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  1. Picked up one of these last show today was the day to take it for a test run. Shot a variety of ammo found it likes CCI and Blazer the best. Hated. Winchester and Remington. nothing but problems failures to feed stovepipes my Ruger mark 4 eats it no problem but not my Sig it has more refined taste. After I changed ammo she ran well the things I didn’t like was the trigger reset feels plastic Factory trigger was Ok definitely could be improved on. and it’s finicky about how you put in ammo you have to stack them not just drop them in they will turn straight up and there a pain to get out The sig came with Two triggers one curved one flat I shot the flat one Shot two targets 50 rounds thru each at 20 yards I won’t discuss the target that had Remington shot at it lol
  2. Very little chance the people who advocate for that can move to other states. Where I am sure they would be much happier
  3. How many boxes did you send asking for a friend lol
  4. Good for them Hope business flee from NY.
  5. Hope so I kind of like then may buy one but I will wait and see what happens
  6. Attended a UT agricultural seminar The presenter stated Tn is losing farm land at an alarming rate of 8 acres per minute or 70.000 to 80.000 per year on average due to home development. Older farmers dying. and other factors He said TN was 2nd or 3 rd depending on data gathered in the nation for Farm land loss. And now fertilizer has gone to 750 dollars a ton at my Coop Food cost will be going up on a positive note now is a good time to over seed your lawn or put pre emergent chemicals down for weeds But you can’t do both at the same time unfortunately I thought this was important information farm report done
  7. Well that was a quick recall as this gun just came out recently
  8. Old school Remington 1100 in 16 gauge modified choke made in 1996 Scroll work vent rib barrel in 28 inch Has a Monte Carlo stock. Perfect shape. Gun is in excellent condition Has been a safe for most of its life 1,200. Can meet west Knoxville or Maryville area. FTF
  9. Great news he was found in East Knoxville today Local news just reported. Now let justice be served.
  10. Just saw on Tisas website they have a voluntary recall on 5 of their 1911s in 45 and 10 caliber seem the hammer is following the slide forward.
  11. I was over there yesterday The murders brother and murders girlfriend have been arrested for accessory after the fact He. has not been taken into custody yet as far as I know but a manhunt is underway I saw about 25 agencies on site His Sheriff sat crying. Blue alerts are to inform citizens a dangerous person is on the loose and they should exercise caution if he has killed a LEO he won’t have a problem killing a citizen. not all people work days It was their duty and responsibility to warn people Please pray for the officers family he had two kids now fatherless and a finance
  12. Well it did not inconvenience me I prayed for The murdered officer family and the other wounded officer and the BCSO family. This action by a felon will affect a lot of lives People should be grateful men and women are out there in the darkness keeping their communities safe. I doubt you’ll turn off those alerts when it you’re family and friends are involved
  13. I thought we got the wings from buffalo who knew lol
  14. I remember we had a home football game on Friday night the bleacher were normally fully when I looked up in stands haft the people had left. I asked someone he said the finally was tonight I had no clue lol
  15. I assure you there are knowledgeable experts on every subject on here just ask them lol
  16. Your parents were right. Buy American from Americans Support your local community
  17. RIP. I liked his music how could you not love a line Whisky for my men Beer for may horses and the Solo cup song
  18. I do care about where products are made and I would pay up to 25% more for quality products But they have to be better not junk But America doesn’t produce a lot of products like we use to. China has a hold on the US market for about every item and most people seem fine with it When I need something And have a choice I buy American from Americans. When I have the option support your own buy local if Americans would demand this we could return to a self sufficient country
  19. RIP Great actor will never forget Apollo Creed


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