, I wouldn't mourn too much.
  8. Hmmm...I really looked.  I didn't see it.  Might be down low or something, but it is definitely not conspicuous at all.
  9.   I am going to re-resurrect this old thread.  I was at the Ryman tonight for the Vince Gill and Amy Grant Christmas show.  I was not carrying because I did not want to have to go back to lock my pistol in my car.  However, I did look all around the front doors and inside the entry point and I saw no postings whatsoever.  If it is posted, it is in no way conspicuous.  
  10. I have had an idea in mind for a while now using an old, used trash can.  Use the bottom third or half for storage of some items you want to "hide in plain sight" like a store of ammo or communications equipment or an emergency fund.  Then on top pile scrap wood or other non-organic garage scrap, chunks of drywall etc.  Tuck it away in your garage or basement.  If someone breaks in to your house, it is likely they won't pillage the old trash can with all the junk and you will at least have some ammo as back up in a worst case scenario.  I have done something similar to this technique but using old paint cans.  I put layers of ammo in the cans, then put a piece of cardboard on top of the ammo and then piled old screws and nails on top. 
  11. Thanks again everyone.  My HCP came in the mail the other day and I took the new baby out on the town.  I like the way it fits.  I might look in to the 9 round mag, but for now, I like the comfort and it feels nice having a .45 on me when I am out.  I will still carry the G19 from time to time, but I am really starting to like the G30.
  12. Thanks everyone!  I am planning to go to the range today and break it in.  Anxiously waiting for my HCP to arrive in the mail!
  13. Might be a little limited on room for gear for bugging out, but it is electric so I imagine it would be very quiet.  Could be a good option for recon trips around a bug-in location.
  14. I stopped in to the Guns and Leather Glock Days event this weekend and walked out with a new G30SF.  This was exciting because it was my first gun purchase since moving to TN from California!  Felt awesome paying for the gun and walking out the door with it the same day and not having to wait a week and a half to take it home!   I went with the G30SF because I have a G21SF, but it is just too big to carry every day.  I like carrying my G19, but I really like having the .45 carry option.  Also, the 30 fits the same IWB holster as the 21 and I can use the 21 mags as well, so there was a lot of cost savings in my choice.   Can't wait to get my new baby out to the range today to break it in.   On a side note, I can't say enough about Guns and Leather.  Mark at the Hendersonville location is one of the nicest and coolest dudes you will meet.


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