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  1. If I was buying another one today, I’d buy another Pit Boss in a heartbeat. Their Pro Series 820 is just about perfect.
  2. There's a small bucket on the side of the Reqtec just like the PitBoss. It's mostly hidden - but you can just barely see the edge of it in the picture above. My experience is that there's just not much ash left over. Since there's a fan that feeds into the firebox - there's nothing but a little white ash left - if that. Pull the grate off every now and then and hit it with a shop vac. If you check the ReqTec site - you can see how the legs bolt on in the pictures. You could definitely mount it on a stand or similar.
  3. I love my pellet grill. I've had natural gas grills and have probably burned enough propane in my lifetime to be a topic of discussion at last weeks climate summit. I have had a Big Green Egg for years. Nothing beats the convenience of a pellet grill. All the flavor of cooking over wood - with a thermostat to control the temperature. It'll legit be the last grill you ever buy.
  4. I’ve shot a bunch of the 147s. I like them. I prefer Federal HSTs.
  5. You don’t. Until you do. But then it’s too late to change your mind.
  6. A good day in the woods is a good day in the woods. Prayerful for your health.
  7. If I’m going to Flower’s, it’s because my wife and kids can eat a whole deer’s worth of summer sausage.
  8. I’ve always appreciated Flowers for the fact that you’re absolutely going to get your deer back. Turns out that’s not the case with many processors.
  9. I got my flu shot Friday. I expected at least a sore arm or something. Nothing. Now, that could also be because I moved 3000 pounds of rock yesterday - and I’m pretty much sore from head to toe anyway.
  10. UPS surprisingly has the best delivery metrics right now. Like many things right now, it is a labor story - just not the one the companies and the politicians would prefer you hear and believe.
  11. My first thought - and definitely my luck - would be that a screw came loose on my scope mount.
  12. It's kind of crazy that this hasn't sold. In most markets you could spend $600 on the table alone.
  13. Confirmation out today that a lead bullet passed through the director and lodged in the other victim’s shoulder.
  14. I took a group of Scouts camping last weekend - male and female alike. Scouting went coed a few years ago. It’s great. We were one of two countries that didn’t combine the sexes in scouting - Saudi Arabia being the other. Do I have some concerns about the increasingly rare spaces where “boys can just be boys?” Sure, I guess. That said, the organization formally known as Boy Scouts of America is going through bankruptcy right now because of some of the abuse that came along with that space. We all take child protection seriously these days - and by adding female scouts we have to be even more specific. So I’m all for it. Will they go through some growing pains? Almost certainly. For what it’s worth - no one made them do it. It was pure consumer demand. Too many girls were of the impression that Girl Scouts had basically turned into an MLM for selling cookies and they just wanted to go camping. The scouts themselves don’t care in the slightest - and I’ve talked to them a lot about it. It’s actually quite interesting to me that even at the youngest ages - the girls that show up as natural leaders.
  15. We’ve got some friends with a King Charles Spaniel. It’s hands down the most laid back dog I’ve ever met. It’s good with kids. Good with strangers and other dogs. Perfectly content to just come sit beside you.
  16. Wish I had seen this sooner. Shoot me a note if it falls through.
  17. As the old saying goes - it's a race to see which will take over the world first - kudzu or southern Baptists. The SBC is going through a touch patch right now - so maybe kudzu is pulling ahead.
  18. Multiple myeloma is a blood cancer that specifically affects the bodies B cells. Those B cells are the "memory" that remember how to produce antibodies that the body needs to fight off infections. Without effective B cell response - your body is going to have a tough time fighting off the virus. So, yes. Covid was the disease that killed him. He had a condition that made him more susceptible to all infections - many of which might have done it. SARS-CoV-2 was just the virus that jumped to the front of the line. Vaccines help the body form antibodies that remembered by the body's T cells and B cells. So, someone with a condition like Secretary Powell's would still get some benefit from the vaccine - but any infection could be deadly. We're looking forward to some of the nasal spray vaccines that will help to mitigate respiratory viruses closer to the infection point.
  19. Most of the 2kW units use the same castings in their engines. It's not to say they're all kind of the same - but they mostly start in the same place.
  20. Montgomery Bell is probably the closest tent site. There are some KOAs around - YMMV.
  21. If it was my gun, I don’t know that many of the details would matter much. I’d want to be the one in control of its final disposition. Its already had a history - I wouldn’t want it ending up on someone’s ankle or in the door of someone’s truck as a drop gun.


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