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  1. You have two senators ( Lamar Alexander and Marsha Blackburn) and one representative (I think it's Mark Green) who represent Tennessee at the Federal level. They are all Republicans, not that that had any bearing in my success. In my correspondence I mentioned that I already hold multiple NFA stamps, NIC's checks for firearms purchases had recently been run on me without issue, my employment requires finger printing every 5 years along with background check and credit report. I pointed out that I am in the system and I am repeatedly vetted with regularity. I then pointed out the dysfunction that leads to the government often being the brunt of jokes regarding inefficiency. Specifically that all three of my pending stamps would all go through the same process rather than doing one check that would be applied to approve all three at once. I don't know if my arguments had any traction but I was pleased with the quick resolution.
  2. On my last 3 stamps, which were all pending at the same time although they had different submission dates, I finally wrote to my two Florida senators and my one representative about the dysfunction of the process with ATF and FBI. I never heard back from Marco Rubio's office nor Bill Posey's office, two Republicans, but Bill Nelson, the Democratic senator who was defeated by Republican turncoat Rick Scott, was responsive. Bill Nelson's office reached out to me in reply to my letter within a couple of weeks. His office followed up with ATF and FBI. In less than a month all three of my pending stamps came back as approved. That was at a wait of between 6 to 8 months between the three stamps. Meanwhile I have coworkers who are in excess of 14 months.
  3. I recently picked up the same platform in 9mm. It has been a joy to shoot although I have run mostly ball ammo through the gun. I've enjoyed it so much that if I stumble across as good of a deal ($460 brand new) in .45, I'll jump on it. Please let us know what the issue turns out to be.
  4. I love my Springfield 1911 but their two XD guns I had were complete turds. That was even after being sent back to the factory (one of them was swnt back twice) for feeding issues. I was happy to sell those two guns with full disclosure that they gave me fits. I do have the Sig 365 and 365XL. Both have performed flawlessly. I'll stick with them and not bother even taking the Springfield striker fired hellcat for a test drive.
  5. No excuse for me not to get one since it comes suppressor ready.
  6. I'm another MA transplant, kind of. Born in Attleboro, As soon as I graduated high school I moved to Florida. As soon as I put in another year to three at my current job I plan to relocate in East TN
  7. Apparently the city of Knoxville is getting ready to vote on this. It seems the elected officials are all in favor. I encourage all of you, even if you do not live in Knoxville, to contact the Knoxville elected officials and express your displeasure with the move. https://www.wvlt.tv/content/news/Knoxville-city-council-considers-banning-gun-shows-from-city-owned-facilities-560769971.html
  8. If this deal came with a threaded adapter to allow a suppressor to be attached, I'd jump on it. I am not a fan of Taurus in general, but I have heard good things about this gun. My current .22 suppressor host is a M&P 22. I like it, but only a 10 round magazine.
  9. Erosion of 2A rights in Florida is one of the reasons I am planning a move to Tennessee. Not that long ago the knee jerk Florida State congress passed legislation which then Governor Scott signed making it illegal for anyone between the ages of 18-20 to purchase a firearm. Handgun, long gun, doesn't matter. If you're not 21 years old in Florida it is against the law to purchase a firearm from a FFL or a private party. They can own a gun. A firearm may be gifted to them, but they would be breaking the law if they purchase a firearm. This year there is a big push to get an assault weapons ban on the ballot to be considered by voters.
  10. As mentioned in the news report, that's high on the agenda of these candidates. It will be something they will be able to accomplish easily and quickly.
  11. I made the same post on the Knoxville section of the City Data relocation forum I'm on. Those who commented and apparently reside in Knoxville make clear that they are looking forward to sweeping changes with their remarks that "Walmart was just the start." Although corporate policy is dictated from far away from Tennessee, I hope the attitudes of most of the Tennessee population are not so welcoming of 2A restrictions as the people in Knoxville apparently are.
  12. Reading this story in this morning's news, I find it very disheartening that the city council and mayoral candidates for the city of Knoxville are so quick to infringe upon our rights which are supposed to be sacrosanct as defined in the Second Amendment of our constitution. I understand the candidates were all likely pandering to some degree to the views of the person asking the questions, but still...if I were living in Knoxville and could cast my vote there, none of these candidates would receive a vote from me. Although I realize Knoxville harbors a more liberal population than less metropolitan areas of Tennessee, it distresses me to see this erosion of values taking place. Seems like we are losing more than we are winning. Knoxville city council, mayoral candidates answer questions on gun violence https://www.wvlt.tv/content/news/559997761.html
  13. I feel there are pros and cons to both states. For instance, in Tennessee open carry is legal. In Florida it can only be done in very particular circumstances such as while actively engaged in hunting, fishing, camping, or target practice, or while going to and from those activities. In Florida we have a concealed weapons license which covers more than just handguns. In Tennessee I understand that batons are not covered under the concealed carry license. In Florida, the reasoning is that a knife, baton, or other defensive weapon will be no more lethal than a firearm. Florida does have red flag laws and they have been abused. Allegedly. There is a strong push in Florida for an “Assault Weapons” ban. Challenges are also being mounted to the States preemption. Preemption has been a godsend here in Florida where the state reserves all authority for regulating and making laws regarding firearms. In the past it was a patchwork of laws between different counties and cities. With the exception of some leeway on waiting periods for purchase, local municipalities must follow state laws regarding firearms and they cannot make up their own. That pertains to where firearms may be possessed, how they may be carried, and what types of firearms are permitted. In Florida signs banning firearms do not carry the weight of the law. Although a verbal request from a business owner must be immediately heeded, a sign on the door saying “no guns allowed” does not matter. In Florida one is allowed to consume alcohol while armed. The blood alcohol content to be considered impaired with a firearm is actually higher than it is to be considered impaired when driving. Rather than 0.08 that will get you a DUI, you’re not considered impaired with a firearm until you are at 0.10. A nuance though is one is not allowed to legally carry in an area where the primary revenue is from alcohol sold for consumption on the premises. It can get a little confusing. I can legally go into a Chili’s or a like establishment sit at a booth in the restaurant and drink a couple of beers with my meal. By the letter of the law, I would not be allowed to traverse through the bar section to go to the bathroom because that area makes its lion’s share of revenue from alcohol. One is also allowed to carry in a liquor store because there it is not sold for consumption on site. The stand your ground law when properly applied is a benefit as it no longer calls upon the person being threatened or attacked to retreat so long as they are lawfully going about their business in a place where they are allowed to be. One thing that really burns me is our State legislature made it so that anyone between the ages of 18 until they turn 21 is not allowed to purchase any firearm whatsoever. Not a handgun. Not a long gun. Nothing I’m sure there are more pluses and minuses for both states, but that’s what comes to mind at the moment.
  14. Thank you for the correction. I’ll humbly update my post. I’m too young to have firsthand knowledge of the events of those times. That’s what I get for relying on what I’ve read elsewhere without vetting it for myself.
  15. One of the draws for my move to TN is my perception that it is more 2A friendly than many other places. Apparently that doesn't sit well with all. On the City Data Forum where I've been researching in preparation for my move I got into a little bit of a back & forth regarding 2A rights and liberties in TN. I thought you guys may find it interesting what others think, both for and against. Firearm discussion starts on page 4, where this link should take you: http://www.city-data.com/forum/kingsport-johnson-city-bristol/3050334-questions-about-johnson-city-4.html My posts: #36 "My perception that the politicians in Tennessee, especially local politicians, are trying to prevent the erosion of the Second Amendment is one of the draws as to why I am moving to Tennessee. I have been disappointed to see responsible gun owners in Florida, where I currently reside, and across the nation as a whole being vilified through the bias of the left stream media and myopic, dishonest, pandering politicians." #45 "A relevant video with levity. Those of you who take the time to watch the two minute video will have a good laugh about how someone pro 2A to deal with the unrealistic presumptions of someone who is opposed to 2A rights https://youtu.be/JIiFeZ7r6aU #47 "As we have seen time and time again, you’re most likely to be killed by a gun and a person with bad intentions while in a gun free zone. Along that line, I wish that signs did not carry the weight of law in Tennessee. In Florida signage is not something we need to concern ourselves with" #53 Quote: Originally Posted by JOinGA The vast majority of Americans, Republicans included, support some sort of action on guns. I am a liberal, but I understand why some people feel they want to have a personal weapon....particularly in rural areas. I don't advocate banning guns or confiscating guns. I do advocate for red flag laws where, with due process, guns can temporarily be removed from people threatening harm to themselves or others and point-of-sale background checks for all gun transactions. If you are a responsible gun owner, neither of these should infringe on your rights at all. Moms Demand Action has 6 million supporters and a lot of us are in Tennessee. "."I thought we were shunning discussing general politics versus Tennessee specific topics, but here we go... Although I am not convinced of your assertion that the “vast majority” seek further infringement of the Second Amendment, I will point out that the majority is not always right. Red flag laws are ripe for abuse. Although I cannot speak to Tennessee laws, the Florida Baker Act provision is currently sufficient when properly used. The red flag laws as currently proposed are certainly not grounded in due process prior to confiscation. The problem with background checks is that it leads to registration. Registration leads to confiscation. If you don’t see a problem with that just look to Venezuela and Hong Kong. Nazi Germany stands in even more stark testament as to how the government abuses an unarmed populous. Regarding Moms Demand Action, that sounds like a dating site. It’s amazing how as recently as the early 1970s firearms could be ordered from the Sears catalog and delivered straight to your home. Fully automatic weapons at that time did not require special government permission. It was a much better time."
  16. You'll get good direction based on experience at http://www.early-retirement.org/forums/
  17. I have the 12 gauge with a 14" barrel. I did a Form 1 to turn it into a SBS with a youth stock. I run the mini shells, bird shot, buck shot and slugs, in the gun to reduce recoil and increase capacity. If something calls for more than the mini shells will provide, that's what I have the bif brother 590A1 for. The only reason I did not warm up to Remington versus Mossberg is because of the safety location.
  18. An AK group I am part of on Facebook has members posting reports of how pleasantly surprised they at the quality and function of the PSA AK's. For a group of aficionados (of which I do not consider myself one. I'm there to read and learn) that are brutally critical of any second rate rifle, they like what PSA is putting out.
  19. Erik88, those are items we have considered. Both retired. Both currently healthy. Conveniences are important, but we tend to be homebodies.
  20. That’s great advice. We did speak with some locals at the local diner. They were all very welcoming with only good things to say about the particular property the contract is now pending on. They did advise of certain contractors to stay away from to avoid headache and sticker shock. Speaking to the local LEO’s though is certainly something we should put on the agenda
  21. Small town is what we're looking for. After spending some time in various parts of East Tennessee we grew fond of the Spencer area. We also like Sparta and the other surrounding towns. A current real estate listing in Dunlap has our interest. The feedback on Dunlap seems mostly positive. I did find some negative comments about crime and a high rate of sexual offenders living in the area, but I am inclined to dismiss those comments as anomalies or not truly any worse than other parts of TN that have issues with high occurrences of property crime. Unfortunately, that has been a mentioned issue just about everywhere we have looked. Although I read that Dunlap has a significant religious population, we are not church goers. I also read of issues with the education system and employment. Those are also two areas that do not concern us although we hope those deficiencies do no translate into a lack of skilled service and professional people, blue and white collar, that can be called upon as needed. I read that Dunlap tends to get a little more snow than areas of the Cumberland Plateau area that we were looking at. What concerns us perhaps a little more is that Dunlap tends to run about 5° to 7° warmer in the summertime than the surrounding areas. I'm guessing that's due to Dunlap being at a lower elevation and in a valley. I'm thinking however that it will still feel not nearly as oppressive as east coast central Florida during the summertime. We are looking for a reputable building contractor with references to build a second home on the acreage. Recommendations are appreciated.
  22. Contract pending on a house in Dunlap. Any reason to stay away from that area? We like what we see, but we've only visited various areas of East Tennessee for a week at a time or less on several occasions over the last 18 months.
  23. I have carried CCW Safe for years. I have never had to put it to the test and hope I don't need to in the future. I chose that offering based on the recommendation of a well respected attorney who practices heavily in the area of firearms and self defense. Another group that I support, Florida Carry, recommends US Law Shield for self defense coverage. When it's time for me to renew at the beginning of 2020 I'll try to do an in depth comparison of CCW Safe and US Law Shield to decide what I think may be best for me.
  24. Before buying a used gun I always check the serial # on Hotgunz.com There are other resources too to check if a gun has been reported as stolen. Also keep in mind that depending on your travel habits, if you traverse certain Indian reservations: "Navajo Nation police will seize any loaded firearm found to be accessible to the driver or passenger.[15][16][17] and confiscated firearms are not returnable unless the owner can establish proof of ownership of the firearm and ammunition by presenting a bill of sale or other evidence at the police station at a later date." Navajo Nation are not the only tribal police to confiscate firearms that cannot be proven to their satisfaction to belong to the person possessing the firearm. Because of this, a Florida Highway Patrol acquaintance of mine takes only his department issued Glock with him when traveling through Indian land.
  25. Something to consider is whether or not you will want to use the gun suppressed. I knew I wanted the option of running the gun with or without the silencer. If you're not going to shoot at all with a silencer, don't waste your time reading the rest of my post. I started by trying out a friend's DPMS Super SASS. It was a no go for running suppressed reliably. DPMS rep mentioned that I could change out the gas block, but I wasn't finding any options in that regard that appealed to me. I moved on and purchased a Rock River. No success with that platform either. I did change out the gas block on that gun. The replacement gas block used a set screw to adjust the amount of gas. It was a poor system requiring an allen wrench for switching between suppressed and not suppressed. As the thread coating that was to be applied to the set screw began to wear off due to going from the suppressed setting and back to the non-suppressed number of turns, consistency of the setting went out the window. That had me move on to an Adams Arms piston driven AR-10. The Adams Arms gun was just an all around disaster. I sent it in for warranty repair. It came back, eventually, no better than when it had went in. I was fortunate that when the dealer who recommended and sold me the gun saw the issues even after having the gun sent in and he personally following up with Adam Arms to find out what the hold up was in getting the gun fixed and returned, he gave me a full refund for that turd. On the advice of another friend who will only buy firearms used by major police forces or military, I purchased a Sig 716 DMR. It was more money than I wanted to spend but I guess it is another testimony to getting what you pay for. The gas block adjusts just as it does on my 516. It has 4 settings. Push in a small detent and twist the knob to the proper setting. Very simple and precise to go from non-suppressed to suppressed. I do know of one for sale in Florida listed on the Florida Shooters Network. He is asking $2k for everything it came with as new. He has a nice optic he is selling separately. It has been listed for months. Maybe he's ready to reduce the price even further.


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