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Glock vs XD


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After my experience with On Target and some recent info I received I will never set foot in On Target again. Franklin Gun Shop however will be receiving most if not all my business, I have been very pleased with the service I received at Franklin.

I know and have trained with owners of both shops so I feel comfortable dealing with either, and I have purchased from both. I will say though that I prefer dealing with Franklin Gun Shop, they have a much bigger inventory and the entire staff is knowledgable and helpful; whereas at On Target I try to just deal with the guys I know. Of course, we're not really comparing apples to apples here. Franklin is a family owned and operated gun shop and On Target is an Indoor Range and training center that sells guns. Just my .02

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Theres a G19 with 4-500 rounds through it with nightsights and some extra goodies on GT for 425 OBO FTF in W.Tn. Im just letting yall know cause it sounds like a screaming deal if a man could pick it up for 400. Id do it myself if I didnt already have one!

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You can't own just one Glock 19!

Shay, I keep trying to convince myself of that! I want another 19 AND another 30.........Just have to get my reloading table setup first...once I do that I'm doubling up on the Glocks.

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Tunger, you hear back from Springfield yet?

About.... ?

The responses to the dirty magazines jamming thread that I started on XDTalk were mostly people defending the XD by accusing the guys here of being Glock fanboys. ;)

I suspected that would happen and didn't even count those replies as being valid. The same would have happened if a Glock person posted something like that about Glocks over on GlockTalk and said that the people accusing the guns of failing were XD owners. ;)

There were a few valid responses from people who said that they have dropped their mags in the dirt, mud, snow, etc. while shooting competitions and that they had no such failures. They did say that they shook their mags out before slamming them back into the gun.

One fellow said that anyone who slams a magazine full of dirt into their gun deserves to have it jam. :lol:

I realize of course that when it's a life or death situation, you might not have time to shake out the dirt and if the Glocks fired full of gunk, then that's a testimony to them being able to eat all sorts of garbage and still fire. I'm not going to test it out on my XD anytime soon, though, and prefer not to ever have to find out.

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Guest Rooster

Im picking up a Sub-compact XD-9 this afternoon at Franklin Gun shop, So I might soon have some imput on this matter. My first gun was a Glock 26. I still have it and I dont think I will ever get rid of it. It has had countless rounds through it and has never even come close to jamming. The reason im adding the XD-9 to my collection is I shot one a while back and loved the way it felt in my hand, and it shot dead-nuts on.

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Guest Rooster
What does Franklin Guns charge for their FFL fee? My guy only charges $20 + the instacheck fee cool.gif

From what their website says, they dont do FFL transfers. Not sure why they dont. They have the one im getting in stock so no worries for me.

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From what their website says, they dont do FFL transfers. Not sure why they dont. They have the one im getting in stock so no worries for me.

Transfers.We do accept the transfer of firearms you have purchased elsewhere, although we encourage you to check with us first to see if we can get the gun for you at the same or near the same price since there are transfer fee and shipping and handling charges. The charge for this is $50 which includes the $10 background check fee


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Guest Engloid

The true gun fanatics will think I'm looney, but I buy a gun to shoot it, not to clean it. I have had my xd40 for about 2 years and haven't cleaned it yet. (Yeah, I need to.) It has not jammed once.

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I have had my XD-9-SC now for about 1 year and fired just about ever brand of ammo made, FMJ and HP and it has never jammed or had any FTF. Ever time I have pulled the trigger it has fired. I have fired as many as 500 rounds without cleaning it and still going good.

I have had A couple of Glocks before but the XD fits my hand better.

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In MY opinion, the Glock and XD are roughly equivalent. Same finish, similar size and capacity, and both are arguably some of the most reliable/durable pistols on the market... especially in their price-range. There is strong aftermarket support for both, as well. Both designs have their advantages, flaws, hype and horror-stories; but realistically, both are equally mundane, superbly functional tools, which few people possess the expertise to realize the full potential of... I don't.

The minor differences between the two are merely grounds for choosing one or the other purely based on personal preference (grip, sights, trigger-pull, execution of safety features, etc...)

I choose the XD based on my preference to its unique attributes apart from the Glock... Simple 'nuf. Because of this, I am more confident that I could defend myself more efficiently with an XD than a Glock, while others' results may vary.

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I've mentioned in another topic that I had a G26 and traded it for an XD-9 sub. I have found both to be reliable, which is my first requirement in a carry gun. The XD just handles better for me and is a little safer.

I'd have to rate the Glock as very slightly more reliable using factory ammunition. At the same time the reason for that loading reliability is also the cause of the occasional kaboom using the verboten reloaded cartridges.

So, what do I carry? H&K USP 40 or H&K P7M8 for urban use. Beretta 92SB for foreign use. The XD goes in the side pocket of my car. I don't own any Glocks these days. Had a G23 for a while before getting the USP.

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Well, I decided to go with the glock. Today, I picked up a used G34 (2pin w/ rail and new grip). Very impressed with the 3.5lb trigger, but not the adjustable sites.

Now i just need to pickup a G26 and i'll be done.

Thanks for everyone's help!

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