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  1. You are correct. I too read that post on FB, “spring of 2023”…
  2. Still closed I see. Must have hit the mother lode of lead piles.
  3. I've seen that holster before, like you I wondered the same thing about the magazine being on the same side as your firearm. As for having the magazine and firearm together, I have a sidecar holster that I carry appendix and it works well. Firearm on my strong/right side, magazine canted toward my left/offhand.
  4. I have lost two chickens over the years to possum's. They were silkies, which are know for being very gentle and tame. I actually had one of the "kills" on a game camera inside the coop. As for possums getting a pass because they eat ticks, not around here they don't. As long as they're raiding turkey nests, they'll get a rimfire round. I can't remember where the link was about them eating ticks, but what I read was it a controlled environment study. The possum was trapped and only feed ticks to survive.
  5. My preferred setup as well. When I figure out this picture size thing, I'll share my 22/45 suppressed setup.
  6. We use no less than #6 shot in our .410's when we're hunting. My son and I hunt similar to what you're describing, he shoots a .410, I shoot a 22lr and it's over the back of our cur dog.
  7. Been following this thread, as I've been in the market for a .458 upper after my latest can purchase. Looks like I got more reading to do before I commit to a certain brand.
  8. I'm not affiliated in anyway, but just wanted to share that I received an email that trex arms is having a sale on their slings and accessories.
  9. I bought a box of it Friday morning at my local store.
  10. Synthetic is all I use in my vehicles. My work vehicle just turned 410k miles. One owner, I change it every 10-15k miles. I made that decision after having a couple samples tested by an oil analysis. That's about the range I felt comfortable pushing it too. Good oil and a good filter and let it ride.
  11. I've seen the Vickers on the shelf at Nashville Armory a few weeks ago.
  12. Can't comment about the law folder, but I can on the sylvan. It has a detent that helps keep the stock in the stowed position. I have no complaints about it coming unfolded in the stowed position, but mine is usually in a bag if it's folded. So that might change things if you plan to carry it while folded.
  13. Just ordered my 2nd sling from t-rex arms. Ordered the first a few weeks ago, as a trial. Really liked it after a few carry sessions. So ordered number 2 this weekend. I don't care for the single point carry method. It might work for some, but not for me
  14. Just wanted to say I hope you find one soon. I've got one and it's a fun little gun to shoot.
  15. I've been registered for a little while, but just now started posting. I've been living in Dickson County since I was 3 years old. My interests brought me to your forum. Always looking to learn more about pew, pew's.
  16. I hate to read about your stroke. I hope things get better for you. Sure wish I was closer. I'd like to have that skeet thrower and hand primer.
  17. I've attempted this method with success on more than one rimfire. I was hesitant at first, but I feel confident when using the guide rod. I seen where you listed someone in Clarksville that does threading. That's good to know, as I live in Dickson county.
  18. Just wondering if you had a chance yet to talk to Jeff. I'm curious his response as, I am a Dickson county resident also.


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