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  1. Sevierville. Having a Blooming bluegrass and bbq event on town square should be fun for family’s Forecast in low 90s come hydrated
  2. Today on Ruger site they have a ad for Marlin 1895 lever action in 45-70 it’s. A trapper model so it’s shorter comes with peep sites 5 plus 1 capacity nice looking weapon msrp. 1349.00 FYI I now see the post below apologies
  3. Postal service in my town can’t even get the mail in correct box I doubt they could track a bleeding elephant in a snowstorm
  4. I agree with Eray nice club. Good people. It is a haul from Roane county tho
  5. I can’t evaluate without pics of girl
  6. Welcome from east TN. Good choice on the sig xl. It’s my carry also
  7. Have you checked Boyd’s stocks I have bought a few there
  8. The good old days. Gas in sweetwater yesterday 4.19 by interstate I went on by
  9. He was a legend I always wanted to go to GIlleys club in Texas. Never did He was cousins with Jerry lee Lewis and tel evangelicals Jimmy Swaggart I bet that was some family reunion. I would have loved to be their. Need to watch urban cowboy again.
  10. Welcome. If you’re in sunbright. I would check out ORSA. In oakridge best range around in your area. My opinion hope this helps
  11. Tellico plains in Monroe county is having a trout festival downtown. With music and vendors. Fun for the family Sat may 7. I don’t know how to do a link but you can find easy.
  12. Great find great guns very accurate
  13. Contractor such as Blackwater. ? Did they say where in TN he was living didn’t hear or missed it if they did
  14. Really nice knives. I like the top row 8th from left. Lots of nice one the one you said was most expensive is it a case barncliff just wondering
  15. I had the pm 2.0 compact it was too small for me gave it to the wife no experience with the 320 compact I have the full size and like it as a bedside gun my try the G19 good suggestion thanks
  16. I have never had a problem but know others that have at spot checks on guns. at tables turning up stolen guns sure ATF knew what what they were likely to find with this person tho
  17. I hope they don’t use this as a excuse to not have shows to answer above question you can sell as a private individual at show buying a table or walking around as long as gun is legal no sawed off for example no license required however I have heard ATF legal is 4 guns per year for private person I really enjoy the show when time permits never know when a deal will come in
  18. I have had Apex. And pyramid. Both were and improvement. Be sure to change the springs I thought pyramid was better but both much better than stock
  19. Revolver of your choice. Snake shot 4 rounds followed by 2. Rounds hollow points just in case
  20. I carry a sig 365xl with a 15 round mag one in chamber so 16 I don’t feel I will need extra mag i also have a houge grip sleeve I have big hands and I like it to be thicker and a owb holster but what works for you is the most important. Don’t care what some troll says on Fakebook Not cool hope you find what you looking for
  21. Department needs marksmanship mandatory classes no problem with the rest
  22. I really like the light and.brace for it wow


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