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  1. All my beer stays in primary fermentation for two or three weeks before I keg it. That's after making a yeast starter, using an oxygen bottle and stone for aeration, and temperature controlled fermentation. I'd let one of those little kits ferment for at least a month before bottling.
  2. I've got 10 gallons of Kolsch fermenting right now. Rigged up a chest freezer with a digital temperature controller to keep everything at the correct temperature for fermentation. I think it's a 7cu ft, fits two 6.5 gallon carboys just perfectly. A paint can with a light bulb in it acts as a heater during the winter. All I can say about the Mr. Beer kit is let it go longer than the instructions state after you bottle it. Most of mine were a bit undercarbonated.
  3. If all you want to mount is a light, you can buy a Magpul handguard and attach a rail section to it. It's a lot easier to swap with the tool Dave showed above, but it's not really necessary. A bit of brute force can coax the old hanguard off.
  4. I don't even like Harleys, but I'll probably watch it.
  5. I had a CM9 and never had any issues out of it. That said, I sold it for a Glock 43 which is what I wanted all along, it just didn't exist yet.
  6. Looks to me like you have to stay in a maintenance position instead of being able to transfer to a different job title within the company. You do what's best for you, the company does what's best for them. The CEO isn't going to cry himself to sleep when he lays off 1000 people to make sure he gets his bonus.
  7. Nice bike man. That MSF course is definitely worth doing. I did mine in February in snow/freezing rain so I didn't have trouble getting a spot. Been riding year around ever since.
  8. A generator and chest freezer would be cheaper, probably lighter too.
  9. I wish I could find some Prvi M855 battle packs. Always been good ammo in my experience.
  10.   He could file a lawsuit, but he doesn't have a leg to stand on. Warning label says not to shoot it closer than 100 yards.
  11. Triumph Speed Triple.  
  12. I've got a 29 Gen 4, the 40 MOS is calling my name. Got a 74 CB360 I need to get roadworthy first. 
  13. Raven Concealment.    Custom:  Quick Ship:
  14.   It's France, you'd probably get locked up for life. More of them than he has ammo unless he's got a couple extra mags on the other side.
  15. It isn't going to chamber a 5.56 round.