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  1. I know this is an older thread. I tried to get one of the Caldwell Chronographs going. In the end I got a refund. It was not possible to connect to the Android phone. I was able to find a NOS Chrony. Chrony is now out of business. Chrony was vastly superior to the Caldwell. Anything Caldwell, Franlin Armory and the other Midway brands tends to be problematic.
  2. I put the brakes on shooting my magnum rifles until this foolishness passes. Loading some of big boomers an entire pound can go into making a 100 rounds. That, plus the bullets makes for some pretty pricey reloads.
  3. I have a 1885 singie shot that been relined. I wonder if anybody would that on an 1873. I would be one way to get around the pits etc. Also, sometime back I had a Springfield trapdoor that look like the sewer pipe. I left the gun in a rack. I would go buy and add Kroil. As it turned out it was worth the effort. The bore cleaned up but with still some scattered pits. The rifle was shootable and gave decent accuracy. Point being give the barrel some cleaning.
  4. I never found my G20-3 or lamented G29-3 to be difficult. I have run many, many, round through my G20. Neither of those guns proved to unbearable. For me to get full use out of any center fire handgun it's necessary to reload. Also, the G20 and G29 have been with us for years. Wonder how many of today's wonder 10's will be around in 5 years. If I have the hots for those other guns I'd make sure to get plenty of extra magazines. Also, save the original box as it may make the guns more desirable to the collector. Glock's are made to shoot.
  5. I had to shoot less. There was plenty else to do hobby wise. I spend more time casting bullets and working on my casting gear. I had ample brass for a life time from range pickups before the first famine. Lead bullets: The retirement plan was to have enough guns and equipment in place not to have to spend more money. Right? That did not last long. Anyway I have moved away from jacketed bullets for the handguns. Work has moved to the back burner on committed 30 caliber rifles for lead bullets. However, the set up do handgun bullets is complete. I had a couple of real hauls of good secon
  6. This had do with the way cartridges were ejected. On my top end loads the primers were flattened. Those were signs, to me, that the load needed to be reduced. I have not fired many factory rounds but on the recovered brass the primers were not flattened. Ejection was not violent. That's what I was talking about. The updated SCCY was reliable with malfunctions related to reload problems. I shoot full size guns so the recoil of the SCCY went unnoticed.
  7. I have seen the elephants dance and the world's fair but this tops all. It is, indeed, a world of wonderment's.
  8. It's hard to believe that we are outbid for primers and the like. I sold old Wolf primes on GB for $200.00 per M. I could not sell those small rifle magnums for $15.00 per M before the Pandemic.
  9. I cannot understand why S&B and PPU primers and the like have not shown up here in any numbers. We are getting some Shooters World Powders. My solution is to shoot less. I can always shoot my muzzleloaders. There's plenty #11's and musket caps in my outbuilding.
  10. I had gotten a SCCY Cpx2 in a trade. A quick inspection showed clever gun with decent finish. The gun did not work. I called the company. I found there had been two upgrade since my gun was made. Got the gun updated. I have fired a hundred handloaded rounds made up with Lyman 356402 cast bullets. The last 46 rounds were PC'ed +15 rounds of Hornady 147 gr. defense loads. I had two malfunctions with the reloaded ammo. Right, these guns do not digest high pressure loads very well. For a small gun his SCCY will do very well for me. I'm going to stick with factory hollow points for carry.
  11. I have had my 721 in 300 H&H for many years. It's set up with a Lyman 48 aperture sight. The rifle came with boxes of brass. I agree on the performance. It's similar to my 300 WSM. Reloading is where it's at for me. Reloading is the way to step around being exploited on cost of factory cartridges.
  12. I'd suggest looking at Accurate #9 also. The Shooter's World Heavy Pistol is very similar. Also, Alliant Power Pistol has worked for me in 357 Magnum. Accurate #5 is worth a look. It's all in what you want in a load. Mid-range target is one thing and high end full loads is another for me.
  13. Hope for all of us this is a done deal. Possibly the change in the domestic abuse laws brought on CYA in the ranks of the TBI. Somebody or something put further review of records into motion.
  14. I'm not so sure.Thinking all this hassle came accidentally too much of a stretch. My feeling that these searches came on or after the 4473 included domestic abuse. This thing kicked in between gun purchases. I had to wait thirty days on two purchases. We all got hit with this thing. What we had to deal with this on or about the same time. Remember, it was necessary for me to deal with specific issues. That was domestic abuse. The request for records came before the Sutherland Springs, Texas church shooting. It was not domestic abuse. Sorry, I cannot go with this stuff coming random
  15. If the sized case is OK something must have gone haywire after that. First place to look is for a buckled shoulder, Start with the simplest event that could cause the malfunction. Wonder what would happen if a bullet was pulled for another try in the chamber?


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