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  1. When calling it a "small frame" ... I'm referring to the fact that it's an AR15 frame, in lieu of an AR10 size.
  2. The article Smith linked above mentions the 6.5 Grendel which is loaded in a 7.62x39 case .... If I'm gonna hunt open areas, or if I'm shooting targets at 300+ ... I'll be behind a Grendel. I can post that data for you if you're interested. That is a very slippery and effective round out of a small frame AR.
  3. For me, hunting is typically inside of 100 yards. I really like an AR in a pistol config for work of those distances. Very handy and easy to maneuver in the woods/brush. Even inside a 4'x4' box blind you can easily swing from window to window while on the gun. With my 10.5" 7.62x39 ... I have 154 gr Tula soft nose and some soft nose Federal that is used for hunting. I don't have any numbers for this ammo outta the setup yet. But what I do have is data for 122 gr FMJ ... MV of 2162 FPS At 100 yards this puts 997 ft-lbf of energy on target. At 200 it retains 776 ft-lbf. Compare that to an 18" .223 using 55 gr Hornady Spire Point. 2940 FPS MV At 100 yards this is 800 ft-lbf of kinetic energy on target At 200 it drops to 599 ft-lbf I also have a 10.3" .223 that I hunt with but I have no data for that one. I have taken deer with all of these setups. All with one shot ... and all at 100 yards or less. (The pistol shots were inside 50 yards) The pistols are configured with reflex style red dot sights. Scope on the 18'er. For some reason that I can't explain, for general work inside 200 yards, I gravitate toward the 7.62 every time. I really like that setup. The only con that comes to mind for the 7.62 might be ammo availability at some point in the future. Right now, the aforementioned Federal rounds are non existent as far as I've been able to find. And with future bans on imported Russian ammo ... might wanna get what you can quickly. Possibly worth mentioning also, I make sure to keep an xtra bolt and correct firing pin on hand for the 7.62. My lovely wife has gone nuts about hunting. She also went nuts over that 7.62 pistol. So now we have 2. My $.02
  4. You can order a 10 pack here.
  5. Have this one on my VR80. Along with the plastic ones it came with. I keep the center dot turned off unless shooting slugs.
  6. https://www.personalsurvivalsolutions.com
  7. I have witnessed an over torqued muzzle device cause groups go to crap as well. Some folks don't believe it can happen ... but it can. I did it. It was on my first build several years ago as I was experimenting with different type devices. Fortunately, when I loosened it a bit, groups came back together. Nowadays, whatever muzzle device I use is hand tight with blue loctite under it. I don't use any that require timing.
  8. Same here .... I've said for years that there is a lot of wasted energy on highways. Every vehicle that goes by creates wind that could maybe be harnessed. I've often wondered also if there could be something embedded in the road to be activated as a vehicle passes by. (some sort of ratcheting mechanism?) The problems start cropping up in energy loss through each conversion process. Sure seems like there should be something though ...
  9. Got the truck this past Friday. 13 months from initial order.
  10. I suppose interpretations may differ, but read the linked article. If it's accurate, my interpretation is that Mr. Stoner never intended for the AR to be used the way we use them today. Modern day rifles have morphed quite a lot from the original design. Most specifically in twist rate, which has a great impact on usage scenarios. Published in 1981 ETA: In response to OP .... I have an 18" SPR in .223 Wylde that is a great shooter and much enjoyment. Obviously it'll do stuff out to 600 or better. But I have built 6.5 Grendels and a 6MM ARC for the stuff beyond 450-500. I stay in small frame calibers simply for the sake of parts commonality.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJ1hFGILB6Y
  12. From what I've seen ... Whatever number of guns they say it will hold, cut that number in half. Unless perhaps what one has is primarily handguns. I bought one of these. (I didn't pay what that website says) I had to remove the rack mounted to the door in order to use both supplied rows in the cabinet. Bolt guns are problematic because the bolt handle will bump the one next to it if you use the supplied cutouts, even shotguns will bump each other if they have a charging handle sticking outta the bolt. So I had to skip spaces quite often. AR style firearms take a lotta room due to the grip. More still if a scope is installed.
  13. https://wapp.capitol.tn.gov/apps/BillInfo/Default.aspx?BillNumber=HB2509
  14. DL126

    6mm ARC

    Topic revival .... It's here .... Now the scavenger hunt for affordable ammo begins.


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