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  1. That Mossberg is a heck of a deal. I don’t even need a .22, but I would pick that up if I was in the area.
  2. I have never been to your store, but I just used you on checkout at Buds. Do I remember seeing some special pricing for TGO members on transfers? Do I need to contact you by phone or just wait until it ships? Thanks.
  3. That’s about how I see it, although I would say it’s not that the state won’t protect you; it’s that they can’t protect you. I have never understood why we need a test dummy. No laws were violated in Heller and no arrests made. It might have something to do with the rulings on the Montana case; I don’t know?
  4. I give up... why?
  5. Yes, but because I had a C&R I got a letter from the BATF stating the TFFA violates Federal law. We haven’t found anyone yet that wants to be a test case.
  6. Oh she thought this was a good idea before she knew what they cost?
  7. We are indeed use to instant gratification. FedEx or UPS will send a message to your phone within minutes of the package being delivered. I recently ordered some motorcycle paint and was livid because it took 5 days for it to ship. This is 2016 if you can’t ship online orders by the next day; you won’t stay in business. However.... every time I have ordered a gun on-line, I have sent my FFl an email letting them know what I had done. Every time I got an email back thanking me for the business and letting me know to call before coming to pick the gun up; so they could make sure it had been logged in. That seems reasonable. In all fairness to the vendor did you have any communication with them prior to calling about the gun after it was delivered? That usually doesn’t happen here. I don’t remember how David (the owner) put it exactly, but it has to do with giving everyone time for reflection on what they did. I don't see why you are upset with the folks here. You gave an opinion and they commented on it.
  8. There are some exceptions if you were a Police Officer within the last five years. Of course if you retired; there is LEOSA.
  9. You guys should all pitch in and help me buy a FA. Because as soon as I spent $30K on a FA the GCA and the NFA would be repealed and you would be able to buy a M16 for the same price as an AR15.
  10. I don’t think a Glock 18 is old enough to be transferable to a private citizen. But I’m not sure, I thought about FA once, but decided I could turn $100 bills into empty brass fast enough without a FA. Good luck on your search.
  11. I’m kinda surprised that I see many stories of how you can buy parts or skirt the law on machine guns by people that would wear out Google on any other law. I have friends that know my machining skills; they have asked if I could convert an AR15 to fully automatic. My answer is “yes”. When they ask why I don’t do it my answer is “Prison”. However, I have no desire to own a fully auto weapon; I can turn cash into empty brass fast enough without one. And I sure don’t want the expense of defending myself in court if I win, or going to prison if I lose. I can’t think of anything I need or want that I would pay the government for the privilege to own; the costs are ridiculous. I feel that someday suppressors may be legal to buy without the Feds involvement. If that happens the price will drop to where it should be.
  12. Yeah, what type of work are you going to be needing? What caused you to pick Tennessee?
  13. If by the “other law” you mean the "Tennessee Firearms Freedom act”; it hasn’t been tested. The Feds say they will throw you in jail. I don’t know why someone has to be arrested to test this; but apparently someone does. Or it could have to do with Montana’s law being shot down in the courts.
  14. I don’t expect machine guns to be legalized and if they were states would still have a say. I think some legislators might support the legalization of suppressors but I’m not sure how they will break that out of the GCA. The state of Tennessee has addressed suppressors in the Tennessee Firearms Freedom act. No test of that yet, that I have seen. I still live in a state where it is illegal to carry a gun. I’m more concerned about changing that.
  15. Tennessee does not recognize your individual 2nd amendment rights. If you want to carry you will have to join a group with “Special Privileges” you will also pay a tax for that. Are the rights/gun laws better in California? Welcome.