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A good low cost 300 Blackout complete upper ?


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CMMG is one of the lower priced uppers I've seen ($550-650), but apparently they spec theirs to their ammo so some people have had issues getting them to cycle with other ammo (subs I believe). For the price of a CMMG + about $100, I built an upper to my specifications instead of forking over the $ to get the upper then about half that to get it where I wanted it to be. Honestly, I'd source a barrel and go from there.

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Buy a blackout barrel, and swap it out with a 5.56 barrel on an upper...you now have a 300 BLK. I know some are not comfortable building an upper, but it is silly to pay any more for a 300 BLK upper than a 5.56 upper when the ONLY difference is the barrel. Any local shop with a gunsmith should be able to assemble one for you with minimal fuss/cost.

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It is possible to build a COMPLETE Blackout upper for under $425. And these prices are through Midway, hardly the cheapest place to buy. You can search around and probably save another $50 on the total cost.

upper receiver

$77 http://www.midwayusa...-flat-top-matte

bolt carrier group

$110 http://www.midwayusa...remington-matte

gas tube

$12 http://www.midwayusa...le-ar-15-lr-308

gas block

$26 http://www.midwayusa...ter-steel-matte

free float tube

$35 http://www.midwayusa...-aluminum-black

charging handle

$14 http://www.midwayusa...-aluminum-matte


$120 http://www.shop.ar15...ack-Out_c44.htm

Flash hider

$6 http://www.midwayusa...ead-ar-15-matte

total $400

Or buy used items and save even more. I would be willing to bet that with some time and diligence you can build this upper for under $300. I have seen used uppers sell for $30, used charging handles for $5, used BCG for $75, Gas blocks for $10. And those prices are seen regularly. And there is nothing wrong with used. If you are worried about how it looks a $4 can of Krylon can fix it and you would be hard to tell a difference once it cured. Krylon is VERY durable after a few weeks.

As a matter of fact when I build my Blackout upper it will be made up of 100%, except the barrel, used parts.


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I would just find a deal on a used upper and swap the barrel, or do what G plans to do and get used parts minus barrel and build from scratch.

I will probably do the same when I have the money to do so. I know a lot of decent deals on used parts pop up on ar15.com all the time if you don't mind having stuff shipped to you and not have a chance to look at item before buying.

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Everywhere I look everything is "out of stock". It's almost ridiculous. Is this like the ammo crisis?

If anyone has a link to some 300 barrels in stock, please share



Probably will have to drill out the gas port on the second one. See Caster for the exciting details :)

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Yeah I saw the one from SI, and read about the gas port in the reviews. Somehow I missed the other one.

Anyone know the turnaround time on Model 1? The other thing is they don't list shipping cost until after you submit your order, anyone have experience? Just wanna make sure it's reasonable.

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