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  1. One box (20 rounds) of Winchester Super X 150 grain soft point .270. $10.00 Meet near west Knoxville
  2. One complete box (20 rounds) of Underwood 340 grain +P+ coated hard cast .44 magnum. This ammo is intended only for certain firearms so please be sure it will work for you. $10.00 Partial box (44 rounds, 6 fired cases) of Winchester 240 grain JSP .44 magnum. $10.00 Shipping is expensive for single boxes, so I will need to sell in-person near Knoxville. Will trade for a similar amount of factory 10mm ammo, any brand.
  3. Reducing the price to $250. It is now $100 below the lowest retail I can find.
  4. This is exactly right! Lights and cameras would be helpful additions to the measures you have already taken.
  5. I think many of us share your point of view. I still don’t know who thought we really needed a dual system, but I think it is a result of state government officials being afraid to go for constitutional carry.
  6. Sounds like a good use of some decent weather! I sure would like to have my own range. Good for you getting out and enjoying it!
  7. Stopped by my local Walmart tonight and, to my surprise, they had restocked some handgun ammo. They had about 4 boxes of Winchester .32 ACP that had not been there before and 6 boxes of Federal HST 150gr 9mm that also were new. I didn’t check the price of the .32, but the HST was $11/box of 20. Maybe they are still shipping some ammo from the warehouses?
  8. “many bars and most nightclubs are populated by younger people. Take an emotionally charged atmosphere, stir in a generous dose of alcohol and/ or drugs, and you’ve got a good recipe for conflict and violence. Young males tend to have a long list of things to prove, whether they are conscious of them or not. Often their motives are unconscious because they are based on biological patterns of the human species. You probably don’t realize how much of what you think and feel is based on these patterns—and this especially applies to territoriality and status. Young men typically do not truly understand or fully appreciate the physical, psychological, and legal costs of violence. They often feel immortal, never considering the possibility of becoming maimed, crippled, or even killed in a confrontation. Consequently, young men will fight for any number of reasons—affiliations, self esteem, social status, not to be considered a wimp, the clothes they wear, revenge for some perceived slight, to impress a cute girlfriend, or just to blow off a little steam, to name a few.” This statement from The Little Black Book of Violence by Lawrence A. Kane and Kris Wilder has become my standard way of viewing bars/clubs at night.
  9. I did not realize Lyft had made such a stupid move. I’m not much of a user of this kind of service, but I certainly will not use Lyft. Thanks for posting!
  10. This issue was my biggest challenge when I lived far from town. Everything else was great, but slow DSL was all we could get. I used to enjoy the sound of gunfire from surrounding properties because it sounded like freedom!
  11. The lowest I have seen is Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore at $359.00
  12. I thought this idea was probably the point you were making, and is why I am not satisfied with the current laws. I am aware of at least one specific case locally that proves your point. My concern is that the proposed red flag laws will expand their ability to conduct the abuses that already occur. I would like to see the removal of individual immunity from police for their violations of constitutional rights, but I suspect that even many of our friends on TGO would not support that idea.

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