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  1. Coming back around on this - there’s a reason not many guns have Glock triggers. They sued S&W up one side of the street and down the other for the original sigma trigger - which was more or less a knock off.
  2. First time I pulled the trigger on one of those I got it back as far as I could and had to readjust my grip and try again. It must have been a 20 pound pull. That said, the guy that owned that thing took it down to CIS and did a 1000 round defensive pistol course with it. I thought Todd was going to cry he was laughing so hard. It made it, though. To my knowledge it’s still going strong.
  3. The ham will continue to get drier (more and more moisture removed) as they hang - but you really can’t over do it. Once you get the moisture down below a certain level - it’s just inhospitable to bacteria. At some point it will be so dry that you will just use it to make really great soup.
  4. I hoped I was done losing people I know to this disease. A friend out west passed from it yesterday. She went downhill much more quickly than our systems or interventions are designed for. It really sucks.
  5. This is news you can do something with.
  6. This is a great deal - unfortunately it’s also for a very small audience.
  7. Pretty lines on this one. It reminds me of the best knife Cold Steel Ever made the old SRK - if it were a folder and literally ever aspect of the knife was better. There’s not a better steel out there than M390 As far as I’m concerned. This should be a great add for someone.
  8. I bought my first rifle in Nashville in that old shop. Green felt everywhere. To be fair on pricing, they knew the neighborhood they were in. If someone was going to shop for the lowest prices - they were just going there to showroom anyway. If you ever actually wanted to purchase something - you generally had to wait a minute because they were always busy selling something. I bought a bunch of stuff from them over the years - and they had a good loyal customer discount that made them competitive enough. I had a squib one time in a brand new rifle. They traded me the rifle for a new one right then and there - said no one should have to deal with that out of a new rifle.
  9. Maybe we should go straight 419eater and see how far we can string some of them along. If they're going to waste our time - might as well make it cost them something, too.
  10. I thought we had another thread tracking this case, but the TWRA’s motion to dismiss this case was denied today, meaning it will proceed to discovery: https://ij.org/press-release/tennessee-property-owners-score-early-win-in-lawsuit-against-warrantless-trespassing-surveillance-on-private-land/
  11. A couple of notes from personal experience. 1. Someone told me a long time ago that post traumatic stress is a normal response. That's what's supposed to happen as we process and heal. The 'disorder' part largely comes from the lack of treatment. 2. I don't know if the above is clinically true or not - but it rounds to true. The symptoms I experienced from PTSD have not wholly resolved, but they lessened significantly when I could actually say out loud, "I have PTSD." 3. Recognizing what was causing some of the symptoms I had really gave me permission to actively avoid situations that I know would be triggering. My life is better as a result of it. Happy to chat anytime.
  12. Of course the pizza is good if that’s your thing. Giordano’s is good. Lou Malnati’s is the one I’d pick Its not fancy, but it’s always good. There’s a Weber restaurant downtown. They cook over the biggest kettle grills you’ve ever seen.
  13. How'd we go from "shoot them in the face" to "they're still human beings" in the course of an hour? I mean, look - I'm all for backing off the violent rhetoric - but this is a pretty fast turn. Did your coffee kick in?
  14. In the words of the immortal Lewis Grizzard, "that dog would bite you..."
  15. I think I'm going to lock this one y'all.
  16. Particulars of this story aside, no judge is going to sign off on restoring firearm rights when the reckless endangerment charge stems from the inappropriate use of a firearm in an argument with a minor.
  17. Seems like these should attract some interest.
  18. Take a lesson from your wife - a little moisturizer goes a long way. It doesn’t need to be expensive - a $7 one from the grocery store goes a long way. Personally - at the encouragement of my dermatologist - I use one with sunscreen in the morning and one without at night (which does wonders if you’ve been out in the field all day.) I like a Neutrogena one with SPF every morning. I like a Burt’s bees one the rest of the time - unless I’ve really been out in the weather - then I go for my wife’s thick Pond’s one.
  19. This is is a great little pistol that are increasingly hard to find.
  20. That 1886 is about has lines that are about as clean as it gets.
  21. I've got a lot to say... Most if it at probably borders on defamation - so I guess I should keep it to myself.


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