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Found 39 results

  1. Like new excellent condition Samsung Note 8 phone, I got it from Verizon 3 weeks ago and have decided that the Android OS just isn't for me...I would prefer the iPhone so I've went back to my iPhone 7 for now. The Note 8 comes with everything that is factory included, as well as original box and two phone cases (Otterbox Defender and Pelican rugged case). It also has an extra charge cable with it also. This phone was $960 new at Verizon, it’s paid off and clear from them...ready to go on your network. Asking $650 or will trade on guns or other stuff
  2. Want to trade guns, ammo or accessories for a signed guitar authenticated through PSA/DNA? The signatures are Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Roger Waters, Van Halen (Eddie, Alex, Sammy and Michael), Staind and Mike Shinonda. If you are interested DM me for pricing. (You will get it for a lower price than listed on eBay and will offer bulk discounts) Trade values are $400, $400, 2,000, 2,700, $500 and $300 respectively. The trade values don’t have to be exact and I’m open to anything creative or remotely close to the value. I’m flexible.
  3. Here's a very nice set of classic Ansen polished aluminum valve covers for your small block Ford. These are originals from the early 1970's & are in great condition; no warps or cracks. I'm including a used chrome breather & two cross style grommets designed for 1965 & up Ford valve covers like these so you can use press in breathers or you can skip the grommets & use twist in breathers. $100 for everything. Add $20 if you need them shipped. I accept FTF cash, Paypal "friends & family", or U.S. Postal money orders. Located in East TN. Just before I took them out of my Ford Ranger...
  4. Turkey Calls-All New Never Used. Lynch's Box Call Model 101 H.S.Strut Push Button Yelper K & H Sweet Hen #KH195 Owl Hooter-Box Chalk Ground Max-"The Escape" Collapsible Ground Blind-New in Box. $125.00-OBO- for everything listed. PM with any questions. Cash or Trade. Thanks for looking.
  5. My first time to try selling something non gun-related on TGO. 1. Squier Telecaster Classic Vibe; nice double-bound electric. $325 includes Fender soft case. 2. Recording King Dirty 30's resonator; good second guitar for acoustic player or for someone wanting to try reso. $200. Both of these have been lightly used and are in like-new condition. Will trade on short-scale bass or on quality firearms. Thanks for looking, Whisper
  6. This is 100% new in box. Unopened by me or anyone else. Open to trades. $375 cash/PayPal price. http://amzn.to/2EuraJd That is the exact product. Note, it's a manual lens, no autofocus
  7. My beer fridge has treated me well but I am downsizing. This isn't a converted fridge, this is factory designed kegerator by Fridgidare to hold up to a 1/2 keg, co2 bottle and has room for another 2 cases of beer on the racks to allow you to have a variety of flavorful libations at the ready. There is storage on the door as well. It also has a freezer which is great to keep glasses and mugs at the ready. The beauty of draft beer is that it doesn't contain preservatives, less of a hangover if you over indulge. It also keeps your recycle bin from overflowing. One 1/2 keg contains 7 cases of beer. A half keg is about $50 cheaper than buying 7 cases. A keg will last about 3 months under pressure before it can start to go bad. I have never had a keg go bad New this ran between $980-1200, it has a stamp on it 10/14/05, guess that when it was made. It has never had a problem and never failed me. Included is the fridge, 2 taps, regulator, 2 spigots and 2 co2 bottles plus an empty keg. I'd like to get $600 and am open to possible trades/partial trades. Interested in a CMR30, scout style rifles, lever actions or? shoot me an offer, Cheers! located in East Tennessee
  8. B52 Ejection seat available for what I think is a steal. Looking for $1000 OBO
  9. Vintage Rigid "Apache", Rare Drop Point, Pouch. $150.00 70's Vintage Buck 112 Ranger, Pouch $65.00 Remington R9 Outdoorsman, New, Box & Paperwork, Pouch, 1992 G.A.K.C. $50.00 Vintage Schrade USA 858 Lg Stockman or Lumberjack, Beautiful, Like New $75.00 Case Hobo, Navy Blue Jigged Bone Scales, 1999 One Dot, Original Box, New. $80.00 SOLD Swiss Army "Champion" Discontinued, 13 Tools, Like New. $60.00 PM with any questions Check, MO, I don't do paypal. Will Ship USPS Priotiry mail, usually around $7.00. Thanks for looking.
  10. $50 locally, all proceeds going to Gun Owners of America. I have multiples of these. These are difficult to price. Originally, they were upwards of thousands of dollars. Now, they have little to none practical value but sure do look cool. I have one on my bookcase at work. It is quite the conversation piece. It is also quite heavy. For local people, I'll ask $100. Shipping? That's probably quite unrealistic but if you want one I'll quote you (guessing $50). However, I'm probably more interested in trading for anything of interest. I'll consider anything, but specifically interested in: Canon 35mm Film Equipment (either EOS or older) Canon EOS Digital Equipment Pentax K1000 or Lenses
  11. Selling off this larger unit that I don't really use. Nice condition, minor wear. Will attempt to get pictures up this evening but it is nice and works. http://amzn.to/2zH5DZN According to Amazon.com, used pricing starts at $250. I'll do $250 shipped. I have the black nylon case that it comes with, no box or papers.
  12. Have a set of 4 Goodyear Wrangler's in 275/65/18 that came off my F150, less than 200 miles on em. $400 for the set in the Nashville area. Would trade for: 5.56 factory ammo Makarov pistol Glock 23/22
  13. Brand new old-stock Gerber Recoil multitool, asking $45 in cash or trade.
  14. Kenwood TS-850SAT HF transceiver for sale - Very nice condition - 10M-160M - Boxes, user manuals, hand mic, power cord... - Three optional filters including YK-88-SN-1 1.8 KHz narrow SSB, INRAD #22 250 Hz CW filter, & INRAD #306 125 Hz CW Filter - EZ Transverter Port - Service Manual Known issue – the internal antenna auto-tuner does not work properly on 30M, 40M, 80M, & 160M (probably needs a doorknob cap replaced). The rig works fine with auto-tuner in bypass mode The on-line user manual may be found here – http://www.radiomanual.info/schemi/TS850S_user.pdf Price - $600 (plus shipping, local pickup is available in Knoxville area) PM here, or contact me at k4ar@arrl.net ps - I will consider certain FTF trades of equal or higher value items (Elecraft KX2, Ruger, S&W, Henry, Benelli semi-auto, etc.) Thanks, Bert - K4AR
  15. Kenwood TM-742A tri-band transceiver for sale - - Three bands / three antenna ports – 144, 220, & 440, works fine - DFK-4 Detachable Front Panel Kit (4m in length (~ 12'), never used, new in box) - TSU-7 Tone Board... - Box, brackets, manuals, power cable, MC-45DM microphone - Very good condition - Recently refurbished by Willco Electronics - All panel lights are good - An on-line manual may be found online here - http://www.radiomanual.info/sche…/TM642_TM742_TM942_user.PDF Price - $500 (plus shipping, local pickup is available in Knoxville area) PM here, or contact me at k4ar@arrl.net ps - you have heard this radio when I call the .470ARG net. I will consider certain FTF trades of equal or higher value items (Elecraft KX2, Ruger, S&W, Henry, Benelli semi-auto, etc.) Thanks, Bert - K4AR
  16. I am selling my Paperwhite. It is in very nice condition with a minor bit of wear. I would rate everything (except for the Pelican Case) at 9.5/10. The Paperwhite is the newest one available and does not have the "special offers" that they promote. Kindle will be reset to default so you can simply add your Amazon.com account and be ready to go! I simply do not use this much anymore. $156.45 shipped via USPS Priority.
  17. I have three camera bags up for sale. Rather do FTF but if you want to add a bit for shipping I'll ship any of them. Manfrotto Advanced Shoulder Bags VII - $40 This has been my favorite bag for a number of years, I recently outgrew it so have to sale it. Rain-cover and all dividers included, everything almost like new! Manfrotto MB MP-SB-50BB - $60 Big bag, holds laptop as well, honestly this has never been used but rather gear simply put in it and sat in my spare room for a number of months. 99.99% like new. Rain-cover and dividers included. Tamrac - $80 This is one of their older "pro bags" that is extremely high quality. Dividers included. Used but great condition. All prices negotiable, especially if you take 2-3 of them. Asking $150 for all of them.
  18. On Ebay now: https://www.ebay.com/itm/222733921827?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 Auction. It goes for whatever after 7 days.
  19. My buddy took these of his 2010 wrangler. There are five of them wheels and tires already mounted they all look knew. Anybody from this forum can have them for $500 for all five of them. Below is my craigslist These were taken off a 2010 wrangler . Both wheels and tires look new255/70 18r Bridgestone dueler a/t with probably 95% treadGreat all terrain tire5 wheels and 5 tires like new May trade for big boy stuff. Located in Nashville
  20. Got two barely used JL W3 12in subs and a JL jx 1000/d1 1000w amp. They both worked flawlessly in my mazda3, but unfortunately take up way too much room in my crosstrek. I only used them for 2 months and hate to sell them, but they are taking up space in the garage. I have the subs, right sized box (Perfect dimensions to allow them to breath properly), amazing amp and mesh guards that covers the woofers. Asking $450 or trade.
  21. Sport dog tracking/training collar used a few times but no longer needed. Has all info and charger and paperwork, would take 100 in cash or trade for optic/ammo/tools/let me know what you got. Thanks,
  22. I know this is a little outside our normal scope, but I know a lot of us may have wives, daughters, or grand daughters that sew. On the other side it is just a neat antique, and usable table. I thought you guys might like a chance at this first. I know lots of people had one of these at one time or another. My Grandmother had one that my Mom still has. This is a 1950's White electric sewing machine. My wife used it for a while until getting a new one. It is the kind that hides down in a fold out table as you can see. I have all the pieces (that I know of), including the Zig-Zag attachment box with various parts. Obviously, the table has seen some use and was that way before we got it used. Very possible that one of you wood working guys could make it look like new if that is what you wanted. Please refer to the pictures. This is a nice small table to have in a room if nothing else, we just do not have a place for it anymore. I hate to have it just sitting in the garage when I know someone could use it. I am open to cash offers and trade. I could use some .308 ammo if anyone has any lying around. This item will need to be a pick up only. I can meet within a reasonable distance with it in my car, but shipping this is next to impossible. I am in the Tricites in NE TN and regularly am in all 3 cities.
  23. I am pretty well setup to weld now. I currently can MIG and should be ready to TIG before too much longer. So if you need anything welded please give me a shout. No project is too small. Thanks
  24. This was pulled off a 42mm Apple Watch yesterday. It is brand new. Asking $45 shipped but open to interesting trades. http://www.apple.com/shop/product/MM9Y2AM/A/42mm-black-woven-nylon

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