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  1. Not really, but permitless carry is a more accurate name for this bill. There are still too many remaining restrictions not addressed by this bill to consider it constitutional carry.
  2. Exactly right! There was a couple killed here in Knoxville a couple of months ago by a complete stranger who crashed his truck through the front wall of their house and shot both of them. https://www.knoxnews.com/story/news/crime/2020/03/27/west-knox-bizarre-double-homicide-ronnie-johnson-boyd-doris-beets/2917787001/
  3. Even closer to home, our neighboring state of NC, with a similar population distribution, has had permitless open carry for quite a long time. It has not been a catastrophe. I don't think permitless carry in general is going to cause any significant problems here.
  4. I have had a permit in both states, and I can tell you they are not transferable in the sense that one state will issue a permit based solely on having a valid permit from the other. TN will allow six months of carry on an out-of-state permit for those moving into TN, but then you must obtain a TN permit. NC is not so generous (although, as noted, OC is an option). It used to be in NC that you could get a permit from a state that issues non-resident permits and use it to carry in NC, even as an NC resident. The local sheriffs did not like that rule, so it may have changed in the past few year
  5. Will there be any actual enhancements to the “enhanced” carry permit?
  6. One box (20 rounds) of Winchester Super X 150 grain soft point .270. $10.00 Meet near west Knoxville
  7. One complete box (20 rounds) of Underwood 340 grain +P+ coated hard cast .44 magnum. This ammo is intended only for certain firearms so please be sure it will work for you. $10.00 Partial box (44 rounds, 6 fired cases) of Winchester 240 grain JSP .44 magnum. $10.00 Shipping is expensive for single boxes, so I will need to sell in-person near Knoxville. Will trade for a similar amount of factory 10mm ammo, any brand.
  8. Reducing the price to $250. It is now $100 below the lowest retail I can find.
  9. This is exactly right! Lights and cameras would be helpful additions to the measures you have already taken.
  10. I think many of us share your point of view. I still don’t know who thought we really needed a dual system, but I think it is a result of state government officials being afraid to go for constitutional carry.
  11. Sounds like a good use of some decent weather! I sure would like to have my own range. Good for you getting out and enjoying it!
  12. Stopped by my local Walmart tonight and, to my surprise, they had restocked some handgun ammo. They had about 4 boxes of Winchester .32 ACP that had not been there before and 6 boxes of Federal HST 150gr 9mm that also were new. I didn’t check the price of the .32, but the HST was $11/box of 20. Maybe they are still shipping some ammo from the warehouses?
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