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  1. What is the intended use? Have you thought about thermal?
  2. Curious how many calves or cows hlhave you lost to coyotes? Have had buzzards kill a heck of alot more calves than any coyotes. Alot of people would be very suprised at how viscous a burro can be.
  3. What kind of difference are you talking about? That information is needed to give the best answer.
  4. No this isnt like a potential traffic ticket. This is also NOT I repeat NOT concerning a felony that can land you in prison either. First the op said he is 20yrs old and looking at getting his first hbandgun. There are multiple replies telling him no way because he only 20. Being 20 or 12 has no bearing on his ability to own a handgun. The op also stated he is aware that he can purchase a handgun from a private seller even though he is not 21. Which is in no way shape or form shady or illegal. 2nd part he asked about his parents purchasing a handgun for him from an ffl holder and then gifting it to him. He gets replies ranging from the correct response YES his parents could purchase through a ffl and give him the handgun. He also gets responses suggesting him and his parents were committing some kind of criminal act and they better have the stories straigjt dor when they are questioned by the man.
  5. I agree just trying to keep it simple. Due to the number of American manufacturers and the quantity of rifles produced, a lot of people are unaware of why they are referred to as Enfields or having anything to do with the Brits, in general.
  6. I know some of the UPS and FedEx hubs will not ship firearms or ammunition. They give people bad information. There is no issue shipping firearms with either service C&R or not. The UPS guy fed you a line. It is perfectly fine and legal to ship from non C&R to a C&R. Half the people don’t know the policy of there own company’s.. I hate you dealt with all the bs and headaches. After all that trouble why didn’t you all just do a ffl to a ffl.
  7. Some people are either unaware or forget.The caliber .30 M1917 was British it was developed a the Royal Small Arms Factory at Enfield Loch. It was to have a .30 bore, 1-10 left handed twist, chambered in 303 British.
  8. The SPECIFICATION for the 1917 is .300" bore, five .005" deep grooves - a .310" groove diameter if you have a 5 point micrometer for your slug. Lands and grooves are the same width which led Col Hatcher to conclude it is actually "tighter" than Springfield rifling .300/.308" but with grooves three times as wide as lands. By that standard, a WWII two groove barrel is tighter still. SAAMI specifies the rifling plan for each cartridge but also has a minimum bore-groove cross sectional area so as to avoid tolerance stacking and to allow for off brand barrels.
  9. Its interesting though nothing will come of it. I agree with frog4aday if you are legally considered an adult and are allowed to vote and join the millitary you should be allowed to purchase a pistol and or alcohol. I may be alone in my thinking but I think alot of the alcohol related problems with 18-20 yr olds is caused by having to sneak around and trying to avoid the police.
  10. curious how this worked out? Who was the vendor? Because this sounds like someone to do business with
  11. There just aren’t any guarantees. When the brain dies so does the ability to control any bodily functions.
  12. Nothing wrong with the round. As far as them spraying it’s like spinning a roulette wheel you just never know.
  13. There are deals to be had on the internet but that’s not one of them. I know alot of guys that are knowledgeable on firearms but, wouldn’t know anything about H&H or any other English or Spanish maker. I bought a H&H shotgun off a man that didn’t know anything about H&H. All he knew was that it was an old double barrel shotgun that he didn’t want. The bad thing is someone with just as little information as the seller comes along and buys it. Thinking he has made a good deal.
  14. That’s a possibility but how in the world did he decide that it was the 7th rifle built?
  15. H&H along with others did use the P14/ M1917 actions. The years after WW2 were rough on the trades. The 1950’s and 60’s were not the best of times for them. As far as the rifle posted for sale it looks like a P14 action the best I could tell. Definitely not the 7th rifle built by H&H among other things wrong action for the time. If anyone has an account for armslist I would be curious if he had more pics and what he had to say about the rifle. I didn’t want to waste $7 to sign up.
  16. I know you said you didnt want the gun for the whole scout set up but, have you mounted the scope and shot it? I know you mentioned the xs system curious to how high the peep sets? There are plenty of weaver / picatinny mounts available for the ruger none that i know of except the xs that you mentioned with a built in peep. Depending on which slots you actually used on the paticular mounts you may have room to attach a peep/ghost ring sight but with the factory peep it may be too tall and block part of the tube on scope.
  17. If i understand you want to mount the scope normally over the action and have peep also?
  18. Taking your own firearm isn’t hard at all with very little red tape. You need to get a form 4457 ( registration of personal effects) fill it out with your firearm information ( serial number make and model) get it signed and you are good to go. These forms technically never expire but a few years ago there was some issues due to the form actually having a date on them. So just make sure the one you fill out “ doesn’t expire “ before you leave. Pack rifle in a good case and DO NOT USE TSA LOCKS ON GUN CASE. Have extra copy’s of information. You can list multiple firearms or any equipment on 4457. I would fill out a 4457 for each item. Have fun enjoy the trip. Who are you hunting with? Atlanta has a non stop flight to Johannesburg it’s a long flight so plan accordingly ( books, iPad ,headphones a good neck pillow.)
  19. The grouse populations are hurting do to idiots in control at the forestry department. They need to selectively log and do controllled burns on the National Forest. Which will open up the canopy and allow new growth, and provide better habitat.
  20. Where are you located? That will help
  21. As mentioned before no limit except on migratory birds. Make sure you do have a plug in you’re shotgun when bird hunting. Even if you only have 3 rounds in the gun and a warden checks if a 4th round will load you will be fined. I’ve used branches and no2 pencils before as plugs.
  22. not the best pics but if you look the meat is darker red than domestic pork. This boar had a fair amount of fat. They are very good eating. I know a lot of people that don’t eat them or they just jerk out the tenderloin.


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