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  1. https://www.pulsar-nv.com/glo/products/33/thermal-imaging-riflescopes/trail/
  2. I have a pair of .22LR's that I shoot for various activities. A 16" that I use at 50 yards and out. That one has a Burris XTRII 2.5-10x42. Nice enough scope. Good glass. Zero stop. And tracks great. But the parallax goes no lower than 50 yards. Playing dot shooting games at 25 yards, it's less than ideal. (To be exact it sucks.) Spinners at 100 yards, and soda cans out to 175 yards, it shines. The other is a shorter barrel in a pistol configuration. It has a Barska Level 1.5-6x44 on it. (Go ahead and laugh now) It won't track worth a crap so forget dialing yardage. But once zeroed, it stays where you put it. The parallax will dial down to 10 yards. Those 25 yard dot games ... it'll run circles around the other setup. It'll remain accurate at longer yardages, but you gotta use hold overs w/o dialing. So as mentioned above, it depends a lot on what you wanna do with it. Tools for the job. PS My wife's .22LR has a Nikon 2-7 Rimfire on it. It works fine. But once again, at 25, that Barksa will run circles around it in clarity and lighting.
  3. A few years ago I was called by someone conducting a political poll. It was just before the 2016 election. I answered their questions, and then a few days later I was called again for another political poll. As the questions began, I immediately recognized them as the same questions that were asked the last time. I stopped the lady on the other end of the line and informed her that I had already answered these questions just a few days before. Then I asked her how the hell their data would be accurate if they polled the same people over and over. She said she'd check into it, apologized and hung up. They never called again.
  4. https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-pa47-16-7-62x39-upper-w-bcg-and-charging-handle.html Never had a problem with this one. Had it for about 2 years maybe a bit more.
  5. "A report published by the Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium also claims the scopes in question had made it into the hands of Taliban fighters." I decided to edit what I posted earlier as it was probably in bad taste considering the implications of what "could" happen if this equipment made it into those hands. But suffice it to say, I'd sure hate to know ATN equipment was what I had to depend on in any sort of conflict. And IIRC, this won't be the first time ATN has found themselves in violation of ITAR regs. Once before it had something to do with Russian NV tubes or something of the likes.
  6. Had one. Returned to seller. Good concept, extremely poor execution. Software was the biggest problem. It would continuously lock up and/or go to a black screen requiring a hard reset to get it going again. I agree with the NV folks on arfcom .... "Run!" Check in here .... http://atnowners.com Look into the Sightmark Wraith. I don't have one .... yet. (waiting / watching)
  7. bersaguy Your computer isn't gonna stop working just because Microsh1t stops updating it. I have customers still on Vista, many still on 7, some on 8.1, with a random XP machine here and there. One still on Win98! If you're using Microsoft Security Essentials, you'll probably have to change that to something third party. Avast has a free version. Just keep on keeping on until a replacement unit is in your budget. Most home users do email, web browsing, and social media crap. All of which can be done on an iPad with much less "upkeep" over time. And you can get one from Verizon that has 4G in it if you're so inclined. I have one for field work that has replaced a Windoze laptop that I lugged for many years. As a side note, I've used Linux Mint for several years now on my personal desktop. I have Win10 set up in a VM, but I haven't even launched it in over a year. I can feel my blood pressure going up as soon as the splash screen comes into view!
  8. http://www.targetsportsusa.com
  9. If your OS is Windows 7, use Microsoft Security Essentials. Any later version of Windows has Windows defender built in. Both work just as well as anything you'll pay $ for. The most important part of your security is YOU.
  10. https://www.americandefensemanufacturing.com/browse/category/mounts/modularmounts/modularbases/ Dunno if any of these will fit.
  11. Saw one yesterday just like it. Completely original 1964 Colt SP1. Original down to the sling according to the fellow who owns it. He was contemplating buying a flat top upper to go on the lower so he could use a scope. Good fellow who had no idea what he has. I recommended he do some research on it before he started separating it for weekend plinking with the grandkids.
  12. Update ... Last weekend I did a bit of shooting/testing with the aforementioned PSA upper. I shot 200 rounds of the ammo mentioned above. That ammo has 1260 FPS listed right on the box. 15 rounds over the chronograph ... drop high and low ... average of the remaining 13 ... 1270 FPS. The chrony was 13' out from the muzzle, so I added 10 FPS and plugged 1280 into ballistic software. 25 yard zero. 12oz soda at 172 yards. 12.4 MOA up .... 1st shot hit. New scope/mount ordered. I'm anxious to see what it can do at even longer range! Still very pleased.
  13. Sold the wife's 15-22 a couple of weeks ago, (with her blessing), and ordered this ... https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-16-22-lr-1-16-nitride-2a-armament-13-5-m-lok-upper-with-bcg-ch.html So far, it has functioned without flaw, and consistently hits where you point it using CCI MiniMag 36gr HP. Probably have +/- 200 rounds thru it. Very pleased.
  14. I have an Atlas that I paid the $300+ for. Does it work well? Yes. Slower deployment than a Harris, but there is nothing that it doesn't do well that I have found. Looking at it, dissecting the fit/finish, it is almost a machinist's work of art. My justification for it at the time was that it was a necessary part of the system that included longer range glass, a Radius, and a 1 MOA rifle that could quickly engage multiple targets at 400+ yards. Still a viable setup I suppose, but I ain't doing another one. That gets expensive in a hurry! Would I buy a 2nd one? No. I like it fine, but after using it for a while, it's just a bipod. And to be honest, I felt like a sucker for falling for the marketing hype. Not likely that I'd spend $400 +/- for the TB above. It's still just a bipod. Maybe there are uses and/or functions for one that I'm not aware of? Maybe those factors would make it more valuable accessory? I dunno, just my opinion. YMMV
  15. I use Black Dog magazines in my PSA 22LR dedicated upper. Normally I order direct from the maker. In my experience thus far, It's easier to find them in stock that way. The only "twitch" I have found with them is if you rest the rifle on the mag, like in the absence of a bipod, they don't like to feed the next round. Sometimes it will, sometimes it won't. (This might not be the fault of the mag itself.) The upper really likes CCI Mini Mag HP's. Really nice groups @ 50 yards. I started out buying Mini Mag solid nose, then discovered that the HP's grouped better for me. Mine is the classic M4 style, 16" with front sight and non free floated hand guard. As for the SW MP 15-22 ... I had one. It was OK I reckon, but I grew not to like it mainly because the whole thing is plastic. The bolt catch would "rock" back/forth in it's pocket. (Not good for longevity IMO) The "buffer tube" and lower is a single, all plastic, piece. I felt like that if I were to take a fall, and the rifle had to support my weight, it'd break. They will take any milspec trigger group, and a milspec stock. If you wanted to replace the hand guard, I read that it can be done, but good luck with that. I wound up giving the rifle to my daughter so she'd always have at least one of "Daddy's guns". My wife still has a 15-22. We'll most likely replace it with another dedicated PSA upper.
  16. Maybe go into BIOS and disable integrated sound?
  17. I've been into the PSA locations in Columbia and Greenville SC. You'll be in for a big disappointment if you were to go in expecting to see everything that's on their website. The Greenville store was actually nicer than the Columbia location. I've been into JoeBob'sOutfitters retail location in Hayes Kansas as well. My LGS is larger than their storefront. (And that ain't saying much) ETA: I bought a Tshirt!
  18. I appreciate everyone's concern for keeping me legal. I'm aware of the law, and I'm not breaking it. Please keep conversation geared toward tips/tricks to using thermal. Thanks again. ac72 ... thanks for the tip. I was on the ground and couldn't see the top of his head other than from straight on face to face. And only after he got to 40 yards could I see those bumps. The resolution might not be enough on the Apex to see what you're referring to. But I'll start looking for such.
  19. Update .... This past Saturday morning, I confirmed what I had read about using thermal. You cannot see antlers thru it. I had a spike buck walk to about 40 yards from me. Through the scope, I could just barely see bumps on his head where the antlers came out. As on the previous occasions, I let him walk. My time in the woods right now is primarily for learning the scope, and spending time with my Son.
  20. Full disclosure ... It's above mine as well. I'm far from being a wealthy person. I have struggled with the decision to take this leap for almost a year. After doing so, thus far I'm not sorry for it.
  21. It's still legal shooting hours as I walk back to the car still giddy at the doors that have been opened by the thermal capability. I decide to try slow walking, and scanning at the same time. 30 yards ahead to my left, is a small hot spot just off the edge of the field I was in. As I get close, that hot spot leaps into the field and runs across in front of me looking like a bouncing ball of light that lunges into the brush to my right. It's a rabbit. And he thinks he's safe in the weeds to my right. With the naked eye, he would have been. With a .22 and thermal he'd have been supper. All of a sudden, to my left is another hot spot in the weeds no more than 30' away. It's another rabbit. I didn't know there were 2 rabbits left in my area! Long read guys. But the point is ... Thermal is NOT just for the night.
  22. 15 minutes or so after those deer leaving the area, I get down outta the stand. Just outside the woods is a very large open field that I shoot into quite often, so I'm familiar with the landscape and yardages of it. It's getting dusky by this time, so with naked eye, I could see maybe 200-250 yards out. Again, scanning thru the thermal, I see, and count 25 deer at 500 yards out in that field. Pull off scope, big empty field. On scope, deer! I walk into the next field over. Even "duskier dark" still by this time. Scan the next field over ... Yep, about 25 more in another group. The point again ... I saw all of these deer because of the thermal capability. I could tell which direction all of them were going. Therefore it would have been possible to intercept "upstream". To be continued ....
  23. A couple of weeks ago, I got tired of waiting for ATN to put out software for the 4K Pro scope I had just bought, so I returned the scope to retailer for a refund before that window closed. Glad I did. I replaced that scope with a Pulsar Apex XQ38 thermal rig. That scope is currently mounted on a 12" Grendel pistol. I don't hunt at night. But I wanted dark thirty capability. This past Sunday afternoon, I carried the setup to the deer stand. In this particular spot, there is a thicket of brush, weeds, and small saplings about 35 yards out in front. There is open hardwoods between the thicket and the stand. After being on stand for maybe a half hour, I decided to start scanning the woods/thicket to see what I might see. About 45 yards out, inside that thicket were 3 deer that I could see plain as day. Pull off the scope ... can't see anything but thicket. Get back on scope ... deer! After 10-15 minutes, as I watched thru the scope, 2 of those deer walked outta the thicket directly in front of me. I could see them plainly and could have dropped the hammer. They were both does and I have the 094 license. I didn't. The point to this story, is that I knew they were there because of the thermal. And I knew where they were going to come out because of the thermal. To be continued ....
  24. I have one of those lying on the kitchen counter. Not yet worthy of mounting on a rifle. The software needs much improvement.
  25. Tannerite is also quite effective.

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