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  1. If Hillary gets elected she will turn her back on law enforcement and also open the borders. There will be plenty of weed, coke, and everything else; and it will be cheap.
  2. I’m willing to take that chance. One or the other of them will be elected President next month. You vote or you stand by and watch. I’ve never been much for standing on the sidelines and letting others decide the future of my family. I’m not dismissing or saying anyone doesn’t have a right to their opinion; they certainly do. I just think they are wrong. I served my country and I am thankful for those that chose to do the same. But I don’t see how much time they spent “down range” gives them any better view of the political battlefield than my years of dealing with people and politicians. We have a REAL opportunity for change. Not the Obama kind of change of bigger government and more of a divide between the people. But the kind of change that brings manufacturing back, lets small business grow, which helps the family unit and decreases crime. I will vote for Trump. This is just a discussion and I’m sure won’t change anything a bit. I just hope tonight we see more discussion about the issues and less childish accusations from both sides.
  3. And think what it would be like if something happens to Clinton. Tim Kaine..... oh my gosh.
  4. Trump represents the kind of change many here want to see. There are only two names on that ballot than can win; Trump or Clinton. So while I wish Trump would man up and deal with the issues instead of arguing all the BS; I will vote for him. Is “the fix” in? Well obviously all the major news networks with the exception of Fox are supporting Clinton. Will it matter? I don’t know. I don’t see how anyone (other than those living off the government) can walk in a polling place and vote for Clinton. But that, together with those that aren’t going to vote may be enough to get her elected. I am a Patriot. God help us, because if we as Americans ever needed it; its now.
  5. Yes, they are legal in this state. They have plenty of them here; and probably have the best prices. I was looking for some auto knives in the $100 range. I bought a Kershaw launch 3 and a U.S. made Smith & Wesson M&P. The Kershaw was hands down the better knife. I just didn't like the shape of the handle, so a co-worker bought it. I also bought a $30 China made S&W and it is pretty cheap; but works.
  6. It appears several of these are single cabins with nothing around them.[]=4&page=1&s_tag=nDDd5HSp&allow_override[]=
  7. Is there a single source? A lot of those look like new in the box.
  8. I would bet it will go over 3K. People get wrapped up in the bidding. I would assume right now these bids are just for the bidders to mark their items; the serious bidding will go down in the last few minutes.
  9. Prayers sent
  10. See if it will shine on my house over here in Murfreesboro.
  11. Doesn’t really matter if it’s true or not does it? She mishandled classified information and then lied about. So I don’t think talking mean to a dog and disrespectfully to her security detail will sway anyone….do you?
  12. Waiting for review
  13. From eBay: If they run the bid up; they run the risk of getting stuck with fees. I think most of the time its just people that don't know not to run the bid up; hit it hard at the end.