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  1. Well you aren’t bonding if the cops put a hold on you. And I don’t think you are going to bond on a felony until you are arraigned. If you are arrested at 10pm on Friday night when will that be happening to you in Sumner County?
  2. You are fine . . . . . Unless the rest area is in Illinois.
  3. I got carrying in Illinois. But that’s a whole other story. Don’t try it.
  4. Because people get beaten and killed in jail. Club Med white guys that just killed a gang banger that was car jacking them or burglarizing their house would be a big target. I’ve been sent too many times as an escort for the ambulance that was hauling a prisoner to the hospital. Nope… I am not going to jail. And I won’t have to because I have a plan that will work.
  5. Fallguy, I am not implying that you should not call your lawyer, and I am not saying that you should not think about what you are saying. I am saying that you should be prepared to make things happen in a timely manner. From the moment the cop walks on the scene you are not free to leave until they have a statement. If you feel some misguided feelings about your rights or think that the cops are out to get you; you need to be making a phone call and getting something besides voice mail. If pushing that to the point of placing you under arrest sounds like a plan; go for it. But you of all people (a former Police Officer) having experience handing these type of calls and having been involved in these kinds of investigations should know how that will end.
  6. Not yet. I have been working inside a plastic bag. Thanks, I’m going to have to order one. I tried getting the wife to help. After a few try’s she said “You have got to be kidding me.â€
  7. You have committed a homicide. That could be a family member or your wifes dead lover on the floor for all the cops know. You HAVE to give a statement if you feel you were justified in killing this person. You may choose to wait until your attorney gets there; but you are silly if you think you are going to come and go as you please. Did I not see you post that you were once a LEO? That means a cop to me, is that what you were? I’m at a loss why you would want to do anything other than cooperate and be done with it.
  8. Can I buy it? I got my bolt apart without it. But I don’t see much chance of getting it back together without it.
  9. This isn’t about exercising your rights. If you want to exercise your rights; go vote. This is about protecting yourself and your family. You carry a gun for that reason so why would you throw yourself under a bus and call it “standing up for your rightsâ€. This thread is about calling an attorney and having a plan. If any part of your thought process is that you care going to sit around drinking Caffe Latte’s waiting for your attorney to grace the scene with his presence… you need to have a serious talk with your attorney. Remember the video that was posted here where the lawyer told kids to get out of the car and lock the doors on a traffic stop? That was just bizarre ignorance. And refusing to make a statement or not cooperating with the investigators right then is just as ignorant. My point is that, yes the Police will allow you to talk with an attorney. But they will tell you to call him. If you can’t decide on your own if you should make a statement; you need someone you can talk to right then. Blurting out that you thought he was going to kill you or saying you need to see a Doctor is just silliness. Be prepared to take care of business. BTW, I just noticed that this thread is over a year half old… so RBC do you have an attorney lined up yet?
  10. So you have a dead guy on your living room floor, you are refusing to make a statement, and now you are going to start thumping on your chest and banging heads with the investigators? It’s a short walk to the cage car in handcuffs. What could possibly be your reasoning in forcing an arrest?
  11. You bet it does. I seen criminal defense attorneys that couldn’t get their clients out of jail when they came down in person and then I‘ve seen others that would make a phone call into the Command Office, get briefed on what was going on and then get their client a “Notice to Appear†on a felony. That’s some serious difference in people skills.
  12. DaveTN

    Smith&Wesson 5906

    5906 is a work horse as a duty or combat handgun. A lot of PD’s still use them. I wouldn’t want a double stack as a carry.
  13. Sony Crockett started all this 10mm business. What was that thing he had? If I was getting a 10mm I would have to have one of those.
  14. Sure…. Then if you need power you just have to run an outlet from the sub. You wife may decide she wants to Arc Weld while her pottery is being cooked. You may want to run a big compressor, Lathe, Milling Machine or Grinder. You might want to add a Phase Converter and run a three phase CNC milling machine; you just never know. Available amps in a garage is like money…. You can never have too much.
  15. That’s true. Are you comparing a .380 to a .45ACP? And at one time (I don’t know if this is still true) more people died in the U.S. by being shot with a .22 than any other caliber. Does that make it a good carry round? I didn’t claim it did. You ask about documentation and I am giving you my real life experience. Some people on this forum ask for help because they don’t know. They look to people here that have experience; recommending a .380 for carry isn’t fair to them. Isn’t WWB in .380 FMJ? If you think there is such a thing as a good defensive round in .380 why would WWB not be it? That’s fine. My point was where does this $300 figure come from? He said his girlfriend’s brother could afford something good. He wants to get a handgun based on an area of town he will be working in. Apparently he feels there is a real threat. Come on man, we are having a discussion here. Can we lay off the cheap shots? You are a moderator.
  16. That’s your legal advice? It’s a homicide. The question is whether it is justifiable or not. If it’s justifiable the Police need to hear that from your client. The people here have had it beat into their heads not to make a statement until they talk with an attorney. They need to hear you tell them in a good shoot its okay to make a statement. No point in them possibly spending the night in an interview room because you can’t have your sleep interrupted is there?
  17. You don’t necessarily need to talk to the lawyer you are going to use; I doubt you are going to talk to a big name attorney in the middle of the night. However… if you are going to invoke your right to talk to a lawyer; you are going to need to talk to him right then. The decision of whether or not you are going to trial could very easily be determined in the hours after the shooting. If you have a clean shoot; you have to make a statement to the police. You also need to discuss this with an attorney you trust. Refusing to make a statement in a good shoot is as reckless as making one in a bad shoot. I don’t have a local attorney I could call. But I’m pretty confident that I won’t be in a questionable shoot; so I’m confident I could make a statement. If my shoot was bad or questionable I’ll have to make a call out of state and wait until they can get me help. I know the name John Harris and have his number but I doubt I would get to talk to him at 3AM.
  18. You mean other than responding to a shooting and having the victim pick a .380 out of his side and hand it to me? Or seeing first hand a .380 that barely penetrated a winter coat? Or the well known fact that you need to use FMJ in a .380 because a hollow point may become clogged with clothing and won’t penetrate. There is all kinds of documentation on the .380. Look it up before you start calling my comments BS. It won’t matter if you have your mind made up. The fact that you can buy little bitty guns that use it cheap doesn’t make it a defensive round. And yours reeks of having no experience other than posting on an internet forum. It’s an opinion man… no need to attack me. People can decide what makes sense and what doesn’t.
  19. No problem. I went to Anniston and hand picked mine all mine out. That’s really the way to do it if you can get there. They are a great bunch of people there and really help you out. You can submit all your stuff my fax before you go to make sure everything is in order for when you get there.
  20. They have Lake City right now. I’m full to the brim with 30-06, but I sure wish they could get hold of some 7.62 NATO. But with the war going on I doubt that will happen.
  21. You really don’t have to shoot in competition any of these meet that requirement…. Here is a link to all the requirements.... http://www.thecmp.org/eligibility.htm I belong to the Garand Collectors Association to satisfy the affiliated originations requirement, but there are many others.
  22. http://www.thecmp.org/ Rifles are listed in the left pane. http://www.odcmp.org/new_forum/default.asp Lots of info and inventory status, etc.
  23. Let us know what he finds. Compare the cost of running a 220 line with the cost of adding a 50 amp sub panel.

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