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  1. I’ll take a <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:stockticker>WAG</st1:stockticker> and say no. Because if it were discrimination someone would have went for the really “Deep Pocketsâ€â€¦ eBay.
  2. 1. Being arrested even if you are innocent is expensive. 2. A “valid defense†is expensive even if you can prove it. 3. “Probable cause for a vehicle search†is a 12 lane interstate a thousand miles long. It almost always exists on a traffic stop. 4. Even if you can get the search thrown out; it’s expensive. 5. Being educated on criminal law and search and seizure while you are standing in front of a Judge is …. You guessed it…expensive. 5. A carry permit costs $250. Gum money compared to what you would spend on a legal defense. You also need a legal explanation of how the situation of a pick-up truck not having a trunk to secure the weapons is handled. If I drove a pick-up I would call and talk to someone in your county’s States Attorneys office and see what they say; since their opinion is the only one that matters. (Other than the cop that stops you.)
  3. I would unload it. Here is what Tennessee laws says...
  4. Well first off, you don’t a right to carry a gun in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:State><ST1:pTennessee</st1:State>; you have a privilege. Also, the Tennessee Attorney General wrote an opinion on open carry because the law is not clear. That does not mean that the legislature won’t tie up any loose ends the next time around. <O:p</O:p Just because someone makes the statement "You'd have to be an idiot to strap a gun to your hip and walk around in public." Doesn’t mean they are anti-gun; it may just mean that they don’t want to run the risk of losing the privileges they do have because someone wants to play Rambo. If open carry becomes and issue and is outlawed; you better make sure your “concealed carry” remains absolutely concealed. In my opinion the open carry guys are going to force that to happen. Open carry is bad…. It’s bad tactically and it’s bad politically. I would expect any gun group that I belonged to to make decisions based on what is best for gun owners. </O:p
  5. They were called by a citizen; they had no choice to respond. Our dispatchers weren’t Police Officers and they didn’t decide over the phone if any laws were being broken on a man with a gun call. Could you imagine the liability to the department and the city if they didn’t send anyone and an innocent citizen got shot? <O:p</O:p The guy that wrote that seems pretty proud of the fact that they all refused to show ID and they never did show any. (Which I highly doubt.) I’m guessing the situation went down hill as soon as he opened his mouth. <O:p</O:p I wonder what would have happened if they would have just shown ID and the cop explained that he has to check these things out when called; told them to enjoy their dinner and left? <O:p</O:p I don’t know <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:State>Virginia </st1:State>law. Does <st1:State>Virginia</st1:State> not require a permit for open carry? <O:p</O:p
  6. They were the M1D sniper rifles. But they used an offset mount and I didn’t want to modify my rifle for that.
  7. How would a case failure or firing out of battery be a users fault?
  8. You design a weapon for a specific cartridge; the engineering is done around that cartridge. But I guess you could design a weapon and then say “Let’s shoot .40 S&W’s in it and see what happens.”
  9. Because most of those guns weren’t around when Glock came on the scene. And Glock’s were cheap compared to quality handguns. You can justify anything if it is cheap enough; just ask anyone that has a 9mm for self defense. There is no reason today to settle for something questionable. Take a look at the M&P; far superior to a Glock and it’s cheap and safe.
  10. It’s interesting that they only charged him with the misdemeanors; they didn’t charge him with the Felony Fleeing that would have ended his career.
  11. My point is that everyone has to make their own decisions based on the situation and then they have to live with them. My thoughts on this are more about what I taught my kids on how to handle a traffic stop. Kids do stupid things that could impact their future and their careers. Their futures could very well be in the hands of a Police Officer on a traffic stop. The Officer may be making the decision of whether to turn them and the vehicle over to their parents or tow the vehicle and pursue criminal charges. My friends and family know that they have the right to refuse a request to search and they know they have the right to invoke Miranda. I have also explained to them the serious consequences of doing either and hope they can make a good decision based on their situation. In the example you used of your ex-Police Chief friend I will assume that he didn’t have anything in his car and he had not been drinking. Refusing a request to search when you know the cops won’t find anything and they are not making any decisions about charges against you, is totally different than when you know they may find something or you have been drinking.
  12. Marswolf, that’s just not correct. I’ve searched hundreds of vehicles. I almost always asked for permission, and I never asked for permission to search a vehicle that I didn’t already have probable cause to search. I didn’t do it because I was worried about having probable cause; I did it as conversation and interaction with the person. I had discretion on a misdemeanor and I may be deciding if I was going to make an arrest or not. Whether or not a person gives permission to search or not is their choice; but it is something they should think about carefully before they answer based on the situation. How you answer that question could be the difference in going to jail and going home.
  13. I would stay on top of that and make sure it happens. In all fairness, you may have had a run in with some bad cops but cops have nothing to do with whether or not you have a RTBA. Your Tennessee state Congressmen and Senators have passed laws that say that you do not a have a right to bear arms. All the state courts and appellate courts have said that you do not have that right and even most Federal Districts courts have ruled that way. They will however sell you the privilege of bearing arms. But hey, that’s better than what you had in Illinois… right? I have a right to bear arms. That right does not come from the 2nd amendment. However, none of the above mentioned courts agree with me.
  14. There’s the problem. Guns are cheap; leave one in your car. If it’s out of sight locked in your car it’s not like you are leaving a weapon unsecured. If someone enters your car they are a criminal and will steal it no matter what you put it in. If you put it in something they have trouble opening; they will steal the car to find out what it is.
  15. You didn’t even have to shoot them; they saw that and went…..
  16. Let it go man… it will eat you up. Without knowing the exact facts no one can tell you if they had probable cause for a search or not. I can tell you that probable cause is a VERY low standard. Don’t be too hard on your bother; they were going in the vehicle anyway. I have been in your shoes and in the cops shoes. If you decide to discuss your case; we can all discuss it. But before getting into any details I have some questions. Which of these happened… 1. You were tried before a Judge or jury and found not guilty. 2. You went to trial before a Judge and at some point he stopped the trial and dismissed your case. 3. The Prosecutor made the decision to dismiss your case before you started a trial. 4. You made a deal with the Prosecutor that you would do some amount of “Court Supervision” (or some other term) in exchange for a dismissal of charges at the end of that term. As far as those suggesting that you have some action against the cops, my common sense tells me that your attorney (Who is intimately familiar what happened) doesn’t think you have a case. Is that a good assumption to make? After going through what you just went through do you see why I laugh out loud when I see someone post about their “2nd amendment rights”?
  17. Sep 28-30 Nashville - LaVergne L.V. Expo, 295 Industrial Blvd Exit 64 off I-24 http://www.gunshows-usa.com/tennesee.htm Is this a new one, or have they moved form the Fairgrounds?
  18. I stumbled across this… Someone in Mt. Juliet City government or on the PD has some real vision when it comes to carry permits.25 bucks…. Plus you get to hear the laws from (I assume) a qualified Police Officer; can’t beat that. They only bad thing I can see is …. That’s a pretty chitty way to treat your neighbors just because our city government isn’t this forward thinking. Way to go Mt. Juliet.
  19. I’m not familiar with the Ruger at all; isn’t it about the size of the S&W J-Frame? I’m real familiar with the J-Frames and most Smiths won’t do an “action job” on them because they have a heavy trigger pull by design and making them any better can result in a gun that will fail to fire. Could that be why they aren’t jumping on doing yours?
  20. Wrong. Assembly is not manufacturing. Do you know the difference? I’m not ignorant and I’m not unaware of the global economy. I don’t have to roll over either. I’m not talking about clever slogans. And who’s making threats?
  21. Oh Buying an M&P made by Americans here doesn’t cost anymore than buying an XD made in Croatia. Buying a car made here by Americans doesn’t cost anymore than buying a Toyota made in Japan or a Nissan made in Japan and shipped here to be bolted together. Many things you no longer have a choice on being made here… TV’s, Cameras, most computer components. Since you brought up being a Patriot….. Being a Patriot means that you not only protect your country and her people; but you protect the economy as well. Patriots also are not always concerned about their interests; they are acting in the best interests of their country. If someone can’t afford to make the right choices no one is going to hold that against them; but that is rarely the case. Please don’t plead poverty. I haven’t called anyone unpatriotic or disrespected anyone; except you.
  22. I understand that you are too ignorant to comprehend what is being discussed most of time. But is it necessary for you to take cheap personal shots at everyone that does not agree with your point of view. If you don’t like what I have to say; offer your opinion, but no need to be a dick.
  23. You will never hear me suggest that our country (if you mean the government) try to protect our industries. I will however say that protecting our economy rests squarely on the shoulders of the American consumer. Wringing our hands and saying that it is a “global economy†and we can’t stop it is certainly the easy thing to do. That is until your Grandkids want you to explain to them how you could have been so ignorant and why you sold them out.

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