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New Training Book I am Reading

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Try this one on for size!

"Many men who are not cowards are simply unprepared for the fact of human savagery." Jeff Cooper

Col Jeff Cooper, one of the foremost authorities on defensive weapons, understands the importance of being mentally in the game. Col cooper, in his classic handbook, "The Principals of Personal Defense", explains in simple terms the above fact. 

Tim Rupp, author of the book I am reading "Winning A Gunfight" wrote this quote from Col Cooper in his Book. 

He also gave a big example. Tells of a highly decorated SWAT, officer who had seen the elephant and performed valiantly in his carrier, sitting in his patrol car. Radio commutation came on and said shots fired and the car was closing in his direction at a high rate of speed. His quickly formed plan was to intercept the speeding car and force him off the road and into a roadside lake thereby ending the spree. The car maneuvered past him and went on down the road with him in pursuit. Car stopped in a Motle Parking lot, about 2 miles down the road, and the driver exited the car when he pulled in behind it.  Officer exits to confront a 19 Y O very pretty blond girl waving a gun at him and herself. He hides behind the door of his cruiser and totally was not mentally prepared to confront her nor did he. His hesitation really put him in grave danger knowing the girl had already fired at other officers just minutes before. 

Have you ever thought of this situation occurring in your own life.  The writer goes on to say what about young 14 YO boys, or girls. Have you mentally prepared to face one of them in a life-or-death situation. 

I have rehearsed many scenarios, of evil forced upon me in my mind before, but the young girl, in this story, got me!

Most here conceal carries, so do I, however I will admit I never role played this one. The book writer made me think. Writer goes on to say "Hesitation, at point of crisis, can and may get you killed."

The book goes on to say the Police guy froze, and did not stop her, so she drove down the road another couple of miles and ran into a school yard and shot herself. Didn't die so they got her patched and arrested her afterwards. Something to think about guys.  Have you "Fully" prepared?

Not sure we can ever be prepared, totally, are you. 

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The writer is correct hesitating can get you killed but most people aren’t mentally prepared to take another’s life  I have seen plain clothes detective whom shot 💯 on range miss all 5 rounds with a snub 38.when it came time with a prep  I have seen Officers whom talked very Macho. Thought they were Dirty Harry. Cry. And throw up. When a shooting happened  others acted like it was just another day but couldn’t sleep and we’re out of the profession in a couple of years One needs to be mentally prepared if they carry a gun. But I don’t think you can judge how someone will respond. Train and pray it never happens.   My 2 cents  But I fully support any training or Books Jeff Copper wrote great books 

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The book writer talks about training the Spirit, Soul, and Mind. Never see S Defense training described in that manner. He writes first of all if one is not totally convinced it is within God's law to "possibly" take a life most, for sure Christians will most likely respond decisively, but will try boasting/try to bluff, rather than shoot to stop a threat. He breaks down the way in which all 3 parts of man plays its' role in our being and governs our actions/reactions.

It's a good book.  

Edited to add; He quotes Dave Grosman in several areas of this book D R. I have previously read both Grosman's books. He stated a large percentage of WWII Vets shot over the heads of the enemy deliberately. Would like to attend his training, Bullet Proof Your Mind. 

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Grossman’s work has some issues. He quotes SLA Marshall who was later proven to be essentially full of crap. There is a long history of humans slaughtering each other at genocidal levels . When Hannibal fought the Romans at Cannea there were 75,000 casualties stabbed and hacked to death that day. Grossman grossly overstates the hesitation for humans to kill other humans. 

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I have read Grossman and I also take his work with some skepticism. As with all things, Keep what works and discard what doesn't. I think he does a great job in explaining how the psychological pressures and influences can used to influence the willingness to kill, and how the psychosomatic reactions to stress work biologically. His other conclusions... a bit of a stretch...

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Grosman predicted the School shootings and stated things were going to get bad where guns were concerned. I don't recall if he mentioned house of worship shooting increases or not. Did it several years back before Columbine, and you can't turn on a news cast now without seeing another mass shooting in the news for days. Case in point look at the coverage the Kansas City Parade shooting got. Watched it on ABC again last evening, in fact. 

By the way they have now changed the way they define mass shootings now. I am not exactly sure, but I think where 2 or 3 are shot they (the Fed Gov number crunchers) now refer to that as being a mass shooting.

Before a mass shooing was where a School, Church, or terrorist act was accomplished, then it was reported as a mass shooting. Now, any time small numbers are involved, at the same time, it is reported as a Mass Shooting. That is how they are now saying there have been 480 M S to date already this year. Nor does it take into account the drug shootings and general violent crime. That way it sounds like we are having many more mass shootings, and their aim is to demonize guns, and the second amendment into a bad light, and IMO, their final goal is banning guns. 

Most all news reporting now is accomplished with an underlying agenda attached.  General public indoctrination at its best. 

I am not so sure Grosman prediction that few actually shot to kill in WW II were not accurate.  Vietnam kill rates were much higher because of Military training became better.

Just look at how many true warriors there are in our society today. I venture to say only about 10 % would us a weapon to stop a thug, today, if facing a violent deadly attacked.

I would also say that number is not accurate among the members here on this site today. 

Training, mindset, and accuracy are key. I read these books to try to keep my mind sharp and my thinker thinking. My Dr told me this would help. Also told me to work crossword puzzles, but I am not fond of them. My thinker is sputtering in my soon to be (16 days) 76 YO head. Appears the saying "If you don't use it, you lose it" is correct.

By the way the new drug he gave me, for my thinker, is not working. Going to try it again Monday, we will see. 

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