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  1. The worst part of the theiving is it will drive some local gun stores out of business and that's bad for all of us. As @Grayfox54 said, using cars to crash through a business is the play of the day in Memphis. Steal car/SUV, smash it into front of store, steal products, leave, repeat. Put up barricades? Great! Who's paying for that? Not much profit margin to work with & any raising of prices drives locals to online retailers in ever greater numbers. It's a death cycle for the business. Too bad we can't cheaply airtag all the guns so cops could recover them & catch the bad guys immediately. That would be somewhat of a deterrent. Claymores could help, too...(I joke! Sort of...mostly.)
  2. Try the ATF fix. Nothing to lose really. Someone will want to buy it regardless. Anything pre-2000 in trucks is getting more desirable for their simplicity and longevity. Cost to rebuild & fix is still way cheaper than buying new.
  3. My second boss and his wife took separate vacations. At the time he told me this I was a young adult, newly married, and thought that was crazy weird. Fast forward thirty years and I now laugh at younger me. Separate vacations are genius. Every couple needs to find what works for them and then do that. Screw what other people think or do. It's an A B relationship and other people can C their way out of it.
  4. Quality guns. Basically the same as a Weatherby Vanguard. They've been around a long time. Well proven design. Buy with no fear. It'll probably be good to great, leaning more toward great.
  5. So...what optic company DOES offer a lifetime warranty on the electronic components? I'm not aware of any, so whoever you go with will be "SIG"ing you in a few years, too. But I respect your complaint/rant! The Sig Sauer Electro-Optics Infinite Guarantee DOES sound like everything is covered...right up until you get to page two. That's misleading. It's called the ELECTRO-OPTICS guarantee. The title itself mentions "electro" & guarantee. Then page two tells you to get lost if the 'electro' part goes t/i/t/s up. Not cool. But...again...I think ALL optics company limit the electronic part of the warranty. Rather than trash the rangefinders, I'd disassemble them. You've got nothing to lose at this point. Maybe you find some corrosion you can clean up or a lose wire you can resolder. Or not. But worth a look since Sig already kicked you to the curb. Best time to see what goo is inside Stretch Armstrong, so to speak.
  6. Winchester "white box" (WWB) ammo has a mixed reputation for quality & consistency. As a practice/plinking ammo, it's probably fine, but not something to trust your life to. On a related note, some steel cased ammo and some aluminum cased ammo will often choke up a gun (failures to extract/eject) so neither of those are great for 'save your life scenarios'. Since your Sig seems to run reliably on most ammo (other than WWB) I'd deem it 'good' and hang the blame on the ammo itself in this case. But if it starts to choke on other brands of brass cased ammo, I'd start investigating the pistol itself.
  7. Looking good! Nice shooting & glad to hear the SFAR is working as intended.
  8. I believe he said it was a face-to-face (FTF) sale in the White House area (northeast of Nashville).
  9. I can't believe this is still for sale. Such a high quality safe for a fraction of what they cost new. Bump for a good deal that someone needs, I'm sure. Good luck with your sale. Someone in east Memphis surely must be seeing this and realizes a $400 safe could save them thousands of dollars in stolen guns...right? Bolts to the floor (concrete) so not going anywhere. And dial locks are more dependable and "foolproof" than the electronic ones. This is the "blue light" special of Easter!
  10. Good to have another West Tennessee gun enthusiast join us. Welcome!
  11. @Defender Praying for you to have a smooth & successful recovery.
  12. Glad to hear you got the 'death wobble' successfully sorted. It's nice when a person closes the loop on their post so we can all learn. Safe travels!
  13. Nice to have you posting Josh. Welcome to TNGO!
  14. The answer is YES! Once you use the Garmin, you are done. You can't use anything but the Garmin afterward. It is just so simple, small, and easy to use. It captures the shot every time. It isn't super finicky either; get it mostly near the gun & pointed mostly downrange & it just works. For a person looking to get a chronograph on the cheap, there are lots of people selling off their LabRadar units for half price or less right now. But there is a reason for that - the Garmin is awesome. Don't use one or you'll want to buy one. That was my experience.
  15. For those that are just casually reading this and are wondering how this unit is 'different', the Garmin chrono does not attach to the gun (like the magnetospeed units). The Garmin chrono does not go in front of the muzzle (like the oehler, caldwell ballistics, competition electronics prochrono DLX, etc.) The Garmin Xero C1 sits on the bench on a small tripod pointed downrange toward your target, behind your gun's muzzle, and uses doppler radar to measure bullet speed. It can't/won't get shot. It can't/won't affect barrel vibrations or point-of-impact (POI). It works like the LabRadar chronograph but without the "issues" (picky alignment, short battery life, missing shots and needing additional devices to be functional & reliable.) The Garmin is surprisingly small. I'd seen pictures but was still surprised when I opened the box & saw the size of it (tiny!) It isn't fooled by other guns firing on the range nearby & it captures every shot YOU fire. It's a pretty amazing device. If you have a suppressor, it still captures your velocity w/o having to buy anything extra. Muzzle break on your gun? Again, not a problem as the unit can be positioned far enough away to be protected yet still work. It can measure up to 5,000fps but still measure arrows, bb guns, shotguns, etc. Very cool & versatile. Garmin really did their homework. At $599, it is not cheap. But if the range you shoot at won't let you set up an optical chrono downrange and the bulk & finicky-ness of the LabRadar has left you holding off on getting a doppler-type unit, the answer has arrived. https://www.garmin.com/en-US/p/771164


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